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The Left’s Anti-Freedom Agenda: A War on Liberty Itself

The Greatest Threat to the Republic: The Left’s Anti-Freedom Agenda

Democrats often complain that the right is somehow attacking freedom and liberty in America. Most recently, they have slandered Trump by calling him a fascist and a slew of other derogatory names, none of which have the slightest basis in reality, just as they did with Bush and every other recent Republican of note.

Why is that? Because the left is following the advice of Goebbels and Alinsky; it is accusing its enemies of that which it is itself doing. In other, simpler words, the left’s anti-freedom agenda is anathema to the American public, so the left hides its authoritarian nature by accusing the right of being anti-liberty or anti-freedom.

The right must fight against that and expose the truth, which is that the left’s anti-freedom agenda is real, whereas the right’s is not. Conservatives defend liberty. We’re the side that believes in economic freedom, individual liberty, and natural rights. The left does not. We can no longer meekly bow to the lies of the anti-freedom leftists, allowing them to slander us as they enslave America with their whip of regimentation and totalitarianism. In this article, I will expose the left’s anti-freedom agenda for what it is- a violent attempt to establish authoritarianism.

The History of the Left: A Litany of Violence and Coercion, the Only Purpose of which Was to Implement Its Agenda

A brief history of the global left confirms the fact that it’s anti-freedom agenda is real. As Roger Scruton describes in Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands, the left has a long history of trying to force its beliefs on others and bend society to its view of the world. That desire to rely on compulsion, rather than convincing, is an integral part of how the left works. It doesn’t want you to be free because it doesn’t care about you or outcomes. It cares only about power and having the opportunity to foist its beliefs upon you.

That is why the left denies that Stalin and Mao together killed hundreds of millions of their own citizens. It is why they defend the actions of murderous tyrants like Che Guevara. It’s why AOC called for a list of Trump supporters to be made and why the Antifa and BLM thugs openly express their dark desire to beat you into submission.

The left, at its core, is a violent ideology because it couldn’t care less about you or about freedom. The left’s anti-freedom agenda is all that it cares about; its only want, its only goal, is to implement the same policies that have led only to suffering and misery everywhere where they have been tried.

Stalin killed millions. Mao killed millions. Pol Pot and the Kmer Rouge killed a huge proportion of their wretched subjects. Socialism is a regressive ideology that throws civilization into reverse, not only halting all forward progress, but dragging whatever remnants of society that remain functional and modern back into the Dark Ages.

Read Socialism Sucks. Read The Case Against Socialism by Rand Paul. Read The Gulag Archipelago. If you do, you’ll see one salient fact: leftism is a violent ideology, a way of thinking and viewing the world that leads to death and destruction.

Nihilistic Authoritarianism: Facets of the Left’s Anti-Freedom Agenda

“That all may be well and true,” you might be thinking, “but what exactly is the left’s anti-freedom agenda?”

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The nihilism aspect comes from the fact that the left cares about nothing. It doesn’t want to build a better society, or to improve the lives of those under their thumb. They only seek power, the ability to enforce what rules they want.

It is a nihilism-forged ax that the left wants to use to chop down the entire structure of Western Civilization, a structure they hate. They hate it because it doesn’t conform to their view of the world.

They hate the unspoken rules of common decency, the protestant ethic of hard work, the focus on rationality, ties to a past they find, for various reasons, despicable, and the idea of personal responsibility. They hate the traditional West because it is a place where, since the Enlightenment, the individual is sacred, not the collective. The left prefers the hive-like mentality of the Orient, where the life of one is meaningless, the general conception of the greater good far more important than any individual rights or personal necessities.

Because they want to bring that dark and twisted form of life to the West, they have developed a string of policies that are meant to bring it about. What are those policies, what is the left’s anti-freedom agenda?

It’s all the same trash you constantly hear leftists incoherently screaming about.

They use gender and sexual ideology, especially transgenderism and homosexuality, to strike back at the hierarchy and tradition. And they press it upon society, indoctrinating children and punishing any adult or juvenile offender who dares to question the left’s new and entirely fabricated conception of gender or sex norms by canceling them. The key to understanding the left’s anti-freedom agenda is to understand that they don’t care about transgender or LGBT individuals. They just want to foist something upon you that erases a hierarchy they hate forces you into their conception of what society should be like.

Their tax and regulatory policies are similar in intent. They hate the idea that money in your pocket means that you both get to do what you want with your hard-earned cash and must also be held responsible for your own financial decisions. They’d rather the state take everything and control every business so that it can then determine what the best redistribution of resources is.

They want to erase freedom and replace it with authoritarian wealth redistribution, hence their economically incoherent calls to erase student debt and treat healthcare as a right rather than a service. They want your financial well-being to be in their hands, not your own, so that they control you. There’s no such thing as a benevolent state. They want to take what you have through taxes and regulation so that they control you, not so they can make your life better. That’s how the left’s anti-freedom agenda relates to taxation; they want to seize your wealth to erase your individual freedom. Brutality is their end goal, not charity.

Their environmental policies are more of the same. For the true leftists, rather than the useful idiots, it’s not about “fixing” climate change issues, whatever that means (the contention humans can, at the micro-level, hurt or harm a billions-year old Earth is absurd). Rather, it’s about control.

Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline to put people out of work and back on the government dole. They erase good jobs in coal or traditional energy with the goal of replacing them with government-paid “green energy infrastructure” jobs so that more of the workforce is controlled by the leftist-occupied government. As with every other part of the left’s anti-freedom agenda, the goal is an erasure of freedom and establishment of government control, not making anything better.

Think of any other leftist policy you can. Gun control. Cultural Marxism in our schools. Tearing down statues and canceling cultural heroes like Robert E. Lee or George Washington. Attacking freedom of speech. The devastating lockdowns. Establishing a ludicrously high minimum wage. Social media censorship. Big Tech oligarchs crushing the competition. Using the Capitol Riot as a Reichstag Fire. Etc.

All of those policies and actions are part of the left’s war on liberty. It wants to use current events to erase your freedom. Remember that.

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The Threat Posed by The Left’s Anti-Freedom Agenda is a Severe One

The greatest threat that we in the West face is the left’s anti-liberty agenda. That agenda will, and to some extent already is, erode the very foundations of our civilization.

For hundreds of years, life in the West has been different than life in any other civilization in history. Whereas all other eras have treated men as tools of the state, we treat individuals as sovereigns. In the West, you are, or at least were, free to do what you want. Remember that phrase that has disappeared over the past few years: “do what you want, you’re an American.”

The left’s nihilistic, anti-liberty agenda is all about doing away with that. They want to turn us into the East, to turn America into yet another place where collectivism defines society rather than liberty. That is the end goal of the culture war. We must fight back against it. Don’t bend the knee.

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