The Media is Colluding with Democrats Now As Much as Ever

the media is colluding with Democrats
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How the Media is Colluding with Democrats

If there was one major takeaway I had from Andrew Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation it was that the media is colluding with Democrats. Additionally, that view is confirmed in the much more objective Politics is a Joke.

So, like the questions I referenced yesterday in my introduction to the guest article on why Trump is not a racist, the question “is it true that the media is colluding with Democrats?” is not debatable. The answer is an obvious yes, just as the “is Trump a racist?” question is an obvious “NO!”

Instead, the questions Republicans should ask themselves is “how is the media colluding with Democrats?” That question is a bit more tricky to answer.

On one hand, they use everything at their disposal to attack our wonderful former President. They call him a racist, attack his foreign policy, attack his tax and economic policies, and attack his character.

Plus, they skew every possible headline so as to be negative. Rather than being objective about what he’s saying or what he did, they use doctored edits of soundbites and obviously biased headlines to make it sound like Trump wasn’t hugely successful as President (he was).


But those are just the obvious ways in which the media has colluded with Democrats in its attempts to erode faith in and ultimately destroy the Trump Presidency. The other way is much more insidious.

The other way the media is colluding with Democrats is by cutting out news that would help Trump. And in that task, they are helped by CNN, a fake news site. The best example is how they’ve covered Joe Biden, who is a corrupt, senile, political apparatchik if I’ve ever seen one. He’s reminiscent of the Soviet leaders Kennedy and others railed against, not Kennedy himself. That’s just one of the many differences between Democrats then and now. Democrats like Kennedy loved America. Democrats now no longer do.

But, whatever his age, the Democrat-controlled media has refused to attack Joe Biden. He’s accused of sexual assault and they haven’t even mentioned it. He has made horribly racist remarks about African-Americans. He sold us out to Ukraine to help his son. And his brain seems to have gone soft.

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However, because the media is colluding with Democrats, none of that is brought up. Instead, Sleepy Joe is dragged along from month to month as the alternative to Trump as he makes ever more embarrassing gaffes. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy watching them. I very much enjoyed watching his town hall screw up. Just that it’s disgusting a man as incompetent as Biden could dare to go up against Trump.

biden gaffes

Our president doesn’t have to be young(er) to be a good one, Trump and Reagan proved that point excellently. However, they should be mentally in it enough to complete sentences, which Joe can’t do. The only reason he’s president is that the media is colluded with Democrats. Otherwise, he would have been gone long ago. Unfortunately, those fake journalists continue peddling their fake news to support Joe Biden. Their embarrassing sychopancy during the Biden press briefings is the most recent example. Or perhaps the fluff piece on Biden playing Mario Kart is.

The media is colluded with Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign to cover the fact that he is a horrible candidate and to try to prevent Americans from learning that a Joe Biden presidency would be absolutely horrible for America.

But the thing is, that was happening in 2016 too. The media is colluding with Democrats now, but it was also covering for Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election. Big Tech companies are hiding Biden’s gaffes now and they were hiding Hillary’s shortcomings then. There is nothing new under the sun.

So, all that is to say that while we should be concerned about what the media is doing to hide Biden’s (many) failings, we should not be overly upset or become despondent about it. People know the media is lying to them about Biden. Between the article on him going to sleep early and the Mario Kart piece, it’s as obvious now as it ever was.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook


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