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“The Magic is Gone”: Disney Employees Rip into Disney’s Disastrous Drift to Wokeness [WATCH]

Employees from Disney appeared on Fox News to utterly rip into their employer and blast the disaster that has resulted from its high-profile drift toward wokeness, a drift that has only escalated as the culture war has heated up and DeSantis has refused to back down.

Watch those employees speak out about the massive problems at their employe here:

As you can hear in the video, one employee, speaking about the massive problems the company has brought upon itself, says:

I am deeply saddened by what Disney has chosen to take their stand on, politically and just with their money, in general. […] You can clearly see, the magic is gone.”

[Disney] has made it very clear that conservative Christian voices have no place visiting their parks or working at their parks.

Indeed they have; that was the message sent by Disney’s woke, vociferous response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, a bill that’s meant to simply stop pervy teachers from talking to young schoolchildren about sex, something that seems quite reasonable.

But that wasn’t all. Jose Castillo, a Disney employee who’s running for Congress, said, “At this point, I believe the company has been hijacked by the liberal left.

[…] We need new leadership. Our CEO Bob Chapek, he’s supposed to be leading the company, not following the woke mob. […] He has a fiduciary duty. But instead, what does he do? He protects the feelings of a few minority workers.”

He added that Disney employees, many of them parents and grandparents, also support the bill because it protects children.

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And it’s not just Disney employees that are sounding off on what their company is doing. Former Disney patrons are also saying that the magic is gone, blaming the company’s greed and post-Covid problems for their disappointment in it.

And that’s before the political angle comes into play. Conservative customers are also furious with Disney, blasting it for it’s drift toward wokenss.

Former Trump staffer Stephen Miller is fighting wokeness in the courts and sent a scathing letter to Disney saying:

The decision of The Walt Disney Corporation to promote the introduction of age-inappropriate sexual material in kindergarten classrooms, including radical gender ideology, and to fight the democratically-elected government of Florida in order to achieve this end, jeopardizes the financial future of the company and its shareholders in service of an extreme political agenda. The Board of Directors has a fiduciary obligation to ensure it fulfills its duty of oversight, and should provide answers to its shareholders without delay.”

“Apparently, the Company’s executives have chosen to discriminate, create a hostile work environment, and drive away creative, loyal, and talented employees; alienate the Company’s core customers; and violate the law, all for the purpose of advancing a very narrow political and social agenda promoting, inter alia, sexualizing content provided to young children. Accordingly, management has placed the Company’s assets, including its brand, reputation, and good will, at risk.

Similarly, Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast ripped into Disney and woke corporations generally when speaking to Fox News Digital, saying:

Corporate America is under this cloak of arrogance where they think they get to play God with morality and sexuality and a host of other realities in this world, and somehow if you don’t agree with their interpretation, then you are guilty of some kind of hate speech.”

From customers to politicians, conserative legal fighters to bitter employees of a surprisingly far-left corporation, Americans are fed up with Disney.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

5 thoughts on ““The Magic is Gone”: Disney Employees Rip into Disney’s Disastrous Drift to Wokeness [WATCH]”

  1. We booked a Disney family vacation before all this became know. We can’t get a refund so we feel trapped into going. We can’t afford to just walk away. But we will be loud about our opposition any time we need.

  2. Disney has always discriminated against children and have always operated a pedophiles paradise.

  3. Walt would roll over in his grave ifhe knew his great grandson was responcible for turning Micky & Minnie into freaks !

  4. These woke lefties are a threat to the security and wellbeing of our nation and need to be held accountable. They are the terrorists. And that includes Joe Biden. The democrat party as a whole is out of control. Lie deceive and cheat. Nancy Pelosi is Evil to the core.

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