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The Liberals Always Want More of Your Money

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My Thoughts on Why The Liberals Always Want More of Your Money

If you listen to the plans that the (horrible) Democratic candidates for 2020 are proposing, it’s obvious that tax raises are a huge component of their plan to reshape America. Because of that, I think it’s time to acknowledge something that conservatives need to start stating openly more frequently: the liberals always want more of your money.

That’s not to say that conservatives are always paragons of fiscal responsibility. Ever-rising deficits and a skyrocketing national debt are the result of successive Democrat and Republican Administrations. But, at least conservative Presidents recognize that it’s just to allow you to keep more of the money that you earned.

Liberals, on the other hand, don’t. They obsess over non-issues like wealth inequality and CEO salaries and are proposing massive, unconstitutional wealth taxes to “correct” those supposed problems.

Of course, those taxes aren’t really meant to fix any dysfunction in society. If they were, then they’d be more thought-out and less of an open assault on success. Thoughtful people know that higher taxes are bad for the economy and society. Instead, it’s just that the liberals always want more of your money. They hate the idea of tax cuts, especially Trump’s hugely successful tax cuts that lowered the corporate tax rate and allowed business to boom in America.

Why do they hate those tax cuts? Because fewer taxes, and therefore fewer dollars to spend, mean less government control over life in America. Without huge tax revenues, they can’t spend gargantuan sums on welfare policies, fund ridiculous social-justice programs around the nation, or engage in gun-grabbing schemes meant to solidify government control over the citizenry. Nor can they fund any of their other plans. They need money to carry out their agenda of control and limiting individual freedom.

That fact, the fact that the liberals always want more of your money, should enrage you. Some soft-headed dolt like AOC thinks that she knows how to spend your money better than you do and therefore deserves to take it all in taxes. Again, it’s all about control.

Really? The New York bartender knows how to optimize the American economy? No, of course not. Real Americans understand the concept of capitalism and the invisible hand. Even if the solutions capitalism provides aren’t perfect, at least they result in freedom and allow for economic growth.

Liberals, on the other hand, just want to seize wealth and spread it around to the poor. They don’t know or don’t care about the problems with welfare and the principle that the government has no business engaging in it.

Rather, they think they’re smarter than you and should decide how to apportion your money to their pet projects. It’s shameful, greedy, and unamerican.

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The liberals always want more of your money. Now, all the candidates are even openly acknowledging it; they all want to raise taxes. That’s the key difference between Republicans and Democrats and it’s crucial that all Americans understand it. Both parties are relatively hawkish on foreign policy, don’t particularly understand the nuances of trade, and spend far too much money already. But, the Republicans think you should be able to keep most of what you make. The Democrats don’t.

By: Gen Z Conservative