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“The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath”

Introduction to “The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath”:

“The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath” is an interesting article about why the Mueller investigation and why it is so dangerous. Not physically dangerous of course, but instead dangerous to the very fabric our political system. Investigations are crucial.

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But witch hunts, carried out by Republicans or Democrats, are dangerous and can be ruinous because they destroy faith in our system. Even with the McCarthy accusations being correct, as written about in American Betrayal, just think about how bad they were for America and what they did to our political psyche. The author and I are of the same mind on this issue; the Mueller investigation has turned into a witch hunt. I think anyone with an interest in the preservation of a just American political system should read it.

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mueller is a crook

Summary of The Mueller Report and Its Aftermath:

The article about the Mueller report and its aftermath shows that the investigation is a danger not to President Trump, who did nothing wrong. Early reports showed that; there was no collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russians. However, the Mueller investigation is a danger to American representative democracy. If we continue to allow our rights to be extinguished, then soon this tyranny will become the norm. The word “tyranny” might sound a bit extreme to some. But I can’t really think of another suitable word. Perhaps “attempted coup.” The Mueller investigation is tyrannical because it shows how some corrupt actors in the government will do anything to keep outsiders from reform.

Mueller is not an aspiring tyrant. He is a good man, a good prosecutor, and has good intentions. I think he wants what is best for America. But, many who initially pushed for his investigation are tyrants. Those who created the infamous Steele dossier and fabricated evidence or tried to entrap then-candidate Trump had nefarious motives. John Brennan, James Comey, and others all acted illegally and corruptly to try to stop Trump. That is what we need to remember about the Mueller Report and its aftermath.

That needs to be pointed out. Luckily, we as a society have admitted that McCarthy was on a witch hunt, even though he was right about some of the people he accused (maybe even most of them). Republicans and Democrats alike have both noted that his behavior was unacceptable and his motives were selfish. We should have the same bipartisan consensus about the Mueller report and its aftermath. Spying on and trying to entrap a presidential candidate is not acceptable and that should be recognized by all Americans.

the mueller report and its aftermath

Implications of the Mueller witch hunt:

President Trump wasn’t the only innocent man whose life was made a living hell by Mueller and his investigation. Good, honest men like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone had their savings depleted and characters defamed despite doing nothing wrong. If that continues to happen, no honest people will be able to reform the system from either side of the isle. Fake investigations backed by unlimited resources will pull them down. Or, at least, that’s my takeaway from the Mueller Report and its aftermath. That and the fact that CNN is fake news.

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If that trend continues, America will not be able to recover. I think that investigations into the lives of presidents can be useful, and it is important to verify the integrity of our leaders. But, witch hunts based on evidence that is circumstantial at best is not making sure a president is behaving with integrity. Instead, that is a coup attempt.

We as Americans need to push back against that coup by calling it out for what it is. If we don’t, then our republic will soon be destroyed. We have had bipartisan consensus on situations like this before. The McCarthy witch hunt is a great example. Hopefully we will one day have the same consensus about this witch hunt.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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