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Contemplating the New Morality

Introduction to the New Morality and the Leftist Religion

In this guest article, Mathias Kloss describes just why leftism is a religion and what the new morality created by that leftist religion is. Additionally, it is different than most of the other guest articles I have published, which have mainly been interviews or conservative podcast promotions. Instead, it is an in-depth article that really gets to the deep issue of what the new morality created by Democrats is doing to America. -Gen Z Conservative

Kloss’s Thoughts on the New Morality

Leftism is a Religion because you must believe in it or you are a fascist or a Nazi both Terms for non-believers. Here is what makes you a fascist or a Nazi, is believing that marriage has significance, that there are on two Genders, that Life begins at conception and thus innocent children should not be snuffed out, and that a child deserves a mother and a father. Now I never heard the Nazis pushing that after all, they dehumanized an entire population to Exterminate them, the Jews in particular.

The Leftist Religion believes that Men can be women a form of Gnostic Dualism, That the Earth is a living being that is happy or mad, that all sexual morality is to be praiseworthy except for the most common, that Child Sacrifice through Abortion is a strength, that Pride is a virtue, and that anyone who denies just one of these principles, is politically correct and thus has committed blasphemy. This is why Leftism is a Religion and has created “the new morality” that is endorsed by the State.

The First Principle of the Leftist Religion is that there is an unlimited amount of genders and that we must accept this as good. Biology does not agree, it says there are only two genders because there are only male or female cells. This goes to the next question: why do they push it today? Well, it is a form of Gnostic Dualism, that someone can be trapped in their own body.

That is patently religious belief with no foundation in science. In the Leftist religion, one must get a gender reassignment surgery to get to their proper body if they feel they have been wronged by their body and thus must change their bodies [16]. This is dangerous, after all, there was Christian malpractice in past centuries, but once we noted the malpractice we stopped it.

This is worse than any religious practice used to cure something, those cures may have harmed people, but it was out of lack of information not to willingly deny that Gender Reassignment surgery does not work and may do significant harm[3]. This is according to Dr. Paul McHugh, ‘Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits, or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’ In that lies their problematic future…[3]’ Dr. McHugh closed Gender Reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins in 1979 and has written or co-written six books on Psychiatry[19].

While the Leftist religion and its army of media continue to smear the man, however, he retains his views[17]. We used to say that a man that was effeminate was girly, but he was still a male human being. Because biologically he has male genes thus he is a male, same for a masculine woman[15]. Also, feminists have been fighting against the idea of a Feminine woman having to be feminine, I happen to disagree with some of that, but that is for another time.

But now, if a man has feminine traits, therefore he is a woman, there is a conflict of interest. Same with a woman with masculine traits, she still is a woman, but according to this theory, she may be a man. Neither of these makes sense, but according to the Leftist religion, we must accept this theory or else.

The left is a strict proponent in the Climate Change Faith, believing that the world can be angry[14]. It is a style of Pantheism believing that the earth is the God that punishes man for pollution, SUVs, having cities, and using the Earth’s resources.

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From a simple ecological point of view, this is foolishness that must be dropped. Because the earth does not “feel” anything, it is a rock, molten in its mantle, and it is a rock that has a surface which is the Crust. Above that Crust is the sky and above that is space and all the universe. We live on the crust, there we live our lives.

The reason I explain the earth is that it is a rock covered in dirt and grass, it has no soul, you could shoot it with a machine gun a million times or stab it with the biggest kitchen knife you have, it will not cry out or yell at you. Some say the current state of panic created by China with the Wuhan Coronavirus, was the earth getting back at the man for all he had done to the earth.

This is foolish. While the Wuhan Coronavirus likely does occur in nature, particularly in bats. But it was while still unclear, spread by man and abetted by cover-ups. This earth has mysteries that will forever go unsolved as that is the fact of being mortal. But this does not make the Earth itself worth Worshipping, as while nature is beautiful, it is dangerous and should be respected. This earth worshipping trend seems to stem from the slow decline in traditional religion and embrace of the new morality, but that is for another time.

You would think a fact as simple as the weather changes, so does the climate over time. That makes sense, what does not make sense is blaming Man for it and expecting him to fix it too! The new morality and the resulting Religion of Climatology t has a very Catholic style, but weird traditions. NBC had its climate sins confessional[5], in governmental terms, you pay penance in Carbon taxes and activism you pay penance in not eating Animal Products of any kind with Veganism.

The number one Sin of Climatology is being a Denier, how do I know? I’m classed as such. While I do not deny that the climate does change, I do doubt that we will die in twelve years, as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says we will [11].

I also doubt that man can do anything to stop the world from ending. I like clean air and clean drinking water, I use both each day and I also like forests because it is great to go hunting or fishing in the woods and on a lake. I do, however, believe that practicality must be the goal, no average factory worker will get rid of his SUV for an Electric Car that has questionable reliability and enormous pricing.

Leftist fanaticism on Climatology stems from their belief in the new morality and the fact that the State must use massive Governmental expansion to stop Climate Change disaster [11].

Do you notice anything? They just say increase the size of the Government it will do the job, this is a mere call for Socialism, under the guise of stopping fairy tale disaster from occurring. Marx would be proud of this play for power. Climatology is the Atheist’s religion in my view, it worships things you can see, but does not demand sexual or human morality, only that humans not use plastic straws, gas-powered cars, or eat any Animal products. Such is the new morality and the leftist religion.

Some are more worshipful others less so. Some buy the malarkey about electric cars and the plastic straws and some just buy the no eating or using animals. This is all a religious notion, put forth by our schools. In Science classes they show Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’, that is not science, it is political science, it is overt religion and I don’t hate religion, but if they refuse to teach the theory of creation and intelligent design, then they best not teach Climatology. While Religious Liberty is a great principle the Faith of Climatology has become the state religion in my view.

The Left’s view on Sexual Morality is quite permissive, practically anything goes, very progressive and accepts nearly all. The religious marination in our culture and our schools shows in the outrage that is considered natural today. I would be crucified for daring to speak out against Homosexuality or the LGBT community.

I am a Christian but I will not bring scripture into this subject. Homosexuality is a perversion of the sexual norm, 4.5 percent of U.S Adults are considered apart of the LGBT community. That is catering to a tiny percentage of a Country’s population[8]. The response would be that society is more tolerant of sexual perversion so it is all good.

Just because a society is all right with it, does not make it good or right. There are set morals, defined good and evil. While harming Homosexuals is never the right option, after all, stamping out someone’s life is never right except in the case of murder, rape, child molesters, and Incest perpetrators. But Homosexuality was the Left’s big attack on the family, previously it was the Sexual Revolution with losing the stigma of a non-nuclear family, the endorsement of Single motherhood, legalization of Abortion, and getting the mother out of the home.

Whoever said, “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” was right. The reason this is an issue is the demand that children be adopted by homosexual couples. While you want children to have homes, but children have a right to a mother and a father. From the stance of marriage, if you had two machines, one that typically produces children and one that never can, which should be rewarded? I think it is obvious the one that produces children, we would call that marriage. Studies show that non-traditional families, tend to have higher rates of child abuse[2][21][23].

After hearing all this, is it so great to have such a permissive society? The societies of Ancient times were quite open to all kinds of sexual perversions[7], in some cultures men were for fun, and women were for children. As I see it, in the effort to civilize our society, we have gone back to our savagery thanks to the Leftist religion of sexual permissiveness.

The Leftist religion demands Child Sacrifice through Abortion, it is supposedly a woman’s right to choose to kill her baby. This is such a sad idea because life does begin at conception[24]. This also puts women at risk of trauma from Abortion because it is basically creating a miscarriage and physically removing children from the womb[25][26].

It is considered absolute blasphemy and that you wish to control women if you are against this idea. This is not the case, the general reason that people are against abortion because it is a vile and wicked practice and that they do not want children to die. Abortion is religious for the Left because it gives them the power to decide who lives and dies. During this current pandemic, we are dragging our feet on reopening because we fear having to face the new mortality.

In the past we knew we would die, families would be large because few of the children would make it to adulthood. Abortion is the ability to decide what your life will be, while that kind of freedom is nice, that does not give the right to kill your unborn child.

The Leftist religion and its adherents wish for you to think you are in control, however, they get to control your life, they get to kill your children, by telling you that you are not ready, whether or not you get medical care with socialized medicine, and the ability to decide whether you should live anymore with assisted dying. The Leftist Religion demands the human sacrifice of the Unborn with Abortion and the Elderly with assisted dying. That’s the new morality.

The Leftist religion embraces pride as a virtue, pride in your sexual preference, pride in shouting your Abortion, pride in your racial identity (unless you are white), and pride in being virtuous. This problem is that we do not revere the good that our forefathers did nor the traditions that built the society that became a great society. This means we do not remember our history, and we will repeat many terrible events. We get the idea that we are flying when we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

In the Bible, pride led to Satan falling from heaven, Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. In world history, pride led to the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust, pride in the race led to Segregation and Jim Crow Laws. Pride parades are common today. It all is summed up as the Captain in the Dragnet Episode “The Big Kids”[9], it is the new morality.

We recognized the issue but did nothing about it, why did we need a new morality? What was wrong with the old one? Not much in my view, perhaps being tolerant of one’s faults was something that we needed to learn. However, the idea that things are legal or illegal, right or wrong, and that some things are objectively wrong. According to the Leftist Religion, these are not necessary just do what you feel.

Does the new morality work? Well, the Opioid epidemic has led to many deaths[10], Abortions from unplanned pregnancies cause death 100% of the time, and loneliness sweeps the nations[6]. I think those are pretty fine indicators of the new morality’s failure. This New Morality is a prideful one where they hold Pride parades[4], while just shouting about how virtuous they are. This is yet again another destructive feature of the Leftist Religion.

The Leftist religion as a whole has proven to be destructive as a whole to our society, by embracing Climatology, Abortion, Transgender Gnostic Dualism, New Morality, and pride as a virtue.

While you may agree or disagree with my opinion, I believe we best uncover the truth about the Leftist religion and the new morality as it is encouraged by our schools and government officials. Climatology is merely their version of penance, Abortion is their Child Sacrifice, Gnostic Dualism, New Sexual Morality, and Pride is a virtue. While my commentary may be controversial and considered bigoted by some, I believe this paper could open up important conversations on our culture and our future.

By: Mathias Kloss

Check Mathias out on Twitter! His handle is @MathiasKloss

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