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The Left Hates Western Civilization with a Burning Passion

The Michael Knowles Quote on the Left’s Hatred of the West

“Little unites the disparate factions of the leftist movement other than their common foe: Western Civilization.” -Michael Knowles on Why the Left Hates Western Civilization

Why the Left Hates Western Civilization

To me, it’s immediately obvious that this quote by Michael Knowles about how the left hates western civilization is completely accurate. Is there any other group that stands against so many of the West’s accomplishments?

When you read books like Who Are We?, Why Liberalism Failed, Civilization: The West and the Rest, Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order, and America: Imagine a World Without Her, it is easy to see that the West has had a profoundly positive effect on the rest of the world. We’ve been the ones contributing the overwhelming majority of scientific, political, and economic advances for the past millennium, yet no one ever thanks us, least of all the left in the west. Why is that?

It’s because the left hates western civilization. Lefties hate the fact that the west has traditionally stood for hard work, living a religious and morally upright life, and being responsible for your own actions. All of those facets of western civilization run directly counter to the left’s own ideology, so they hate it. It’s just that simple; they don’t like opposing viewpoints or having to debate. It makes them feel insecure. So, as William F. Buckley so poignantly stated, they have a natural tendency towards compulsion. That’s how they plan to win the culture war.

We conservatives can’t let them win. Through things like the 1619 project, the left is openly trying to eradicate any vestiges of pro-western history. They hate the fact that seminal events such as the American Revolution are celebrated because in those times some members of society were oppressed. So, they’re trying to make our history all about race and the things the west did wrong. The left hates western civilization and they use that hate to influence our kids in school.

That’s not only a mistake, but is dangerous for the entire world. Western ideas like democracy, individual rights, respect for private property, and capitalism are what have made the world we live in such a prosperous one. Without those ideas, we’d all still be stuck in the Dark Ages.

So, we need to hold on to the positive memories we have of their creation. Men like George Washington, John Marshall, and Thomas Jefferson were great men despite the fact that they owned slaves. The breath of life they gave this republic is ultimately what made the world a better place to live in and we owe them a debt of gratitude for that. We should honor their memory, not tarnish it.

That means that we have to stand up to the radical left. We cannot let it tear down all of our heroes and, in the process, erase history to fit some Social Justice Warrior narrative about the Founding Fathers and other greats of Western history.

Western civilization isn’t the only good thing that the left hates. They hate the rich, despite the fact that America’s wealthiest people are the ones whose innovations made modern life so great. They hate our troops and police despite the fact that those brave men and women keep us safe. And, they hate America, despite the fact that America has delivered so many wonderful things for them.

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We need to call them out on that hypocrisy; the fact that the left hates Western civilization is destroying America from within because it is so profoundly misguided.

And, of course, we need to defend Western Civilization itself. Its ideals, namely individual rights and capitalism, have made the world a far better place than it otherwise would be. Would communist China have fought wars to free Europe from fascism? Would it have restrained its own power to protect individual rights? Has the communist Chinese government, the polar opposite of the West, shown itself to have any qualities that create a better world?

No, no, and no. The systems that Western Civilization has created are far better than any other alternatives. They are just. Any alternatives are evil. But still, the left hates Western civilization. We conservatives need to start defending it more strongly.

July 2020 Addendum: Now that the Marxist members of BLM have been embraced by the Democratic Party, we have further evidence that the left hates Western Civilization. That is because BLM stands against every single thing that Western Civilization stands for.

BLM is against the nuclear family, which is a key component of the West’s social structure. It is against all of our past heroes, from General Lee to Christopher Columbus to George Washington. While we Americans have traditionally honored those men because we recognize their immense contributions to our society, BLM wants to tear down all statues of them and hide their legacy from future Americans. That is evil. It also shows that the left hates Western Civilization.

Finally, the left’s embrace of China and rejection of President Trump during the Chinese Flu pandemic shows that the left hates Western Civilization. If they loved the West, they would be infuriated that horrifically out of date cultural practices in China (wet markets) created a pandemic that has killed thousands and set our economy back tremendously. But, they do not care about that. They support the WHO and China, two organizations that lied and killed Americans, while simultaneously castigating President Trump for any perceived misstep. That is not only unpatriotic, but also shows that the left supports China and its system more than it supports the American system.

In other words, the left’s embrace of China shows that the left hates Western civilization.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook