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The NBA and China Are Arrayed Against America and Hong Kong

What Happened with the NBA and China:

Both the NBA and China hate America, stand against America’s interests, and are doing their utmost to crush the spirit of freedom present in Hong Kong.

Why do I say that? Because, if you pay any attention at all to what is going on with the NBA and China, it is quite evident that they are in kahoots. Here are the facts:

  1. The NBA built training camps in China to try and raise its international profile. But, far from being just a potential moneymaker for the NBA, the Red Chinese government used these camps to try to create future Chinese athletes that would compete with America’s. That would be fine, except that the Chinese take training seriously and human rights not so seriously, so the Chinese employees of the camp were abusing the children at them. Beating the kids, screaming at them, and refusing to allow them to educate themselves were the evil actions the Chinese government engaged in at the NBA facilities. And guess what- because the NBA wanted these camps to be a cash cow, it refused to call out China’s evil behavior. The NBA and China worked together to abuse children.
  2. The NBA decided that it would allow its players to put social justice slogans on the backs of their jerseys, which is being made fun of in this NBA meme. Similarly, fans can order custom jerseys with their favorite slogans. However, only certain phrases are allowed. “Black Lives Matter” is allowed. “Free Hong Kong” is not allowed. Why is that? Because what is going on with the NBA and China is that unpatriotic executives at the top of the NBA do not want to lose what profits they get from China, so they refuse to be associated with anything that might get the Chinese mad. They are okay with China putting Muslims in concentration camps and crushing Hong Kong’s freedom because it means they get a bit more money.
  3. China is a mercantilist, evil nation that uses politics, accusations of racism, secrecy, threats of force, and outright bribery to keep the world at bay as it oppresses its subjects. It has sent millions of Uigurs to concentration camps, where it uses them as slave labor and, in some cases, sterilizes them. That is a fact. However, the NBA could not care less. In fact, it actively silences criticism from its players, fans, and team owners about how the Red Chinese government is behaving. The NBA and China seem to be working together to keep mainland China oppressed.

Those are the facts about what is going on with the NBA and China and what happened with the NBA and China. But, in this case, the facts do not show the full story. Because we only hear about this travesty from the fake news media, which also seems to be working with China and against America, the facts, when presented, have been so sterilized that it is difficult to tell just how evil both parties are in this situation.

So, despite the fact that I think it is important for journalists to stick to actual facts rather than editorializing when providing news, in this case, I think giving an opinion on the issue of the NBA and China issue is important because it balances out the editorializing coming from the left.

The Full Story about what is Going on with the NBA and China and How They are Working Together to Attack America and Hong Kong

Right now, the NBA and China are both attacking America, just in different ways. China, a nation the US is in an existential, Cold War struggle with, is using its influence in the Pacific to weaken our allies and our standing with them. Additionally, it is engaging in industrial espionage against America and constantly launches cyberattacks against us. But, at least it is a foreign nation. While I stand firmly against Red China, America’s mortal enemy, I understand why it would want to attack and weaken America. It is an adversarial nation; we have dealt with those since our Founding.

What does not make sense about what is going on with the NBA and China, however, is why the NBA is working to weaken America. It allows its players to kneel for the national anthem, despite the fact that they make tens of millions of dollars a year. The NBA silences dissent about China, especially when that dissent relates to what is happening in Hong Kong right now. Right now, in 2020, the NBA has become a full-fledged anti-American organization that has stood firmly on the side of the left in the culture war.

To me, that makes no sense. Why do the NBA and most of its players hate America? They make piles of money in America for playing a kids’ game. Most people would love to get to play around with their friends all day and make millions of dollars a year. Yet most of the NBA’s athletes hate America and think they are being oppressed! That makes no sense and is something I cannot explain. These people are incredibly fortunate, mainly because of the opportunity afforded by American capitalism. Yet, for some reason, they are walking off the court or kneeling during the American national anthem.

What makes even less sense is the fact that the NBA and China are working together. Do these athletes and executives think that they would be less “oppressed” in China, a totalitarian state that has imprisoned and murdered millions of its own citizens for the crime of disagreeing with it, than they supposedly are in America, a free nation that has afforded them the opportunity to make millions for playing a game? If they do, that is absurd and they are idiots; the systemic racism and oppression they believe exists in America is imaginary, but is real in China. If they do not think that, then both NBA players and NBA executives need to re-examine their relationship with China.

the nba and china are crushing hong kong
From: News 1130


The fact is, the NBA and China are, for some unimaginable reason, working together. That’s right, a major American corporation and a communist state are working together to attack America, a capitalist state, mainly because the American corporation wants to make more money in the communist state. What’s going on with the NBA and China really proves true Marx’s point that communists will “hang the capitalist with the rope he fights to sell us.” The NBA must reevaluate its relationship with China and start behaving in a patriotic way. Otherwise, people will stop tuning in to watch it.

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Finally, I think it is worth saying that this whole drama of the relationship between the NBA and China really shows leftist hypocrisy. Right now, NBA athletes are kneeling during the national anthem to show that they are fighting back against “oppression.” But they say nothing to defend Hong Kong or the Uighurs.

Meanwhile, in China, Chinese coaches are torturing their young players while the NBA turns a blind eye, Chinese police are harassing political dissidents, an entire population in Western China is being sent to concentration camps for the “crime” of holding on to their religious beliefs, and the freedom-loving citizens of Hong Kong are being crushed by the Chinese police state, despite the fact that China signed an agreement saying that it would leave Hong Kong alone. All of that is really oppression, unlike the “police violence” oppression that NBA players say they face in America.

If the NBA actually cared about fighting oppression, it would start fighting back against the Chinese. It would use basketball to teach American ideals and weaken Red China’s government, not to weaken America and help China crush Hong Kong.

But it does not care about fighting oppression. Both the NBA as an organization and its players are just virtue signaling so they look better and get applause from the fake news media.

The fact remains, consumers hate corporate virtue signaling, especially if that virtue signaling involves bowing down to evil people. And, most sports fans are patriots. So, I think that because the NBA and China have been shown to be working together to weaken America and crush Hong Kong, the NBA is about to lose a whole lot of money as its viewership declines. And I could not be happier.

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By: Gen Z Conservative