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The Left is Fanning the Flames of Antifa’s Riots

How the Left is Fanning the Flames of Antifa Rioters

Every single day the same Democrat talking heads repeat the same tired old tropes about Trump and Republicans. “Trump is a racist,” they say. Or “Republicans hate all black people,” ignoramuses in the media report. Or “conservatives hate poor people,” socialists on the far-left news stations yell into their microphones. Of course, all of that is completely fictitious and is just evidence that the Left is fanning the flames of Antifa’s riots.

There are a few obvious, but not oft noted, ways in which the left is fanning the flames of Antifa’s riots, which are supposedly over the death of George Floyd, Of course, we conservatives know that’s not really what the riots are about. Looting. But still, for the purposes of this, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment and pretend the Democratic elite actually cares about George Floyd’s death by cop. What are the two ways by which the left is fanning the flames of George Floyd’s death to create Antifa-led riots?

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The first way in which the left if fanning the flames of the Antifa riots that we’re currently seeing is by deploying massive media resources to affect a media disinformation campaign. Few people, for example, know that George Floyd was a serial criminal who was arrested for cocaine charges and for threatening to shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach and kill her baby if she didn’t give him cash. No one knows that because the media won’t report on it. It doesn’t fit their narrative about all cops being bad and all criminals really being the good guys.

the left is fanning the flames by pretending that George Floyd's arrest record doesn't exist
Floyd’s arrest record, which is somehow irrelevant to the radical left

Instead, we hear that George Floyd was a good man and didn’t deserve to die. If you know the truth, then you know that that statement is obviously false and is just an example of how the left is fanning the flames of Antifa’s riots. Perhaps the police should not have killed him (if he even died because of the cops and not because of overdosing on fentanyl), but George Floyd was a horrible, despicable human being.

Democrats are Marxists that could not care less about that fact. On the contrary, they want Antifa’s fascist, violent thugs to cause chaos for the reasons outlined in Liberal Fascism. Not because said chaos has any real end goal or cause, but because it throws the United States into confusion and could potentially make President Donald Trump look bad. As Littlefinger says in Game of Thrones, “chaos is a ladder.”

Never mind that he is obviously against police brutality and has done more for all Americans through advancing capitalist policies than any president in recent memory. The leftist, fake news media wants to portray him as a racist both because it hurts him politically and because it fits their narrative and biases. Those biases are well described in both Politics is a Joke and Righteous Indignation.

The other way in which the left is fanning the flames of Antifa and its mass criminality is by offering the moral support needed for Antifa to keep functioning.

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By continually praising the Antifa thugs and their radical, violent actions, the leftists in the Democratic Party and lying Mainstream Media are able to lend Antifa the credibility it needs to be seen as a reasonable and legitimate organization rather than just a gang of underweight, anti-American domestic terrorists. Of course, that is what Antifa is, but it is also useful to the left because of the chaos it creates. So, as long as Antifa is useful, we conservatives will be correct to say that the left is fanning the flames of Antifa’s violent riots.

Every reasonable American knows that Antifa is a group of violent criminals and thugs. It acts like it and looks like it.

The left, however, pretends that is not the case. It continues to support Antifa and pretend as if the leftist radicals that compose that group are really all-American patriots that really support what America stands for and simply want to do away with racism.

In truth, othing could be further from the truth. Not that you’d know that fact, which should be widely understood. The left is fanning the flames of these ridiculous riots, and using its media resources to make the riots look justified, as I previously described, so it is hard for the average American that does not watch all that much news to tell just how evil Antifa and the BLM are. But still, those organizations are absolutely terrible. There’s no other way to say it, other than saying that they’re anti-American and full of obvious criminals.

The left is fanning the flames of these riots. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that the riots over George Floyd’s death are 100% unjustified.

On the contrary, the fact that the left is fanning the flames of the American unraveling should both anger you, because their doing so is destroying the American republic, and help focus your attention.

We conservatives need to stop worrying so much about minor issues, such as lowering the corporate tax rate by an extra percentage point or two. Instead, we need to focus on winning the culture war that has broken out into every aspect of life. The left is fanning the flames of that culture war and doing everything it can to cause chaos and win ground. Meanwhile, most Republicans are not even fighting back. We need to change our mindsets and start rising to the occasion to battle those with whom we disagree. We can win the culture war, but only if we first start to fight it with all of our might.

By: Gen Z Conservative