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DEA Agent Ibrahim on Tucker Carlson: Why So Many Red Flags and What Could They Mean

Summary of the Tucker interview :

“Mark Ibrahim is a 32-year-old Army veteran who served in Iraq. On January 6th of this year, he was a federal agent. He worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration—the DEA. Ibrahim says he went to the Capitol that day because he was invited by an FBI informant, a man he had known in Iraq. We have confirmed that is true.”  Carlson explained that they reached out to Ibrahim’s FBI informant friend and that while he denies he encouraged anyone to break the law, he did confirm Ibrahim’s story.

According to Tucker, the FBI knew that Ibrahim’s friend, the FBI informant would attend the rally that day.

Ibrahim told Tucker that his friend, the FBI informant strongly encouraged him to enter the Capitol building, but since Ibrahim knew it was illegal to enter the Capitol building he refused.”

This interview poses more questions than answers and frankly threw up many red flags. Presumably, Ibrahim or his lawyer contacted Tucker Carlson’s team to come on his show to support Tucker’s recent claims that elements connected to the FBI were orchestrating some part of the Jan. 6 infiltration and set up.

Does Ibrahim say this? No. He denies he believes his friend, the FBI Informant, was trying to set him up and continues to refer to the FBI informant as his friend. From there, the interview went off the rails as Tucker tried to constantly reframe Ibrahim’s statements to support Tucker’s thesis statement of FBI involvement.

What did Ibrahim inform the viewing audience?

  • We were there to seek those that would do our government harm and stop them.” Who is he referring to? Antifa? Deplorable MAGA? BLM? Proud Boys? Oath Keepers? Just who did he and his Iraq Military Buddy “come to stop?” Why did he have a credible concern for anyone’s safety that particular day?
  • He clearly identifies himself as a DEA Agent, his brother as an FBI agent, and his buddy who brought him to the rally as an FBI Informant. If any of them had credible evidence beforehand of a threat that prompted their attendance in order to protect someone- then why was no law enforcement notified in advance and action taken to secure against said threats?
  • He asserts he went to the SWAT team on location on Jan 6, gave his cell number for contact, and offered assistance. Does that add up?
  • If he and his buddy were there to infiltrate was MAGA their target? Did he make contact with SWAT thinking it would afford immunity to them from getting snared in the dragnet round-up that followed?
  • Why would the FBI informant/Iraq buddy insist on Ibrahim entering the US Capitol?
  • Was Ibrahim undercover and if so for what authoritative agency?
  • The odd segue from displaying himself as a victim but not as severe as the Cuban’s presently rising up against their communist regime stuck out like a sore thumb as heavily scripted and inserted.
  • If Ibrahim was not a plant then he is extremely naĂŻve and trusted that some of the representative law enforcement at the US Capitol that day and the Justice Department were not corrupt. Under this circumstance it would follow he attended the rally to protect rally goers, so why not say this. He is just now coming to grips with the reality if they would do this to him they will do this to any American.
  • Or Ibrahim was an LEO going rogue and thought he and his buddy could be part of whatever setup was unfolding from the FBI infiltration but instead got fingered. He is now publicly highlighting his case to pressure the FBI to back down by parsing his story just enough to still protect the organization but at the same time throw down a veiled threat he will tell more of what he knows if he is not exonerated.

 As a viewer I was left with the definite sense he does know more, and that too is a waving red flag.

The reality is what we now know paints an entirely different narrative than what was sold to the American people in the days after the “insurrection.” We know there was no insurrection. We know zero police officers died as a result of the event. We know no persons other than protester Ashli Babbitt died as a result of Jan 6 law enforcement interventions(3 protesters died of medical emergencies unrelated to violence). And we know zero guns were confiscated in use at the US Capitol riot, and the evacuation of the buildings was related to the pipe bombs placed at the party headquarters the night before and not the mob at the Capitol as a threat.

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The media and politicians have lied to us with impunity.

Congressional leaders, US Capitol Police leadership, Homeland Security, and the Pentagon all ignored requests in advance to provide a higher security threshold and relate credible threats known in advance to all parties. They all failed to act – Set up? There is a video showing US Capitol Police standing down during the event. We also now have video footage showing evidence of specific infiltration of bad actors being violent within the crowd who was coordinating with law enforcement at times. We have a video of US Capitol police speaking calmly and casually with protesters allowing them to enter the building and fostering a rapport indicating no illegal acts were happening. What we do not know six months later officially is who shot Ashli Babbitt?

The Right Wire Report provides all pertinent links to documentation and video links to the assertions above, herehere, herehereherehere. here, and here.

If Ibrahim’s presentation on Tucker Carlson is accurate and he was not acting in tandem with government-sanctioned infiltration of those attending the Jan 6. protest – then another grave travesty is unfolding. If he is truthful the government is carrying out an illegal political prosecution against him and by proxy all of us, who stand for the US Constitution and rule of law, we must all stand against it. Sadly in that event, he joins the dozens of other political prosecutions happening against those who have been arrested for non-violent acts from the Jan 6. riot. None of those prosecutions should be allowed to stand as is. Please take time to sign this petition demanding those held without bail in solitary confinement be releasedhere.

Mr. Ibrahim served his country both in the US Military as an Iraqi Veteran and as a DEA agent which translates into – he should be afforded the benefit of the doubt. But if you are like me, the recent turn of events connected to the weaponization of US government agencies including the Intelligence, Justice, and the FBI – makes it difficult to afford anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore. All Americans must scrutinize all information provided by both media and government representatives to include all political parties.

But above all, listen to your gut and note the red flags when they slap you in the face.

 RWR original article syndication source.