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Send the National Guard to the Border, Not the Capitol

The D.C. Banana Republic and the Open Border: Send the National Guard to the Border, not the Capitol

Why is the National Guard still in D.C.? The mass trespass at the Capitol is long over. None of the obviously fabricated Q Anon “uprisings” ever materialized. Republicans aren’t violent, Democrats are.

They’re there because a) the cowardly politicians are scared and b)the Democrats want to maintain an appearance of power. Meanwhile, the border is starved for resources and thousands upon thousands of illegals are streaming through it every single day. We should send the National Guard to the border, not the Capitol.

Of course, that’ll never happen. The Democrats have their banana republic and want to maintain it, not with the consent of the governed and legitimacy of the elected, but with razor wire and force of arms. Meanwhile, they’re destroying the country, opening the border, closing schools, and trying to seize power for the long term with HR 1.

So, it’s time to go Galt. Have fun bugging out of every hell hole that these lunatics control!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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