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The Red Wave is Swamping Georgia Thanks to This Unstoppable MAGA Candidate

What was the worst part of the post-2020 fiasco?

No, it wasn’t that farce of a revolution at the Capitol, a trespass that was relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

The real terrible thing was that Georgia voters couldn’t pull out a win for David Perdue or the corrupt blonde woman that made some donations to buy her senate seat (I refuse to say her name, as a Georgian, because she and Kemp cost us the Senate).

Perdue’s actually reasonably good on the issues (he voted with Trump more than almost anyone else in the Senate), if somewhat uninspiring. The other one was an absolutely terrible candidate, neither trualy a MAGA Republican nor at all inspiring or carismatic of a person.

Regardless, their January loss was a disaster for the Republic, as it gave the insane Democrats control over the Senate. With Georgia’s seats going blue, there was a 50-50 split, a tie that the sitting VP can break under the Senate rules. And the last thing America needs or needed was Kamala sitting in a position of such power and importance.

So, thanks to that loss, Kamala is determining how the legilsature votes when it’s split and the Peach State has to suffer under the horrific burden of seeing two radical Democrats “represent” it in the Senate.

Now that might finally be changing, due to the unique circumsances of Senator Warnock’s victory over the corrupt blonde woman.

He, you see, only won a special election caused by Senator Johnny Isakson stepping down, so he has to face off in an election with the GOP candidate this year.

That candidate is the Trump-backed and much liked Hershel Walker, a formal football star who’s “all in” on the MAGA train and has been for awhile. He’s a far more formidable candidate than the corrupt blonde womn, someone who might actually win.

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Yet better, he’s smart and savy, as the Blue State Conservative reported, saying:

According to the Associated Press, Walker will sit out the second primary debate tonight in Georgia. He also skipped the first debate three weeks ago. Walker is not politician by trade, though it appears he has some savvy advisors whispering in his ear. Walker is the strong favorite in the primary election, and as a political novice he is undoubtedly prone to missteps and gaffes.

Therefore, what does Walker have to gain as a candidate by debating his fellow Republicans? Not much. And that’s undoubtedly why he’s sitting on the sidelines again this evening.

He’s in the lead comfortably and backed by Trump already, so he’s not wasting his time dealing with the internicine warfare of the sort that typically dominates primaries. Rather, he’s fighting for what’s right: conservative values. So, he’s getting ready to blast the leftist candidate, Warnock, to smithereens.

Fortunately, it looks like he’ll be able to do so, which would be a major win for the MAGA movement, a vindication of Trump’s in Georgia, and yet another example of the red wave, again according to Blue State Conservative:

Not surprisingly considering these factors, recent polling shows Walker leading Warnock by over ten points. When we consider that we’re still months away from the election and the apparent commitment by Democrats to continue pushing an unpopular agenda, it seems likely that Walker’s lead will widen. And with over 7% of voters still undecided, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Walker’s cushion inch up into the teens by the fall.

If Republicans are to retake control of both houses of Congress, Herschel Walker needs to win this seat and he seems poised to do so, which is news that should make conservative Americans smile. Walker’s rhetoric has shown him to be a solid conservative and he should be a dependable right-wing vote in the Senate for at least six years if he wins. Let’s hope the Republican establishment gives Walker the support he needs to win, and let’s hope Walker himself runs a solid campaign.

By Jess Lawson