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And the Looting Stops…Thanks, Joe

BLM and Antifa thugs terrorized Americans living in cities for months. Businesses were burned and looted, entire blocks of cities were taken over by radicals, “peaceful protesters” and cops battled in the tear-gas saturated streets, and prominent Democrats like Kamala Harris supported them. They claimed it was about “racism,” but we knew what it was really about- making Trump look bad. And that was proven correct. Nary a change has been made to policing since Democrats started calling for the police to be defunded, yet the looting has stopped. I wonder why, it’s not like it was about Trump the whole time, was it? Of course it was. Like the Nazis created chaos to boost themselves, so did the liberal fascists. The looting will surely return when Republicans are back in power. It’s not about the cops, it never was.

By: Gen Z Conservative