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The Political Positions of a Gen Z Conservative

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The Political Positions of a Gen Z Conservative and other Young Conservatives:

I have been thinking for a while about what I would like my first “politics” post to be and after a good bit of thought I have decided to make it about my political positions. Through doing so, I hope to show the typical political thoughts and positions of a Gen Z, conservative college student.  Hopefully this post will be successful in succinctly showing what my positions are and how I defend them. I will discuss my initial thoughts on trade, national defense, immigration policy, judiciary, capitalism, abortion, and LGBT rights.

A Conservative College Student’s thoughts on Trade:


Trade is one of the most important topics that I’d like to discuss in this article on the political positions of a Gen Z Conservative.

I think that between allied countries trade should be completely free. Free trade will allow those countries to take full advantage of their specializations, and thus work towards prosperity in the most efficient way. However, I think that trade between competitor nations and enemy nations should be regulated and restricted as tightly as possible. Those restrictions should be in place to prevent industrial espionage and to protect against potential national security threats. We’re in a Cold War with China; it’s time to stop trading with them.

Free trade is the ultimate goal, but sometimes national security threats need to take precedence. For example, the US should definitely have completely free trade with Canada and the UK. Those countries are our allies and it is ok for our economy to be intertwined with theirs. However, it would be a bad policy to allow completely free trade with Iran or China. That is because they might use the lack of oversight that is a characteristic of completely free trade to steal our industrial secrets and boost their economies, which would hurt the US. That’s why we can’t have people who are soft on China, like Joe Biden, in charge; they’ll let China pilfer our trade secrets.

Should the US use Force as a Tool of Foreign Policy:

aircraft carrier

Next in “the political positions of a Gen Z Conservative,” I’d like to say that I think that the US undoubtedly has the right to use force when it fears its citizens or their interests are in danger. Also, based on my discussions with my peers, I think that many other young conservatives agree with that.

Sometimes force is the only way to eliminate dangers to national security and save American civilian lives, and any sovereign state has the right and moral imperative to use force to protect its citizens.

However, like many other conservative college students and Gen Z conservatives, I think the U.S. should only use force if it is absolutely necessary. Because of that, Congress should have to declare war for force to be used. The military shouldn’t be used as a first resort in small circumstances, but rather only when diplomacy and economic retaliation hasn’t worked.

That is the policy that past American presidents have pursued and I think that it is a wise one. George Washington encouraged America to avoid foreign entanglements, which I wrote about in “Avoid Foreign Entanglements.” Thomas Jefferson avoided great power war and only fought the Tripoli pirates when absolutely necessary, as Henry Adams wrote about in The History of the US during the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson. America has traditionally avoided war and only gone to fight when Congress has declared war. It is only in recent decades that that changed.

If Congress has done its constitutional duty and declared war, then when America does respond it should do so with force it should use every conventional weapon available to destroy the enemy in the shortest time frame possible. The use of force is a great responsibility that I think the US has been abusing recently. Often the military is sent in to do what could be done without force, and then not given a free hand to do whatever is necessary to win. If the military is ordered to attack, it should do so with all available force. That’s how the political positions of a Gen Z Conservatives apply to military force.

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A Gen Z Conservative Position on Immigration Policy:


The US should allow in highly skilled immigrants, but  only  after strict background checks. Sometimes the only way to screen for potential spies or terrorists is to have stronger screening. We don’t want spies entering the nation like what is described in a terrific and highly informative book that I reviewed, Bridge of Spies.

And we also don’t want to allow in those that would use armed gunmen at the border to force their way across, as I describe in “Armed Invaders at the Border.” Those spies, terrorists, and invaders do not make America stronger. We should screen immigrants from all nations, but especially ones that are known for having terrorism problems or are competitor nations that might be attempting to commit acts of espionage.

Immigration to the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. So despite what the current democratic candidates would have you believe, the US has the right to do what is necessary with regards to immigration to protect national security.

Additionally, in order to reduce the scale of current welfare programs and boost the economy, I think that it is important to screen immigrants to ensure that only highly educated immigrants with a strong work ethic are allowed into the country. I don’t think immigrants should be allowed to receive welfare until they have been naturalized and have paid US taxes.

Immigration can be great for the economy and country, as you will see by reading about past times of abnormally high American prosperity. The best book about the Gilded Age, The Republic for which It Stands, does a particularly good job of describing how immigration helped America. Immigrants help boost economic growth and provide much needed labor. But that only works if the the right people are let in.

We can make sure the right people are let in by increasing screening procedures. That is how the political positions of a Gen Z conservative apply to immigration issues.

The Judiciary:

supreme court

I think that judges should only make decisions that are in line with the law and the Constitution, not whatever their personal policy preferences are. A society must have judges that fairly enforce the law if it is to remain a law-abiding society. If judges instead make decisions off personal opinions, then that opens potential avenues for corruption and it would mean that judges are unconstitutionally ignoring the equal protections clause of the 14th amendment, which would erode confidence in the judiciary branch.

If you want to see more about the political positions of a Gen Z Conservative as they relate to the judiciary, then read Restoring the Lost Constitution. Although written by an older conservative, I think it perfectly sums up how I and other young conservatives that believe in limited government feel about America’s courts and legal system.

The Economy and Capitalism:


I think a free-enterprise system is the best path for the American economy. Laissez faire capitalism led to the major innovations of the past two centuries and led to the standard of living being boosted dramatically in capitalist states.

That is because capitalism allows individuals to control their own destiny and use their unique skill sets to benefit the economy in the most efficient way. While there does need to be government oversight of the economy to prevent the excesses of a free-enterprise system, such as fraud and monopolies, that oversight should be limited to only what is absolutely necessary, while allowing the “invisible hand” of the free market to sort out most issues. The political positions of a Gen Z Conservative and other young conservatives as they relate to capitalism and free markets is pretty similar to the ideas found in Free Market Revolution.

I have read Atlas Shrugged every summer since 8th grade, and each time I read it I am reminded of how a free-enterprise system leads to economic productivity, and a socialist or communist system leads to a stifling of innovation and a lack of industrial productivity.

Furthermore, I think a capitalist system is necessary in order to protect individual rights. The communist states of the 20th century were responsible for creating conditions that led to tens of millions of civilian deaths, whereas capitalist systems were responsible for creating technological innovations that boosted the standard of living and economic productivity around the world.

Listening to and negotiating with socialists was the greatest mistake of the 20th Century. We should learn that lesson and stop making that same mistake. A free-enterprise system is the best way forward for America because it will allow the nation to continue to boost productivity, raise the standard of living, and continue to respect individual rights.


This is one of the areas where I am slightly uncomfortable about sharing my views on abortion and passing them off as the political positions of a Gen Z Conservative on abortion. However, I will try. I consider myself pro-life under most circumstances, but somewhat conflicted. I do think abortion should be legal in the case of rape, incest, and when the mother´s life is in danger.

I also don’t think morning after pills should be considered abortions, but rather an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to prevent later abortions. In all other cases I am personally against abortions because I think they create a “liberty” for the mother at the cost of the right to life of the unborn child.

However, from a fiscally conservative perspective I am unsure if that position will be tenable long term. The economic burden placed on society from children that would have been aborted had their mother had the choice may not be sustainable long term. I also understand, and am personally more comfortable with, the socially conservative view that the child has a right to life.

I think that as long as it is fiscally possible the government should limit abortion as much as possible, while also working to improve young adults´ knowledge about safe sex and contraceptives so that those unwanted pregnancies are avoided in the first place.

Additionally, I think before an abortion women should be informed of adoption possibilities, and the government should fund those adoption centers and orphanages, so that adoption is seen as a more valid and ethical opportunity than abortion. I also firmly believe that women should be treated with dignity, no matter what past decisions they have made. I think many conservatives don’t do that, which hurts society. We should all treat each other with respect, not hatred. That, at least, is certainly the general consensus of the political positions of a Gen Z Conservative and is the base level of what young conservatives think about abortion.

LGBTQ Rights:

I think that all citizens should be treated equally. However, the rights to religious freedom and individual liberty afforded to all citizens must be respected by the government. The conflict created by those two issues over the past few years has caused significant political strife, but I do not think that that needs to be the case, nor should it. I think the solution to that issue is to have the government clearly demarcate the line between religious institutions and legal institutions.

Marriage is traditionally a religious institution and should be treated as such. However, civil unions are a legal institution. I think that both straight and homosexual couples should be required to get a civil partnership signed to be legally “married”.

The act of marriage in a house of worship would then be a purely religious act outside the bounds of government because the “state action” portion of marriage would have been handled through the civil union. This argument has also created questions over individual liberty; while the line between liberty and equality will always be contested, I think the solution here is also relatively simple.

Businesses shouldn’t be required to provide goods or services for events related to causes they disagree with, such as a homosexual´s wedding, but also can’t turn away customers simply because of their sexuality or other attributes in situations unrelated to those specific causes. That solution may not be ideal for everyone, but it would strike a healthy balance between individual liberty and equality.

I think conservatives should try to strike that balance, rather than fighting over small details. As I described in the section on abortions, we should all try to treat each other with respect and dignity.

Conclusion to the Political Positions of a Gen Z Conservative:

Gen Z conservative political positions are complex and not uniform. I’m sure many other Gen Z conservatives and conservative college students have far different political positions than I do. Especially on issues like abortion and LGBT rights. Those are some of the issue areas in which Gen Z conservative political positions are particularly disparate.

But, we all still believe in the main conservative ideals and are fiscally conservative. Often, because we are the ones that will by saddled with the skyrocketing national debt, we Gen Z conservatives are far more fiscally conservative than older generations.

By: Gen Z Conservative