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January 2020: The Impeachment Charade is Finally Over

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Thankfully, The Impeachment Charade is Finally Over

Thank goodness. As of yesterday, February 5th, 2020. the impeachment charade is finally over and America can move on from this nonsense and get back to the business of making America great again and building up our economy. Trump was elected to do those things, not because he was collaborating with Russia; now that the impeachment charade is finally over, President Trump can get back to the business of doing what he was elected to do.

Trump has had an incredible run as President so far. Tax cuts have worked wonders for the economy, which is booming. Real Americans are proud of America once again and finally have a president that’s willing to stand up to our enemies. And, of course, his deregulation and judicial appointments will be long-lasting monuments to his presidency.

But, the Dems, of course, hate all of those wonderful accomplishments. Whether that hatred is rooted in an envy for the love he receives from his base or an innate hatred of anything pro-American and pro-capitalist, it’s hard to tell. In any case, they utterly despise him and are infuriated that the impeachment charade is finally over. The radical, corrupt Deep State would rather see an innocent man condemned and impeached than for justice would be served. That is because Trump is the first man in a long time to stand up for them and defend the interests of real, hard-working Americans rather than the sleazy, leftist elite.

Their first attempt to remove President Trump was, shall we say, “extra-judicial.” The agents of the Obama Administration used corrupt and partisan actors in the corrupt DOJ and unscrupulous FBI to push through the now-infamous Steele dossier and then used it as supposed proof of Trump’s wrongdoing. Then, they had James Comey and the Justice Department attack Trump while Mueller and his merry band of partisan lawyers investigated Trump for years on end. The entire scene was a horrendous display of the Democrats being sore losers and is why the true scandal of the 2016 election was Democrat corruption and misconduct.

Unfortunately for America, the media is on the side of the Democrats and tried to sweep all of that illegal conduct under the rug. Andrew Breitbart was right in Righteous Indignation; the media really will do anything to support a far-left agenda. So, Americans were left in the dark about what really happened while the Democrats leveled baseless accusation after baseless accusation at Trump.

Their end goal was impeachment, and they finally reached it when the impeachment proceedings began in December. Then, with reckless abandon, the Democrats rushed through the articles of impeachment, using secret, anonymous sources and keeping House Republicans in the dark.

Soon enough we saw just how unfounded their claims were and the Senate finally rectified the situation by exonerating President Trump yesterday. By that point, America had grown tired of the whole show of bravado and fear-mongering, so it ended with a whimper rather than a band.

The whole time the Democrats claimed they had dirt on Trump that would lead to his removal from office. That claim was absurd and never substantiated. Why? Because everyone, Democrat or Republican, knew that Trump was completely innocent. The only thing he was “guilty of,” so to speak, was taking on the Democrat establishment and Deep State. The establishment’s resulting Trump Derangement Syndrome led to the impeachment charade and was used as a cover for their attempts to use impeachment to hide just how awful the Democratic candidates are.

Every American should be happy that the impeachment charade is finally over. For years, the Democrats attacked Trump and his character without so much as an afterthought as to if people would realize their claims were made out of thin air. Luckily, the Senate realized that and ended Trump’s impeachment. Now that the impeachment charade is finally over, Trump can go back to winning so much that we get tired of winning!

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July 2020 Addendum: As might have been predicted, just because the impeachment charade is finally over, that does not meant that the radical members of the left are no longer doing any and everything in their power to attack and try to depose President Trump. First, in March 2020, they used concern over the Chinese Flu to shut down the country and attack President Trump in that manner. While painful for average Americans, who have been put out of work, the Chinese Flu shutdowns did little to weaken President Trump.

So, the leftists tacked to a different strategy and launched a series of riots over the death of George Floyd to weaken President Trump. Riots, backed by violent, Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM, have burned down our major cities and significantly weakened America. Democrats, who have either ignored or cheered on the damage, are basically giddy with glee over these dangerous, un-American riots because they have done what the professional Democrats never could have; weaken President Trump. The impeachment charade is finally over, yes, but the attacks on President Trump are just beginning. Republicans need to wake up to that fact and start doing whatever it takes to support President Trump.

Additionally, from Hunter Biden’s emails, we can see that Joe Biden was doing more or less exactly what the Democrats were accusing Trump of. Thank goodness that the impeachment charade is finally over!

By: Gen Z Conservative