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The Problem with Optional Practical Training

What is the Problem with Optional Practical Training?


This is the second guest article published on the website and is written by Hilarie Gamm, an excellent writer. She is the Author & Co Founder of AWC, and wrote a book called “Billions Lost.” In this article, Hilarie will describe the Optional Practical Training  program and what the problem with optional practical training is for young Americans. Although I disagree with her on some points (I generally lead towards more free trade and legal, controlled immigration), I am very excited to publish her guest article. I think it is very important for conservatives to hear all viewpoints and decide which ones they think are best. Additionally, this article is very interesting and well written. Enjoy! -Gen Z Conservative

What is Optional Practical Training?

Optional Practical Training – “OPT” is the single biggest threat to Gen Z graduates looking for employment in the U.S.

Gen Zers inherited astronomical college expenses (three times what their parents paid, accounting for inflation) because American Higher Ed is catering to and courting foreign students before Americans.

Every Gen Z student needs to understand that foreign students are taking coveted spots at the best U.S. colleges, pushing up tuition rates for Americans, and pushing Americans out of the STEM majors.  American women and minorities are suffering the most.  Comparing 1990 to 2017 U.S. Census data  – there is a steady decline of both U.S. females and minorities in tech and other STEM professions. Specialized OPT placement centers at colleges across the nation are placing foreigners in jobs that should be going to Gen Z graduates.  OPT was put in place because Bill Gates, and the rest of Big Tech want cheap foreign labor and they wanted a way around the H1B annual 85,000 cap.  And with OPT they got it!

How OPT has Hurt American College Students and Graduates:

In 2017 over 275,000 jobs were given to foreign graduates in the U.S. rather than Americans.  Many U.S. universities have even created summer programs to help their foreign students stay in the country legally, longer, until their OPT is approved. There is no shortage of talented, intelligent and capable American graduates.  In fact – a study by CIS  – confirmed that U.S. high school graduates are more capable and better equipped to succeed at the jobs currently being given to foreign laborers working in the U.S. under the H1B, L1, H4EAD and OPT programs.

It’s time for Gen Z to stand up for their chance to get interviewed, get a job, and achieve the American dream!

OPT has grown more than 400% in recent years, far bigger today than the H1B program.  OPT has no restrictions and is not merit based.  OPT can be extended with every STEM degree a foreign student earns.  OPT foreign graduates are coached by specialized lawyers on how to game the system, they are given special job placement opportunities at U.S. universities, and OPT jobs are advertised to specifically exclude American citizens from even applying…which is against the law!!!  But no one is putting a stop to this illegal practice!

We need Gen Z to understand, for this generation of Americans to blaze a different path than the U.S. millenials who came before them.   They need to stand up for the right to be educated, be employed, own a home, get married, have a family, and reach their potential as human beings, and as American citizens.  Gen Z is the hope for the future of our great nation.

Conclusion: How You can Help End OPT

Contact your Congressman, your Senator, and the White House.  Tell them to stop putting foreign students before America’s children.  Tell them you want them to END OPT!!!!

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Some of our representatives are doing their best to end this dangerous practice. For example, Congressman Gosar of Arizona is sponsoring legislation in this Congress to END OPT. But, to be successful he needs the support of every Gen Zer!  On social media, in print, and in the news, Gen Z needs to start making some noise about how OPT is shutting them out of their rightful opportunities to achieve success.  Gen Z has passion, education, and is tech savvy. With their voice, backed up by those positive traits, OPT can be stopped!  Get the facts and do your part today to spread the word on OPT and help put an end to the program that is a dead end for every American college graduate.

By: Hilarie Gamm


Why I think Free Trade is Important: