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Proof that the Pentagon is Targeting Conservatives in the Military

Bishop Garrison and his hypocrisy. The woke, hypocritical SOCOM diversity chief. The military’s spat with Tucker. The Space Force firing an officer for opposing Marxism. All of those are examples of the fact that the Pentagon is targeting conservatives in the military.

Unfortunately, despite all those examples, some still don’t believe that the military has turned into a leftist organization. They think it might have a few bad apples in the brass, has a wrongheaded policy or two, or might be a little bit too politically correct in how it deals with terrorists, but it’s hard to find that many people that have been really and truly redpilled about the sad, far-left state of the modern American military.

They don’t know or won’t accept that gone are the days of MacArthur and Patton and in are the days of struggle sessions and sit-ins.

Well, there is finally the sort of documented proof that definitively proves that the Pentagon is targeting conservatives in the military. Released by PJ Media, they show just what the Pentagon is really up to.

According to the PJ Media article:

“All personnel are being subjected to a PowerPoint presentation packed with progressive ideology and misstatements of the Constitution. Designated officers are conducting the training on bases, stations, and ships at sea. The slides contain misstatements of the law and warped characterizations of fellow citizens who believe in constitutional principles.

The document crafted by the Pentagon for the Navy is called “Extremism Stand Down – Commander Engagements With All Service Members. Discussion Guide 19FEB21″…

“The Navy’s leadership plays a significant role in preventing Extremism in the Ranks, particularly in the creation and sustainment of command climates which discourage and hold accountable such behavior and promote a culture of respect, trust and professionalism in the Force.”

Here are some of the leaked slides (and excerpts from them) that were provided by PJ Media. Click on each image to expand it:

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If you zoom in, you’ll see that the Navy is making some radical assertions that show it’s clear anti-conservative bias, such as “If we don’t eliminate extremist behaviors from our Navy, then racism, injustice, indignity and disrespect will grow and keep us from reaching our potential.” 

Furthermore, the presentation notes that “Anti-government extremists” are its focus, as proven by “recent events.” It’s not focused on Antifa, BLM, or other leftist organizations that have wreaked havoc across the US for months. Instead, it’s attacking liberty-lovers.

The military is purging itself of conservatives. People who aren’t big fans of Big Government, brave patriots that fall on the right side of the political spectrum, and even those that might scroll through non-PC forums or threads could all be on Lloyd Austin’s list.

Up until now, the military has been relatively non-partisan. It just took Biden a few months to change that and turn it into his Praetorian Guard.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook