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4 Reasons Why The Media is the Problem and a Virus Right Now

For Americans, The Media Is the Problem

In America, we have major problem that is wreaking havoc across our nation. It is dividing Americans, eroding our faith in the political processes that make our republic work, unfairly attacking an objectively successful president, and spreading misinformation about some of the most important problems of our time.

For those reasons, the media is the problem for America. Not Trump. Not the Chinese Flu. Not even the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi that are acting horribly and trying to launch a coup against our president. No, for Americans, the media is the problem.

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Reason #1: The Media is Dividing America

The most important piece of evidence I have to show that the media is the problem for America is that it is dividing Americans. Take a look at a few recent headlines to see why:

  1. The Swamp That Trump Built: A businessman-president transplanted favor-seeking in Washington to his family’s hotels and resorts — and earned millions as a gatekeeper to his own administration.
  2. Trump is responsible for our unfolding coronavirus disaster.
  3. Whitmer kidnapping plot reminds us again that Trump is an awful person
  4. I Was a Lifelong Republican. The GOP Is Now the Evil Party.
  5. The Republican Party Is Racist and Soulless.

There are many other examples, of course. Especially the ones I discussed a few days ago in my post about how Democrats are happy that Trump has (or had) Covid.

But even those 5 examples are enough evidence to prove my point that the media is the problem. Did you learn anything from reading those headlines? Do they sound like objective, newsworthy and unbiased stories?

No, of course not. They are all just the dribble of hyper-partisan writers that pretend to be objective to gain credibility but then use their platform and whatever lingering credibility they might have to divide Americans.

Just look at the headlines. All claim something ridiculous, whether the subject is Trump’s taxes or the supposed racism of the Republican Party (a racism problem that does not exist), the articles and headlines serve only to depress and silence conservatives while pandering to the left-wing base.

And here’s the thing- the reason why that divisive attititude matters is because the sources those articles and articles like them come from, the Washington Post, New York Times, etc., claim to be “objective publications.” They claim to just be providing the truth, whereas in reality they are spreading partisan lies. That is why the media is the problem.

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If all media organizations were like the WSJ and were objective in their reporting and moderated in their opinions, or acted like Breitbart and were openly partisan and made no claims of unbiased objectivity, then we wouldn’t have this problem. People could simply choose a paper or site that fits their opinions and read from it. That wouldn’t be ideal, as there is a need for objective journalism, but, it wouldn’t be as problematic because people would know what they are getting and not be as divided by media organizations.

I know, that might not make sense. It sounds weird. Wouldn’t Americans be even more divided by media organizations if we just chose partisan ones that fit our biases?

Well, on a surface level, yes. Although I think people already generally do that, so it wouldn’t cause as much extra division as you might expect. But, more importantly, the difference is that, in that case, politics would be dividing America, not media organizations.

Right now, our paradigm is that a few organizations like the NYT and Washington Post claim to be objective and faithfully reporting actual facts, whereas, in reality, they are doing no such thing and are instead spreading partisan lies. As a result, Americans are divided over the veracity of the reporting and can’t settle on what to believe and when. That’s why the media is the problem.

If we simply did what Britain does and had openly partisan papers, at least we would then know what we were getting and the media would no longer be the problem and we could focus on something more solvable than hack journalists- our partisan and overly antagonistic political atmosphere.

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Reason #2: The Media is the Problem Because It is Eroding Faith in Our Political Processes

Who among you, dear readers, is of the opinion that John Brennan should be indicted? I certainly think that. And who thinks Michael Flynn did anything wrong? Probably none of you, I know that he was set up by a corrupt gang of Deep State traitors.

But, if all you did was read articles from the lying Mainstream Media, then you’d probably answer the former with “no” and the latter with “Mike Flynn is a criminal that sold us out to the Russians!” That is because the media is lying about many things to cover for the Democratic Party. As a result, the media is eroding faith in our political processes, which is another reason why I think that the media is the problem.

Take Mike Flynn’s case, for example, when considering why the media is the problem. He was obviously set up by a cabal of Deep State gangsters who were behaving criminally. And, now that the Trump Administration tried to end his travails, a judge, Judge Sullivan, is still trying to convict him. Those are the facts of what has happened to Michael Flynn.

We Trump supporters know that because we read the truth and listen to great patriots like Ben Shapiro or Charlie Kirk that have covered that topic in some depth. But the mainstream media never does cover that issue. It has swept it under the rug, if it isn’t just openly attacking Flynn’s character. They are saying Flynn will continue to be persecuted, er, prosecuted, and the traitors like Brennan and Comey will be let off the hook.

And, generally, what the media says will happen related to the bureaucracy generally will happen. Because so many career bureaucrats and “civil servants” are committed leftists, the media can generally ensure that what it wants to happen will be done by the bureaucracy. That’s why Flynn is still being strung up on the rack. It’s why Comey, Strozk, Page, Brennan, and others have remained outside of prison. It’s why Clinton was never even seriously attacked or investigated for her email scandal.

Conservative Americans are starting to wake up to that fact and see why it means that the media is the problem. By busying itself with trying to influence the outcomes of investigations and trials, the media is destroying our political and judicial processes. The more it lies or covers for Democrats, the more conservatives know we are under attack from all corners and see that the odds are stacked against us.

When bureaucrats and Democrats misbehave, the media hushes it up, if it doesn’t instead attack people that try to call out Democrat misconduct. On the other hand, when conservatives do something wrong, or just something that the media goons dislike, they are subjected to massive barrages of hate that change voters’ minds and shift the outcomes of elections and judicial processes.

And, even worse, when a system is obviously not working the way it is supposed to, the media doesn’t point that out, but instead covers it up (as long as it helps Democrats). Think of what it says about mail-in voting, how it helps protect Democrats and attack conservatives, and how it hid the sexual misconduct of men like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein.

Conservatives have seen that and are disgusted with how the system is working. It’s working against us, not in an unbiased manner like it is supposed to. And the media is the cause. That’s why the media is the problem, and it relates to another reason why the media is the problem, which is that it lies constantly.

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Reason #3 Why The Media is the Real Virus: It Lies about Everything

Think about what the media tells you is true, and then think about what you actually know to be true. According to the mainstream media, the American economy is collapsing because of Trump, the riots are “mostly peaceful” protests, the Chinese Flu a) was not the fault of China and b) is incredibly dangerous, Democrat politicians like Cuomo handled Covid well, and everyone with moderately conservative beliefs is a racist.

the media is the problem, as shown by this fiery but mostly peaceful headline
Yeah, sure “mostly peaceful.” The media is lying to you

Of course, none of that is true, which is why the media is the problem. The Trump economy was doing well before the Democrat governors shut down their states and tanked the economy. BLM riots are not “mostly peaceful,” but are instead violent events that harm many innocent store owners and destroy communities. Coronavirus is potentially a Chinese bioweapon but is, thankfully, not particularly deadly. Cuomo did a terrible job; his policies killed thousands of seniors. And, neither Trump nor Republicans are racists. That is another lie.

The media is the problem because of the frequency with which it lies, and the reasons why it does so. It lies frequently and does so to hurt Republicans and help Democrats. Remember that, and let it inform you as to why the media is the problem that Americans must deal with before it’s too late.

Reason #4 Why the Media is the Problem: It is Unfairly Attacking President Trump

This final problem and reason why the media is the problem ties in with the previous three; it has elements of the media’s many lies, our declining faith in the government and our institutions, and the fact that the media is denying America. This final problem is that the media is unfairly attacking Trump.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I agree with the Founding Fathers on freedom of speech and think the media should be allowed to criticize anyone it wants.

But that criticism should be honest and good-intentioned. Not a web of lies meant to erode our faith in a duly elected president and misinform us about what he is doing.

Thanks to the media’s lies, most people don’t get that Trump’s policies have worked relatively well and that he’s doing what he promised. They instead think he’s a liar and bad person who has destroyed our economy and weakened America’s position on the world stage, all of which is a blatant lie.

Just think about the consequences of that when considering why the media is the problem. Because of those lies, conservatives appear to Democrats like they are in a personality cult centered around Trump and care only about him, not about the results of his policies. That divides America and leads to mutual incomprehension. Yet worse, it unfairly shifts electoral outcomes, making conservatives lose ever more faith in our political processes.

If it wants to be taken seriously and make amends for the problems it has caused, then the media needs to stop lying about President Trump. Criticizing him for his missteps is fine and makes America stronger and better. Lying about him constantly to divide our nation and ruin the electoral chances of Republicans is not okay. It is fundamentally dishonest and is ripping America apart.


The simple fact of the matter is that the media is the problem for America. Sure, we have other issues with which to contend. China, the Chinese Flu, the creeping advance of socialism, massive wildfires, the normalization of pedophilia, a lack of fiscal responsibility, and many, many other issues.

But even those issues show my point about why the media is the problem. Because of it, most people don’t know the true extent of our China problem or why it is an existential threat. They don’t know how (non) dangerous Covid really is and, as a result, back ridiculous and ill-fated lockdown policies. No one seems to get that wildfires are caused not by global warming, but by poor forest management policies. And so on and so forth. Media lies have ruined our nation and prevented most Americans from learning the truth.

A historical example is the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War. We won that campaign and inflicted a crushing defeat on the VC. But the anti-war media lied about what happened and Americans lost faith in the war. Had the media been truthful, we could have won the war after Tet. But, because the media is the problem and full of lying, sleazy hacks, we unnecessarily lost.

I have no real solution to that problem other than my suggestion to make our media openly partisan by Britain’s so that we at least know what we’re getting into when we start reading. But, to be completely honest, I think this problem will remain for as long as the culture war does. For as long as we’re at each other’s throats, the media will be a problem and openly anti-conservative.

By: Gen Z Conservative