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Deceit and Lies at Inland Empire Safe Schools: The Gaslighting Continues

As I reported yesterday, I attended an Inland Empire Safe Schools Webinar, during which I submitted two questions. I was surprised that they read my questions, though they only answered one of them. I was not surprised they lied. The common theme of elected and unelected policymakers in California continues to be gaslighting. The full video is here—my question is answered at 48:17.

My questions:

Note that while they posted both questions, they only read out and answered the first question.

So take a look at that— did I not clearly state that the latest CDC study used to justify masks was rejected by peer review? Did I not clearly ask for what Peer Reviewed studies were being used to justify the government trying to give us all (especially our kids) Bacterial Pneumonia?

As we discussed yesterday, and as can be seen in that RealClearPolitics link, there are NO peer-reviewed studies. None. Zip. Nada.

So how did Dr. Naomi Bardach, the head honcho from Safe Schools, choose to answer?

She bullshitted us like she was a high school sophomore faking a book report. There is no excuse at being this ignorant, and I don’t believe Dr. Bardach is. The logical conclusion then, is that Dr. Bardach just assumed the community was dumbed down enough by propaganda to accept this utter nonsense.

Shall we parse this out? Silly Rabbit, of course we shall! What do we get for an answer?

Surely the highly qualified Dr. Bardach will speak to the recent study that was mentioned? No.

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Well, then surely Dr. Bardach will give the newest and latest studies regarding masks? No, and don’t call her Shirley.

So, what does she give us? Two non-peer-reviewed studies from 2020! Are you kidding me? They are going to require our schools to mask up and this is the best that they can come up with?

The first study that Dr. Bardach cites is the “Hair Salon Study” from July 14, 2020. Don’t get excited, not the Nancy Pelosi study—same time period though.

Of course, you will notice that the “study” consisted of just two hairstylists and 139 clients. This is what the CDC refers to as anecdotal, or observational evidence, and should not be relied upon to make policy. Don’t make me show you how many times these same people criticize and mock anything they don’t like for not being able to exceed these same standards, because everyone knows I can.

I see they relied on the 97% false positive PCR tests but look at the all of the limitations. The best this study can conclude is that face mask policy was “Likely a contributing factor”. Likely? Seriously Dr. Bardach? In addition, if you keep reading, one of the authors actually gets paid by big Pharma company Merck.

So how about the second study that the good doctor cited? Surely, that one will be more current? They had 18 months to perform a large, peer-reviewed study—and 103 years since the last time they tried to get the USA to mask up during the Spanish Flu—there should be a slew of them by this time. Alas, there is none, so we get this “Air Drop Masks to a Ship” study from June of 2020! The “observational only” caveat still applies.

This second study also has troubling limitations and was based on just 382 sailors on one ship. Keep in mind, that “peer reviewed” means that a study can be replicated and the data verified, no peer review means the opposite. I am wondering if I just buried the lede there?

So once again, Dr. Bardach proves there is no scientific evidence to mask up our schools. All she has is sloppy, conflict of interest, observational data.

Are We the People really going to comply with unconstitutional “mandates” that are not based on any strong scientific guidelines? Also note, that my second question, relating to the CDC and FDA acknowledging PCR tests are junk, which I covered here, was ignored.

It is time to call out all school officials that endorse and enforce mask policies at our schools for what they are: Tools of Marxists, if not Marxists themselves. Communists. Knowingly or not. And, we have learned from history and Law that “I was just following orders” is not an acceptable excuse. Don’t get offended, get researching, turn off the “news”, get off your “I hate Trump” partisan high-horse—this is not Dem v. Rep— and help us take this Country back.

One last thing before I sign off: This teacher’s comment attracted my attention:

To that teacher I would say: Yes, you are the enemy. It is clear to all that are paying attention that this entire China Virus experience was coordinated with our enemies to cheat in the 2020 election—just look to all of the full forensic audits (watch Maricopa). Just because some like the outcome that cheating in elections brought—though God only knows why after six months of the Xiden/Heels up Harris “Administration”—doesn’t make them any less the tools of Marxism that they are.

As if taking a cue from that teacher, Mr. Corey Jackson went on quite a tear about anxiety rates, depression rates being high among our kids, but rather than putting the blame where it belongs—on the fear porn and masks (studies have shown)—he seems to blame the parents. He seems to want to parents to abdicate all parenting instincts to the schools, who know better. One parent did not take kindly to the condescension and pedantic attitude.

**Shout out to my old FacistBook friends out there.

-Kenny, From the Tavern