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The New, Conservative Wireless Company Launching July 4th Weekend

Real Americans believe in freedom of speech and a right to live their lives without big brother looking over their shoulder — so why are people paying every month to have their personal information sold to Big Tech?

This July 4th weekend, Red State Wireless launches the first privacy-based wireless network for conservative Americans. They will provide affordable, best-in-class wireless service and, most importantly, they don’t sell your data.

Red State Wireless offers an alternative to the cartel of corporations that advance the liberal agenda and bend the knee to the woke mob. It is a necessary step in taking back what they have taken from us. America is at a place now where corporations co-opt the messaging of the radical left and pander to them in an attempt to curry favor. Big Tech companies have internalized these messages and regurgitated them back in pre-packed, performative ways to satisfy the liberal donor class and the elitists that control most of the government. They have been so effective in this, Americans can only choose between which woke corporation to buy from.

We have witnessed Antifa and other members of the extreme left march through our streets, leaving a trail of violence and destruction in their wake. We’ve watched as the government has exerted more and more control over our rights to defend ourselves and our property, in open contempt of the constitution. The fact that they are defunding the police, the very people risking their lives to maintain order and keep us safe, should terrify people.

Red State Wireless refuses to drink the leftist kool-aid and participate in this race to the bottom.

The founders of the network were inspired by the famous Henry Ford quote: “don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain” and decided to heed those words in order to offer true patriots a way out of the endless spiral of dwindling options. The goal is to ensure people can stay pure in their beliefs. People shouldn’t have to feel as though they’re compromising their values when they purchase a good or service, and conservatives who sign up for Red state Wireless can feel at ease knowing they’re signing up for a wireless provider that shares their values. The founders believe that their service is a vessel for the larger movement to take back our economy from the woke liberals who have consolidated power and influence and used it to poison the culture and threaten our American way of life.

Red State Wireless will be offering unlimited plans starting at $20/month. Each plan will offer 5G, 4G LTE, and wifi-calling utilizing the nation’s largest network with coverage from sea to shining sea. Unlike with other wireless providers, customers will not be locked into contracts and are not forced to purchase a phone in order to receive low monthly rates. Additionally, when users call to speak to customer support, they will speak with an American.

All plans can be purchased at starting July 4th weekend. Use discount code REDWAVE22 for free activation (a $30 value).