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I’m Offended: The New Magic Word

Back in the halcyon days of America, those glorious times before the leftists took over, the magic word was “please.” We recognized that gifts should not be expected, but rather treated as coming from the grace and generosity of the opposite party. Acknowledging that was important and a key part of the ethos of the time.

Now, society has degenerated and the new magic word is “offended,” not “please.” In these dark days, it doesn’t matter what resources the other party has, what their words were intended to mean, or even what they did or said. Instead, all that matters is being one of the aggreived parties and making your offense known.

Privileged college students are “offended” and get the low-paid workers that “offended” them fired. Leftists agitators are “offended” by the Founding Fathers and use that to tear down their statues, regardless of the truth about the men whose statues they are demolishing. Radical Marxists are “offended” by capitalism and equality of opportunity and demand equity, equality of outcome, instead.

The new magic word is heinous. It shows just how far the Chamberlains of the GOP let America slide. Instead of standing up for our culture, as Trump did, they let the left actively attack it and insouciantly sat by. No more! Now is the time to raise the black flag and fight the left with everything we’ve got, whether it offends them or not. Otherwise, America as we know it might be lost forever.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook