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The Latest Antifa Attack: Now It’s Attacking Journalists

Antifa’s Crimes and the Latest Antifa Attack:

The latest Antifa attack shows that Antifa is an organization of thuggish hooligans that acts recklessly and without discrimination. Antifa bike locks smash into the heads of conservative counter-protestors. Canisters of bear pepper spray wielded by Antifa thugs are used to spray and harass all those who oppose Antifa’s anarchistic, socialist message. And the latest crime of Antifa is that Antifa thugs attacked and severely hurt Quillete editor Andy Ngo while protesting in Portland, Oregon. As if Portland was the heart of the imaginary fascist government that they hope to “resist.”

Does Antifa Fight Fascism?

Fighting back against fascists is an admirable goal. But, as the latest Antifa attack shows, Antifa isn’t fighting fascists, it is fighting traditional liberals. Traditional liberals believe in free speech, non-violent protest, free-market economics, and the open sharing of ideas. Fascists believe in stamping out free speech and ideas other than theirs, the use of violence to enact political change in their favor, and socialist economics (generally). Which one of those groups sounds like Antifa? To me, Antifa sounds like the group of fascists that they are supposedly fighting. The latest Antifa violence against Mr. Ngo shows just how fascistic and terroristic of an organization it is. Perhaps that’s why the Democrats support it and its riots.

Antifa is a fascist organization

Furthermore, as the latest Antifa attack shows, Antifa doesn’t even pretend to be discriminatory in its violence, which is ironic for a group that attacks the US government for instances of collateral damage in the Global War on Terror. Instead, Antifa thugs harass, attack, and brutalize anyone who gets in their way.

Peaceful or violent, activist or bystander, journalist or onlooker, Antifa attacks everyone. Mr. Ngo is the victim of the latest crime of Antifa. He is the gay son of a Vietnamese immigrant, which isn’t really what comes to mind when one thinks of the “fascists” that Antifa says it is fighting against.

Antifa’s Indiscriminate Violence as Shown by the Latest Antifa Violence:

The background of a victim shouldn’t matter. It should be, and is, a tragedy when any innocent person is killed or injured. But, in this instance, with the latest Antifa attack in mind, I think it is instructive to take a look at Mr. Ngo’s background. Is there a better exemplification of the type of person that Antifa says they are fighting for?

A gay, 1st generation American journalist is probably as close to the imaginary Antifa ideal as a real person can get. Except that Mr. Ngo did not toe the far-left party line. Instead, Antifa victim Andy Ngo stood up to Antifa online and fought back against the evil Antifa thugs because he recognized Antifa for what it is; a cowardly group of thugs.

So, Antifa did what fascists do when someone dissents. They harassed him online, called for violence, and then brutalized Mr. Ngo. Just like the Blackshirts or Brownshirts of fascism’s golden days, but not as scary. For example, Stanya from Rose City Antifa is not that scary of a person. In fact, just looking at him is hilarious, as I point out in “Antifa isn’t so Terrifying.” But still, Antifa has the capability to inflict harm on its detractors, as shown by the shameful assault on Mr. Ngo during the latest Antifa attack.

Antifa Isn't So Terrifying
Antifa isn’t so scary, obviously.

For far too long America has allowed terrorist elements to grow in our society. As I pointed out in a post about Rep. Omar, her district is full of ISIS sympathizers (read that post here: Rep. Omar’s District of Terrorists). Similarly, many areas along the West Coast, such as Portland and Berkeley, are full of Antifa domestic terrorists. Yes, that’s right; Antifa is a domestic terrorism organization and the latest Antifa attack shows that fact.

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What else could you call a group that uses fear and violence to enforce its political goals? Antifa is a fascist-leaning, domestic terrorist organization, as shown by the latest crime of Antifa. We Americans need to start standing up to these thugs. Antifa supporters attack peaceful conservatives on college campuses around the country with bike locks, fists, and pepper spray and conservatives do nothing. Or when they do fight back the media shames them and calls them “alt-right terrorists.” Violence is never the answer for domestic political disagreements, but conservatives need to learn rhetorical and physical self-defense so that they are no longer the victims of Antifa violence.

I firmly believe that free speech is important, as many on the right and left do (although not many college campuses do, as I talk about in “Free Speech on College Campuses”). But, when groups like Antifa are using social media communications to plot a revolution and plan violent attacks on conservatives, like they did before the latest Antifa attack, we need to shut them down.

How would we respond if al-Qaeda or ISIS were doing the same exact things Antifa is doing? Naturally, we would not let them continue without restraint. Instead, we’d hunt them down and destroy them. But, because Antifa cloaks itself in the protective shroud of the left-wing, we have so far given it a free pass. That needs to stop now that we’ve seen the latest Antifa attack and the horrible, fascistic actions that took place in it. We must stop the Antifa thugs so that Americans can once again be free from Antifa’s brand of domestic terrorism; Antifa’s latest attack shows why.

August 2020 Addendum: The latest Antifa attack and the latest Antifa violence as of now is not, unfortunately, Antifa’s attack on Mr. Ngo. Instead, Antifa has engaged in a months’ long reign of terror across American cities. They have burned businesses, attacked police officers, and looted every store in sight. So, while the latest Antifa violence when I originally wrote this article was an odious attack on a journalist, the latest Antifa violence as of now is far worse. Now, they are acting like true revolutionaries and are trying to destroy America. And leftists are egging them on.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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