Review of The Monroe Doctrine Volume I by James Rosone and Miranda Watson

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One of my favorite series I read recently was the series that James Rosone and Miranda Watson began with Battlefield Ukraine and ended with Battlefield China. In that brilliant series, Rosone and Watson describe how a war with China and Russia could start and how it might end. The action is terrific, the combat realistic, the plots interesting, and the tone pro-Trump and pro-America.

A new series of theirs is the “Monroe Doctrine” series of which the first novel is The Monroe Doctrine Volume I.

The basic gist of the series is this: China, working to overtake the world, has developed a super-AI using data gathered from hacking operations, agreements with social media companies, and its own domestic surveillance program. Using that AI, it has developed tactics to bring more and more developing nations into its orbit and boost its own economy while also putting the civilized world into a tailspin. While I must refrain from any specifics so as to not ruin the plot, Covid-19, Big Tech, and cyberwarfare are major plot points, as are special forces missions and espionage ops.

From there, the action slowly heats up to the point of open warfare between NATO and China, with the US and its allies fighting, as the title “The Monroe Doctrine” suggests, from our hemisphere.

While the action and plot are excellent, the real strength of The Monroe Doctrine Volume I comes from how Rosone and Watson predict China behaving. Their imagination of how China would use a super-AI to dominate the world, the human cost be damned, shows the evil nature of that communist nation and its true goal of world domination. Furthermore, their depiction of modern combat between peer-adversaries shows how a high-tech war might go and what weapon systems the US needs to focus on developing so as to defeat China and its volleys of cruise and ballistic missiles.

Finally, The Monroe Doctrine Volume I is important because it shows that China must be taken seriously. For far too long we’ve allowed them to steal our IP, act against our interests, and use the rules-based order we fight and pay to maintain against us. No longer. China delenda est before it destroys us.

In the book, China’s advantage comes from using Western companies against their states and the open inclinations of modern Western states against them. They use our social media data, data stolen from everything, especially traffic cameras and personnel records, and especially our educational systems to gain a step up. Their students study abroad before working to destroy the West, their companies work at the behest of the CCP to infiltrate the West, and they use their vast financial reach to arm nations against us. All of that is happening in real life. Chinese students are spies, Chinese companies work for the CCP, and their hackers are stealing voluminous amounts of data from us.

Were we a serious people, such actions would not be permitted. But we’re not, so Red China gets away with it, and the Democrats even accuse anyone of wanting to limit China’s influence as being “racist!”

Well, such policies are no longer defensible. US companies should neither be working with nor investing in China. The government should remain vigilant to Chinese expansion abroad and use every tool possible to limit it. Chinese hacking should be responded to immediately and forcefully.

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The Monroe Doctrine Volume I shows why. If we don’t stand up to the CCP before it’s too late, if we continue appeasing those communist tyrants and letting them sink their talons into the globe, we may one day have to fight a bloody war to eject them from our backyard. We must stand up for our culture and sovereignty before it’s too late.

Read The Monroe Doctrine Volume I. It’s fun to read, but about incredibly weighty topics and will open your eyes to the CCP threat.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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