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The Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders

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My Take on the Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders

The hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders is a sad fact that should be readily apparent to all Americans.

To me, the above image is absolutely disgusting. It wouldn’t really matter if Bernie were in first class if it weren’t for his ideology. He’s made money off of his book, so if he wants to be a spendthrift and blow through that small fortune on first class tickets, so be it. Similarly, if Don. Jr. wants to spend time in coach, good for him. It’s not really a huge deal and wouldn’t be so if Bernie were a different politician.

But, Bernie isn’t a normal Democratic politician. No, he’s a communist that despises the rich and, supposedly everything they represent.

Most people would assume that reprehension would filter down to first class tickets. Only the rich can afford those, not the poor that Bernie lionizes, so shouldn’t he side with the proletariat and buy a seat in coach? Or, more realistically, shouldn’t he be a good man of the people and take a Greyhound bus from campaign event to campaign event? Then, at least he wouldn’t be a hypocrite.

Of course, that’s not what he’s going to do. Like any communist politician, he sees himself as more important that the average citizen, so he has special privileges that the rest of us shouldn’t even dream of. In the words of the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It’s unsurprising he has that Politburo mentality described by Rand Paul in The Case Against Socialism, but still disappointing.

That theme of hypocrisy is a common one across Democrat politicians. Their tyranny and hypocrisy know no bounds.

They have heavily armed guards but want to confiscate your guns. They own gated mansions but want to abolish private property and force us to live in rent-controlled apartments. They fly first class around the country but want to use the Green New Deal to ban air travel.

And that’s why the Democrats, especially Bernie, are dangerous for America. Traditionally, American politicians haven’t had notable special privileges because of their positions. That’s a feature of aristocratic Europe or authoritarian countries, not the US. We’re all supposed to be legal in the eyes of the law, that’s the underpinning of our legal system. Without that legal equality, we have no bedrock on which to build a just and sustainable system. The hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders and other elites like him is one of the many impediments to that equality.

Despite generally being members of the elite, they were treated just like anyone else. Because of perfidious politicians like Hillary and Bernie, that has begun to change. For example, despite obvious corruption and abuses of power, no DOJ, FBI, or Democrat officials have been seriously punished for their roles in tampering with the 2016 election and trying to keep President Trump out of office.

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We the people need to stand up to that change. Because there aren’t term limits, some of our less than honorable politicians have continued to amass wealth, power, and privilege. They aren’t serving the state, they are using it to enrich themselves and profit off of it. Let’s stand up to that indiscretion and ridiculous pilfering of America! As long as it continues, as long as the hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders and people like him is on full display

By: Gen Z Conservative