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The Problem with Unskilled Immigration in the 21st Century

What is the Problem with Unskilled Immigration?

Yes, there absolutely is a problem with unskilled immigration. That problem is shown by this post because it shows the exact problem with unskilled immigration: it’s bad for both the first and third world. The third world receives an influx of money that its economy can’t handle, leading to a lack of equilibrium in society.

The first world experience lower wage growth for low or non-skilled positions because of the vast labor surplus, and has billions of dollars sent away in the form of remittances each year. The suppressed wage problem is especially problematic for America, which is dealing not only with the problem with unskilled immigration, but also with the costs of globalization.

As companies globalized, the good, relatively well-paying, semi-skilled jobs that many communities and hard-working Americans relied on disappeared with those factories. As a result, more and more Americans have been forced to find work in unskilled postions.

That problem has been made even worse by illegal immigration and the flood of unskilled labor that has come with it. Those people come to our nation illegally, as if there is not a difference between legal and illegal immigrants, do not learn our language, despise or ignore our national culture and once-shared values, and suck up our welfare dollars.

Yet worse, perhaps, they suppress wages for hard-working Americans or legal immigrants, placing further strain on the economy.

Due to illegal immigration, wages have remained suppressed in many industries. Those suppressed wages have led to popular resentment and a push for legislative action to create a $15 an hour minimum wage. That sudden and huge increase in the minimum wage is an issue which would be disastrous for America. It would be a secondary side effect of illegal immigration that would hurt our economy even more.

If, however, we were able to get everyone to understand the problem with unskilled immigration is that it drives down wages, then perhaps we could start deporting those illegal, unskilled immigrants. Doing so would raise worker wages naturally, rather than by government fiat, thus keeping us within the confines of a free-market system and avoiding the problems of both unskilled immigrants sucking up jobs and depressing wages and the issue with raising wages via executive fiat rather than market forces.

But, not all the effects of immigration are bad. When we bring in the right people, as we would do with a merit-based immigration system, immigration is a positive thing for the country. That is one of the lessons from early America. But, when we bring in masses of unskilled day laborers, there are no positive effects for the nation in the 21st Century. Back in the Gilded Age, we needed unskilled labor to build the railroads and work in the fields and factories. There were no machines that could do what able-bodied men could do. Now, however, the problem with unskilled immigration, is that it is no longer needed. We need brainpower out of immigrants, not brawn.

Because of those huge issues, suppressed wages, and remittances, the US should focus more on skilled immigrants that actually want to become Americans and adopt American culture. There are many problems with the immigration system, which I addressed in my post on why Border Security is Crucial for National Security. But I saw this great quote about the problem with unskilled immigration and couldn’t wait to post it. It’s too important.

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The problem with unskilled immigration, which is also generally the problem with illegal immigration, is that it damages the economy and suppresses worker wages. In other words, it artificially affects the labor market in a way that is deleterious for the American worker. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen. And, most ominously for the future, it is not even needed. We used to need unskilled workers to come to America. Now, we do not. Robots build things, not muscle, in the 21st Century.

For those reasons, as long as there are masses of unskilled foreign laborers in America, there will be unrest. There are fewer and fewer of the well-paying factory jobs that used to exist. Those jobs should go to Americans, not foreign laborers that come here and suppress wages and take jobs.

Luckily there is someone who is willing to fight for the American worker and ensure that their needs are represented, not the needs of illegal day laborers. That man is Donald Trump, who is just as sure to win in 2020 as Joe Biden is to lose in a landslide. He’ll win because he understands the problem with unskilled immigration and fighting illegal immigration is a key feature of Trumpism.

Trump is helping Americans through fighting back against that mob to help American workers; whether it’s fighting a trade war with China or closing the border to fight back against the multitude of problems caused by unskilled and illegal immigration, Trump is fighting for us because he cares about us. Remember that and help get Trump re-elected! Otherwise, we won’t have anyone around who understands the problem with unskilled immigration and is willing to fight back against the unskilled immigrants and their enablers!

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