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The Real Che Guevara was a Murderer

Introduction to The Real Che Guevara

Many people today don’t really know who the real Che Guevara was. They think of him as some sort of communist Robin Hood, whereas in reality, he was a monstrous murderer and fanatical communist ideologue. Perhaps that misconception is one of the reasons why Ayn Rand lashes out against the Robin Hood tale in Atlas Shrugged; it is used to justify the actions of all sorts of evil men and what they did to further the cause of forced wealth redistribution.

In any case, there was recently an excellent article in the Foundation of Economic Education about the real Che Guevara and how evil he was. Rather than trying to summarize it, I’ll just include a few clippings from it and let you draw your own conclusions. Hopefully, after reading it you’ll understand why the real Che Guevara was so evil and why the false image many modern socialists have of him is just another example of how modern socialists don’t understand socialism.

Read the article here: The Real Che

The Article on the Real Che Guevara:

First, on who modern socialists think Che Guevara was and their incorrect view of his actions:

“[Che’s] ghastly history as one of Fidel Castro’s favorite thugs routinely gets whitewashed because, in spite of all the murders, he supposedly had good intentions (read: hate the rich, concentrate power, eliminate dissent, help the poor by creating more of them).”

From: The Real Che Guevara by Lawrence W. Reed

Next, on Che’s hypocrisy and wealthy lifestyle. Despite demanding that his subjects live in abject poverty to further the socialist ideal, he lived the life of a very wealthy man, showing who really benefits from socialism:

“Upon the victory of the 1959 communist revolution in Cuba, Che commandeered for himself one of the most luxurious mansions in Havana—complete with a yacht harbor, monster swimming pool, seven bathrooms, sauna and massage salon, and five television sets.”

From: The Real Che Guevara by Lawrence W. Reed

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Third, on Che’s crimes against humanity. Despite the fake view of Che that many modern socialists have, the real Che Guevara was an evil man and mass murderer:

“Che “p’ayed a central role in establishing Cuba’s security machinery’ in the early days of the Castro regime…[he] supervised the torture and execution of untold thousands of Cubans without trial.”

From: The Real Che Guevara by Lawrence W. Reed



Hopefully, you can now see who the real Che Guevara was and why he was so evil. He was no Robin Hood-like do-gooder, but rather an evil and incompetent communist murderer that shows just what the true nature of socialism is.

The simple fact of the 20th Century is that socialism killed tens of millions, if not over 100 million, people. All around the world, socialist death camps like those in The Gulag Archipelago murdered socialist subject after socialist while millions of other subjects starved in the countryside or died by firing squad in a forest. Socialism was a horrible force, a force of murder.

And the real Che Guevara was part of that. He murdered everyone who disagreed with him and many others who simply lived lifestyles that he disagreed with. While America was becoming the most prosperous nation on the planet, Che and his socialist buddies were running around the jungle, overthrowing governments and killing thousands of innocent civilians. Then, when they won, they lived in luxury and mismanaged nations while their subjects starved.

Is that the type of person the left wants to emulate? Perhaps. They certainly act like it is with their attacks on billionaires, support of widespread looting and rioting, and have many anti-American thoughts. The Democratic Party is now the party of Marxism. So, maybe it does want to follow in Che’s blood-stained, communist footsteps.

But, I really do not think that that applies to the vast majority of Democrats, who are good people and patriotic Americans that simply have a different outlook on life than Republicans. They do not want socialism or Marxism. They are not in support of murderous policies like those of Che. All they want is a better life and opportunity for their children, as most of us do.

But, the fact remains, campus socialists and Democrat politicians honor the memory of Che Guevara. They are not pro-American, they are anti-American and anti-Western. They hate our nation and its founding ideals. While we want increased prosperity, they just want to tear down the rich. Like Che, they just want to destroy, not build. And remember, that’s how socialism works.

Mainstream Democrats need to disavow those people, the people who honor and want to emulate Che. The real Che Guevara was a horrible person. We cannot let his worldview become an accepted one in America. It would lead only to violence and destruction. It would destroy our nation.

For that reason, it is important to call out people who support him. In supporting Che, they’re really supporting a murderer.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook