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Biden Really Is the New Jimmy Carter, Albeit a Far Worse Version

Joe Biden: The New Jimmy Carter

Rampant inflation. Declining economic prospects. Chaos and violence in the Middle East. Appeasing Iran despite its acting contrary to our interests. Social conflict. Appeasement, under the guise of “détente” with our greatest geopolitical competitors. Endless gas lines and empty gas stations. What does all of that make you think of?

If you thought of the present day, you’d certainly be right. Biden has done a great job of driving the miraculous Trump economy and Trump’s peace in the Middle East accomplishments into the ground despite the Abraham Accords, a vaccine and vaccine distribution system, and an economy ready to roar. But, if that list of dreadfulness reminded you of another president, Jimmy Carter, then you’d also be right. That’s because Biden is the new Jimmy Carter.

Carter’s presidency, as many of you already know, was a disaster. Stagflation wrecked the middle class, he groveled before the mullahs when Iran took over our embassy (it took Reagan’s threats of annihilation for the hostages to eventually be released), the USSR invaded Afghanistan despite (or perhaps because of) his “détente” policies, which largely consisted of removing our backbone and tossing it in the trash, and Americans were generally in a “deep malaise.” Perhaps that malaise was rooted in the stagflation and gas lines of the time. Or his weakness abroad. Or his complete lack of leadership.

Other than his deregulation of the railroad industry, Carter did everything terribly. From foreign policy to domestic affairs, the Carter presidency was a trainwreck.

We can suffice it to say that Biden, like Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer, has similarly screwed the proverbial pooch.

He’s bending over backward to appease the mullahs, senselessly attempting to fund their “Death to America” rallies. Perhaps he hopes they’ll buy Woke Coke to douse the burned remnants of the stars and stripes. Meanwhile, he’s giving cash to the Palestinians that cheered when the planes hit the towers on 9/11. Even better, he’s appeasing China Unlike Trump or Reagan but like Carter, Biden’s backbone has been surgically removed and his balls seem have to fallen off. Maybe Major bit them…

Then, on the domestic front, Biden’s been just as bad as Carter. Thousands of gas stations are empty and gas prices are skyrocketing. Inflation is shooting up to levels unheard of since Carter. Businesses remain closed because they’ve either been burned to the ground by leftist radicals, unable to find workers because of Biden’s “stimmie” checks, or forced to remain closed by the Covid Commissars. Oh, and none of Carter’s deregulatory policies look like they’ll be implemented by Biden. Thanks, Joe!


If history is any guide, the next few years will be rough ones. Stagflation, a combination of rampant inflation, the result of profligate government spending, and a sluggish economy, again caused by incompetent bureaucrats, will lead to poor stock market returns and economic malaise. Poor foreign policy decisions, rooted mainly in weakness and cowardice, will make our enemies better off and us worse of; get ready for China’s ascendency, Russian revanchism, more war in the Middle East, and yet more humiliations for America on the world stage.

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Worst of all, the American people will be generally worse off. Much is made of Trump’s mean tweets and refusal to behave conventionally, but he loved America and the American people. His economic and foreign policy decisions, rooted as they were in that love, made us all better off. The stock market rose, businesses were created and succeeded, and Americans generally had the chance to better themselves. The same happened with the Reagan Revolution. That’s what happens when you let the free market work. Unfortunately, the new Jimmy Carter’s ascendance to the presidency means that all of that is gone. Improving economic conditions are no more. Doing business will be more difficult and less profitable. Ditto that for investing.

Because of Slow Joe, the new Jimmy Carter, life for the average American will be far, far worse. And that’s what’s saddest about all this. Joe inherited an amazing situation. He could have let the economy run and life would have improved for all of us. But he couldn’t show some humility and let the free market work. He had to involve the government in our economic lives, and the result has been disaster. It’ll only get worse from here.

America needs leadership. The new normal can’t be the new Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, it sure looks like Slow Joe has far more Carter in him than Reagan. America will suffer as a result.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook