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The Government Wants to Help

The Government Wants to Help:

The Government Wants to Help

Does the Government Want to Help?

No. It doesn’t. Well, maybe a few people in it do. But in reality, it often just ends up hurting us. In my opinion, some of the scariest words are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Which is why most of the memes about the government wanting to help are so funny. Agencies like the EPA and ATF might have a legitimate purpose, but in the end they just do far more harm than good.

The EPA uses regulations and ridiculous policy guidelines to hamstring businesses that it doesn’t like. They have to pay high taxes on greenhouse gas emissions or other environmental issues, and those taxes can tax small businesses into nonexistence. To me, that is incredibly scary because it means that the government is picking winners and losers in the name of helping us. Similarly, the ATF is supposed to be helping us.

But instead, as this meme suggests, it often just ends up conducting no-knock raids that kill you or your dog. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” might sound benign, good even. But it isn’t. It often precipitates unnecessary and unjustified bloodshed. We need to reign in those agencies and many others that claim to be the government just wanting to help, but really end up destroying lives.

Like the title of this post, the government wants to help…by killing you or throwing you in jail. Sounds effective to me! I guess you could say the Venezuelan government wants to help help its citizens to when it confiscates their guns and then rams armored vehicles into them like I mention in my “Socialism and Gun control” post. I think I’ll rely on myself rather than its help.

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