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The Radical Ideology of Antifa: Burn, Harass, and Intimidate

What is the Radical Ideology of Antifa?

Anyone who has seen the news knows what Antifa is up to. Antifa members smash bike locks into the skulls of conservatives, spray peaceful prayer groups and counter protesters with bear pepper spray, and in the most recent crime of Antifa, physically attacked a journalist. Antifa is a group of violent thugs. Not a group of peaceful protesters. So, Antifa’s actions are well known. Especially after the heinous attack on Mr. Ngo; now everyone knows about the latest crime of Antifa. But, what people don’t know about is the radical ideology of Antifa.

What is that ideology? Well, it’s actually pretty well summed up by the meme. Antifa members think that anyone not as extremely far to the left as they are is a right-wing “Nazi.”

Because of that complete demonization of anyone even slightly more conservative than they, part of their ideology is that violence is acceptable. Their slogan is “punch a Nazi.” And if they really think that everyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi, then their violent outbursts make a bit more sense.

Now to those of us who are real Americans and believe in values like free speech, the violence of Antifa still doesn’t make much sense. They should respectfully and peacefully listen to all viewpoints, as all of us do. Good ideas and bad ideas are free speech, after all. But, when viewed through their apocalyptic, delusional lens, it makes sense. They think they are fighting for the very survival of progressivism.

So, because they are delusional and paranoid about the rise of right-wing extremists, they are willing to lash out and attack anyone and everyone. And as I wrote about in my “far right extremism meme” post, basically anyone who holds normal views is considered a far-right extremist. So Antifa has many targets to attack.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in AOC’s call to document who supports Trump. She wants a list of Trump supporters so that Antifa can harass and threaten conservatives and potentially prevent them from voting for Trump in the future. Whether that will work remains to be seen. As most conservatives are armed and see no reason not to use those arms if threatened, I think it will fail miserably.

But, however successful AOC’s list is at dissauding Americans from supporting conservative candidates, it’s not the point. The radical ideology of Antifa is.

Can you imagine if a conservative group was behaving like Antifa? What if the Proud Boys or your local militia showed up at college campuses and attacked conservative students, showed up at rallies of groups with which it disagreed and instigated violence, kept a list of political enemies and threatened to harass or attack them

The radical ideology of Antifa is that everyone is a) a right wing extremist looking to completely extinguish liberalism/progressivism and b) deserves to be violently punished for that view. When you look at like that, they don’t really look all that different from the Nazi brown shirts, who also thought they needed to violently respond to a vast conspiracy.

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In both cases, the groups looked at are composed of violent fanatics (although in the case of Rose City Antifa, those violent fanatics are pretty weak looking). Antifa isn’t really an anti-fascist organization. When the radical ideology of Antifa is looked at in full, it becomes apparent that Antifa is a fascist organization.

Unfortunately, too few people are willing to recognize that and look into the radical ideology of Antifa. They don’t want to know that there is a semi-fascist, anti-free speech, pro-political violence organization in America that is held in high esteem by many on the left. Joe Biden wouldn’t even denounce Antifa! Americans want to avoid the truth, which is that Antifa and it’s radical, violent agenda are deeply problematic.

Remember that Antifa attacked Andy Ngo. Remember that Antifa shuts down events when they disagree with what the speakers believe. Keep everything that Antifa has done in the back of you mind when discussing the subject of Antifa and its ideology with other people, and make sure to bring up what Antifa has done.

Do that because Americans need to know what the radical ideology of Antifa is and what it means. It means that there is a large portion of America society that is okay with political violence. I’m not saying that a large portion of the American public is a member of Antifa. That would be objectively untrue; it’s a group of a few thousand people that are organized into small terror cells. But, a large portion of our population does support Antifa and its aims. And that is a huge problem.

So, in summary, don’t be afraid to speak out. Don’t be reticent or hesitant to do so; America needs you. Americans need to see what the radical ideology of Antifa is and learn why it is not okay. America is not a banana republic or gangster state. We can’t have masked, arms group patrolling cities and punishing wrongthink. But the only way to stop that is education; teach people about the radical ideology of Antifa and show them why what that organization is doing is in no way acceptable. Otherwise, all might be lost; we can’t allow political violence to triumph.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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