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The Left is Racist in Modern America


I think that to most Americans right now, it should be becoming readily apparent (if it was not already) that the left is racist. From their policy prescriptions for America’s ills, such as their applause and cheerleading for more abortions, to their way of discussing race and the various racial groups in America, I think that the left has blatantly pursued racist rhetoric and ideas.

Of course, they will never admit that. They claim that America is a racist country and that President Trump is an especially virulent racist. Both of those claims are untrue, as I have discussed in past articles, but still the left pushes them.

To the radical leftists, racism is not a matter of discriminating based on racial characteristics or ethnic origin. It is instead a system of maintaining power. Hence why they can claim with a straight face that it is not, in fact, racist to tell a white person that his or her opinions are worthless because they come from a position of whiteness, but the opinions of an African-American or Latino citizen are meaningful precisely because they come from a person of non-white heritage.

To us conservatives, however, that is absurd and clearly shows that the left is racist, not the right. We believe in individual merit and judging people based on their character rather than their race. The left does not believe in that.

However, for some reason, pointing that mere fact out can now be grounds for the left to scream at you and call you a racist, which is why I am very happy that another conservative writer is writing about this issue. In a recent piece for The Heritage Foundation entitled “How Leftists’ Critical Race Theory Poisons Our Discussion of Racism,” author Eleanor Krause discusses the history of critical race theory and how it shows that the left is racist. After you finish reading this article on why the left is racist, I highly recommend that you check out Krause’s article!

Summary of Why the Left is Racist

First, Krause frames her argument about liberal racism and critical race theory by showing how it applies to the recent, viral social media campaigns that were meant to attack “systemic racism” in America (which does not exist), and why critical race theory is not only unproductive, but also is Marxist in origin and reduces people to their skin color, an inherently racist concept.

Next, to further frame her argument that the left is racist and has submitted to a Marxist ideology, Krause discusses the history of critical race theory and how its wholesale adoption on college and university campuses has meant sustained attacks on traditional, Western modes of thinking. The critical race theorists applied their skin color-based ideas to everything and used them in a merciless attempt to tear down the system and destroy everything that the West had built.

Finally, Krause gets to what I think is the main and most important part of the article which is that the left is racist because its ideology, critical race theory, is a way of thinking that categorizes people and separates them into their racial groups rather than simply viewing every person as he or she should be viewed, which is as an individual:

“Critical race theory does not seek equality or justice. Instead, it categorizes people. One’s gender, race, or sexual orientation posits you as the oppressed or an oppressor—a status from which you are freed only when all existing societal structures, which are inherently racist, are overthrown.”

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From: How Leftists’ Critical Race Theory Poisons Our Discussion of Racism


My Take on Why the Left is Racist

In my view, the fact that the left is racist is one that all conservative Americans need to start hammering home right now. That is because racism is currently a cudgel with which leftists attack and beat us. They claim that past leaders and American heroes, from Washington to Robert E Lee, were evil racists that we need to immediately disavow. Whenever an issue comes up or a policy debate happens, the left immediately resorts to calling Republicans racist. And whenever they want to ruin the career of a prominent conservative, they make sure to use accusations of racism (or misogyny) as their key pieces of evidence with which to ruin that person’s life.

the left is racist
The hypocrisy of the left on racial issues knows no bounds

There is no indication that that paradigm will change if Republicans just keep doing what they are doing. We have tried that for decades now, ever since critical race theory reared its ugly head. When they attack us for being “racist,” we have backed down and allowed them to place the blame for America’s ills on our supposed racism instead of stating the obvious truth, which is that the left is racist. If any Republican says something that could even be construed as racist, we immediately disavow them; meanwhile, if a Democrat says something reprehensible, usually about the Jews, they never disavow that person and Republicans rarely even bring it up.

In other words, we have tried to take the high road and be the better people and that has not worked. While the left has acted like McCarthy and accused us of every manner of evil, we have merely sat meekly by and let them rule and ruin the country. We know that the left is racist, yet, for some reason, we refuse to bring that up or use it to our advantage.

So, I say “no longer!” It is about time we started using their own tactics against them; we have no reason to try to take the high road any longer. We should focus on winning.

And the thing is, I do not even think that it would be immoral or factually incorrect to do so. That is because any accusations we would make would be correct. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery. They were the party of the KKK and Jim Crow. It is they that constantly bring up race and categorize people into separate and divided racial groups rather than viewing people as individuals. The left is racist. The right, other than a few horrible people, is not. That is a fact.

Unfortunately, the fact that the left is racist is a fact that is not widely known. It is not widely known because we have, for far too long, accepted blame for things we did not do and because of that guilt refused to speak out. That is a pernicious mental block that has seriously hurt Republican electability. Because we refuse to speak the truth, which is that the left is racist and we are not, the American voter thinks that Republicans are, at the very least, somewhat racist and Democrats are the party of “racial justice.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. President Trump is helping black Americans by expanding their access to economic opportunity. Red states provide far more opportunities for economic success to minorities than blue states like California, which use their war on poverty programs to keep African-Americans in the modern-day plantations of the ghetto that Kanye West warned about and sang about. The left is racist; it restricts minority access to opportunity. The Democratic Party always has and always will thought that way.

And, of course, there is creepy Joe Biden, whose continued gaffes really hammer home the point that the left is racist. In the past few months, he has declared that he thinks “poor kids are just as smart as white kids,” “all blacks think the same way,” and he accused a black TV host of being a cocaine addict. There are many other examples of how Biden’s many gaffes show that the left is racist, but I think that those are the most egregious.


Finally, to tie all this together, I think it is important to note that the inherently authoritarian and collectivist nature of leftism is what makes it so obvious that the left is racist. As Krause said, critical race theory is an ideology that views people as collective groups rather than individuals. And, as Ayn Rand said, racism is the most evil and primitive form of collectivism.

Thomas Sowell was right to point out that anyone who believes in capitalism cannot really be a racist, or, at least, cannot act on their racist beliefs, because they, a capitalist, want to maximize profits. Liberals have no such compunction. They hate capitalism, view people as collective groups of races, and have deeply-held biases about those groups. The left is racist, not the right.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook