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The Government Is Treading On You

The Unthinkable Has Happened: The Government Is Treading on You and Every Other American

A rallying cry of conservatives and libertarians for many years has been “Don’t Tread on Me.” Immortalized by the Gadsden flag, a flag present at many Trump and Tea Party rallies, the saying is similar to Texas’s “Come and Take It” or the Spartans’ “Molon Labe (Come and Take Them). It is an expression of defiance against a tyrannical government. The Texans wouldn’t surrender to Santa Anna and his gang of thuggish soldiers, the Spartans wouldn’t surrender to Xerxes and his Immortals at Thermopylae, and we wouldn’t surrender to the tyrannical diktats of the socialist and tyrannical Obama Administration. Well, it was all for naught. The government is treading on you and few people seem to care.

The government is treading on you, but you can still fight back! Be inspired to do so by the Gadsden flag, which you can order for free here: I Love My Freedom

Since Covid started, we’ve seen an explosion of tyranny in America, all under the guise of combating a disease little worse than the common flu for most people. Fauci, the partisan hack in charge of combating the Chinese flu, lied and forced us to wear masks. Governors implemented tyrannical lockdown orders that forced Americans to stay in the home as their small businesses withered and corporatist Big Businesses prospered. Petty tyrants in local communities implemented ridiculous policies, most of which those hypocritical authoritarians refused to abide by themselves. The whole time, the media spewed lies and catch-phrases meant to control you.

And few people seem to care. It’s as if Americans can’t recognize tyranny, especially the sort of nanny-state tyranny that CS Lewis warned about, anymore. While there were, at first, anti-lockdown protests, those were quickly shut down and patriots gave up. People refused for their right to wear and do what they want. That is as sad as it is scary. Chances are, the government is treading on you and you haven’t done anything to fight back.

We need to wake up to the threat posed by the Covid tyrants. This isn’t about some disease from China. This is about freedom itself.

the government is treading on you
These Covid Tyrants are Treading on You

Read How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps. Read Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands. Read anything and everything you can about what the left wants. Listen to Charlie Kirk. Listen to Michael Knowles. Watch Tucker Carlson. Read, listen, or watch closely and find out for yourself what the left is up to.

Here’s a clue: it wants to control you. That’s what the left is always after. Not improving the life of the average person. Not making life easier. Not “economic justice,” whatever that means. No, the left has an anti-freedom agenda that it wants to implement and saw Covid as the best opportunity to do so.

Thanks to Covid, it’s now “anti-science” to cry foul when it becomes apparent that the government is treading on you. Don’t like wearing some dirty, ineffective mask that the government wants you to? That means you want to kill grandma. Want to reopen your struggling small business now that Democrats are rioting or cheering in the streets? Why do you hate science? Think you should be free, as an American in control of his or her mental faculties, to do what you want when you want? You’re “literally Hitler.”

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It’s absurd. They’re accusing us of doing the very things that they themselves are doing. But to them that doesn’t matter. They don’t care about being called hypocrites or enacting ridiculous policies. They don’t care who they hurt or what damage their policies do. None of that matters in the slightest to them.

No, all they want, all that they’re working toward, is using whatever little things that come up as a way to use the socialist Gestapo to gradually eliminate freedom.

Every mass shooting is an opportunity to them because it means a chance to push for gun control. Things like the Capitol Riot are viewed by them the same way as Hitler viewed the Reichstag Fire– as a way to implement a tyrannical agenda. Social media censorship isn’t a problem to them as a way to silence the opposition. Every little thing is about control and getting rid of liberty and individual rights, both of which they hate.

And now that the left is in control of the government once again, the government is treading on you and our only line of defense is the judiciary.

We need to start fighting back. We need to fight against the tyrannical Covid policies, against gun control, against censorship, against everything. Otherwise, liberty might be gone forever. When the government fears you, liberty exists. If you fear the government, tyranny exists. The government is treading on you. But, if you start (peacefully, of course) fighting back now the boot won’t remain on your neck forever.

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4 thoughts on “The Government Is Treading On You”

  1. The FBI is hunting down patriots like dogs, Big tech is silencing ALL dissent, “justices” are sending us to Gulags, and our fascio/communist dictatorship CONgress declaring us “terrorists”, while the media pushes the false narrative that we are all NAZls, racists, and white supremacists.. … Anyone see where this is going? If you think PEACEFUL is a solution, you never read a history book. The JEWS thought they could reason with their despotic rulers, how did that work for them?

  2. Ruby ridge, Waco, finkman, now we are all domestic terrorists, today they are…”weeding out white supremacy” in the military,,,,so, we all know what comes next…bad tidings

  3. The GOVERNMENT has been treading on One People since 1913 and in the dead of Night both Poolitical Bands set in motion democracy
    And today many think it was COVID THAT SET IN MOTION
    And Today does it real matter the time line
    HELL bought an paid for by ONE PEOPLE
    Thru stealing our hard earned junk paper and Turing it into ROME
    And We hope that voting out the sufferable evil might do the TRICK
    We prayed for a pied Piper to Talk the infamous THEY to give up
    And all the bells now TOLL
    The branch of govment that is the most CORRUPT without a army is going to save the REPUBLIC
    FOOLS errand

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