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The Nazis were Socialists

The Quote by Rand Paul on Why the Nazis were Socialists

“The Nazis’ history of national socialism and underlying hatred of capitalism are undeniable…surrendering more freedom to the state is something socialism, fascism, and Nazism have in common.” -Rand Paul on Why the Nazis were Socialists

My Take on Nazis and Socialism

This quote, from Rand Paul’s terrific book The Case Against Socialism, does a great job of showing just why the Nazis were socialists. Leftists, who ignore all sorts of socialist evil anyway, are always willing to turn a blind eye to that fact. To them, Nazism is a right-wing ideology. Fascists, Nazis, etc. are right-wingers to them. Those people are xenophobic, pro-military, and anti-communist. But, at their root, they’re also socialist and statist. Heck, socialism is even in their name (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)!

If political commentators were honest with themselves, they’d know that Liberal Fascism, as Jonah Goldberg calls it, isn’t a myth. It’s the truth. The Nazis were socialists, the Italian fascists were socialists, and many modern-day far-right extremists are fascists with pro-socialist leanings. Conservatives are far, far different than those demented people.

That’s not me attempting to criticize the right. I certainly am probably towards the far right side of the political spectrum and want to make sure that Biden loses in a landslide in the 2020 election.

But there’s a difference between the true far-right and the fascists that embody the fact that the Nazis were socialists. They push for Big Government policies, demand welfare and state aid, and demand all other types of progressive policies. The only connection they have to the right is their love of the military. But even that love is faked, most have never served. They just pretend to be nationalistic and militaristic. At root, they’re socialist and cowardly.

Real conservatives recognize the importance of free markets and know that those free markets lead to free people. Freedom without capitalism is impossible, after all. Those are the true members of the far right. People who know that capitalism is crucial for any free society and do their best to fight for and ensure liberty. They’re also the type of people who recognize that the Nazis were socialists.

Fascists, on the other hand, don’t support any of that. They hate liberty, capitalism, and any individual action. At the same time, they support statism, corporatism, and collectivism. Does that sound like anyone you’ve heard from recently? The radicals on the far left, perhaps? They sound like a group that hates liberty, loves Big Government, and would love nothing more than to seize control over the people, as Margaret Thatcher noted in her quote on socialism.

In other words, the monsters on the far left are the exemplifications of how the Nazis were socialists. That’s why Antifa is a fascist organization. It is anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, and anti-free speech. Plus, its street fighting tactics are reminiscent of the Brownshirts and Blackshirts.

We can’t let the left twist the narrative, as they’ve twisted the narrative about so many other things in our past. They won’t recognize the facts. Whether those facts are that they need to grow up and stop getting offended, realize that socialism is evil, or learn that the Nazis were socialists, liberals act like ostriches and stick their heads in the sand.

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In my view, the facts about Nazis being socialists and the evil leftist radicals of today being just like them in all but genocidal tendencies should be indisputable to anyone with a working mind. The Nazis were socialists and there are no reasons today to suspect that socialists today are any different than they were. In fact, based on Antifa’s heinous conduct, it looks like the fascist socialists of today are quite similar to the fascist socialists of the past.

The black-clad Antifa thugs marching down our streets today are not all that different from the Blackshirts of fascists Italy or, more relevantly to this article on the Nazis, Hitler’s Brownshirt thugs and SS stormtroopers. Just look at the “protests” that have happened recently. Are the actions of these store-looting and dissenter-attacking radicals any different than the actions of those people?

I suppose there is a difference in desired political outcomes. Today’s Antifa fascists and thugs want to bring about radical, socialist change to the American political system. The fascists of yesteryear wanted to do, well, more or less the same thing, just with the evil twist of genocide. Although I suppose The Gulag Archipelago shows that the more traditionally thought of socialist groups also have mass-murdering tendencies.

And that, I think, is the most important aspect of this article on why the Nazis were socialists. The Marxist left likes to pretend that their idea, socialism, is free from and evil or violent history. It’s not. The worst murderers of the 20th Century were all socialists, something the fools, frauds, and firebrands of the new left refuse to accept. Stalin, Mao, and Hitler were all socialists. They each had different interpretations of socialism, sure. Hitler leaned towards corporatism and genocide, Stalin towards rapid industrialization and genocide, and Mao just towards genocide.

It turns out, the factor that unites socialists as outwardly different as Stalin and Hitler is a desire for genocide. Socialists kill people. Socialism kills. That is a fact and it’s absolutely indisputable. The fact that the Nazis were socialists is point in proof to it.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook