January 15, 2021

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James Madison on the Gradual Elimination of Freedom

The Quote by James Madison on the Gradual Elimination of Freedom

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” -James Madison on the Gradual Elimination of Freedom

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My Take on the Gradual Elimination of Freedom in America

I think this quote by James Madison on the gradual elimination of freedom in America is an excellent one because it shows the true danger behind the expansion of government.

As said in the quote by James Madison on the gradual elimination of freedom, it’s unlikely that freedom will just up and disappear in America all of a sudden. Though we might be worried about the petty tyrants that have taken full advantage of the Chinese Flu crisis, or men like Obama that seemed to stroke away liberty every time they put pen to paper, those un-American idiots can only do so much damage during their time in power.

Thanks to term limits (which America must apply to more positions), the many tyrants we’ve had in power have not been able to do as much damage as many of the tyrants of history. Their horrible terms are often somewhat made up for by the terms of great men.

the Soviets show the point of this quote by James Madison on the gradual elimination of freedom
At least we haven’t had a Stalin…yet

But, as you might guess from my choice of this quote by James Madison on the gradual elimination of freedom, those bad terms are never fully blocked out. Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and others can only do so much to drain the swamp and balance out the terrible, tyrannical decisions made by the men described in books like Liberal Fascism.

Those terms of men like Obama, Wilson, Roosevelt, and others are simply too chock full of horrible decisions to ever balance out, especially in the relatively short periods in which we had good presidents, like the one we have now.

That’s what happened to the Roman Empire. It didn’t all end at once, the road to falling apart was a slow one that was held up by many good emperors. Marcus Aurelius, Hadrian, Trajan, and others did a good job of reforming the Empire enough to keep it solvent, even during the reigns of the many bad emperors.

Similarly, like said in this quote by James Madison on the gradual elimination of freedom, liberty and freedom in America will disappear in the same way.

Even the changes and limitations wrought by the Chinese Flu will be reversed. Well, mostly reversed. The gradual slide towards tyranny will continue as it always does. In small increments.

Small freedoms that we didn’t even consider to be freedoms, much less up for debate, will disappear forever. I don’t pretend to know which ones those will eventually be, whether it’s the ability to hang out in crowded areas, keep your business open during potentially dangerous circumstances, or not wear a mask if you don’t want to. Any, all, or none of those could be lost forever if the government follows the predictable trajectory outlined in this quote by James Madison on the gradual erosion of freedom.

But the key isn’t what liberties are lost. No, the key is that any liberties are lost in the first place. When a bad president and his party are kicked out of office, Americans shouldn’t just demand that the new president undo most of the bad policies of the previous president. Instead, we need to remain hyper-vigilant and ensure that they undo all of those bad policies and then some so that America is one day as free as the day it was created.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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