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The New Black Market: Selling Canceled Goods, Not Drugs

The black market used to be a place where items the government (rightly or wrongly) decided that we couldn’t buy and sell could be traded. Machine guns. Drugs. In some countries, even food has to be sold on the black market. Now, that’s going to start changing. In the new world, the one formed after the “Great Reset,” the black market won’t just be a place where you buy things the government says you can’t have.

Instead, the new black market will sell the goods that the cancel culture Red Guard says you don’t have. The guy in the hoodie will be selling Gone with the Wind and Dr. Seuss, not heroin. Thanks, anti-American New Left!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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1 thought on “The New Black Market: Selling Canceled Goods, Not Drugs”

  1. The sheep that are going to enforce these illegal bullshyt laws are going to be squeeling, but its the law, we were just doing our dirty..err duty! Same whiny bullshyt the nazi’ brass said when they got caught….HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!

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