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The Other Maskless Patriots

As I posted in a recent meme, you can generally tell if someone is a liberal based on how enthusiastic they are about masking up, social distancing, or doing any of the other ridiculous things that are part of the Covid era. Conservatives aren’t so excited, fortunately, to bend the knee to a tyrannical government; they’re the other maskless patriots. Liberals are giddy at the opportunity to virtue signal by wearing a mask.

Luckily, as Kevin Sorbo points out in this tweet, that also means you can tell who your friends are. When you’re walking around in a supermarket, strolling through a park or on a sidewalk, or just generally going about your day, you can glance around and see who you’re going to enjoy meeting and who is likely a headache to have to deal with.

Take off your damn mask whenever possible. Sometimes, there’s no choice. Your school or job makes you wear one and, until an alternative opportunity for work or school presents itself, there’s no other choice but to wear the mask and keep it below your nose. But, in most situations, wearing one is a choice. Make the choice to keep yours off.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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