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The Funniest Thing about Elon’s Twitter Purchase

What’s the best part about dogecoin-pushing, Tesla-running, SapceX-founding, Elon Musk finally buying a massive stake in Twitter, the platform he spends so much time trolling on? The fact that the blue-check and blue-haired leftists are finally getting a taste of their own medicine, as Clay Travis so excellently put it in a tweet of his own, saying:

The number of blue checks on here who have delighted in Tweeting, “Twitter is a private company, if you don’t like it, leave!” who are suddenly shaken to their core by @elonmusk becoming the largest @twitter shareholder is absolutely glorious.

Indeed. For years the bluechecks and censorship-loving leftists said “build your own Twitter.” Never mind that when conservatives actually tried to do so Big Tech teamed up to take it down; the idea was ridiculous from the start. What makes Twitter great is that everyone is there.

It’s the place where your average Joe can, with a few dozen characters and/or meme, humiliate a head of state, top-level bureaucrat, or CEO.

Because everyone is on it and anonymity is protected, it’s the place where ideas can be shared, fools humiliated, and fun had by all. Or at least it was before the censorship campaign began. As Darren Beattie put it in a recent article:

What made Twitter so valuable and useful at its peak was that it really was a pan-ideological public square. It was (and, to a much lesser degree, still is) the only place where real dissidents and even ordinary people can directly and critically engage with the “bluecheck class.” Twitter, in a nutshell, was the place where a top reporter at the Washington Post or the former head of the CIA could be humiliated by an anonymous person with a cartoon frog avatar.

Indeed. And now those same bluechecks, the ones who rely on censorship to protect themselves from the humiliation that would accompany their ludicrousness, are freaking out. Now that Elon has bought Twitter, they’re realizing just how impossible it is to “build your own Twitter” and are having to just suck it up and deal with it. Hilarious!

And while that might be the funniest thing about the situation, a close runner-up is what Gab Founder Andrew Torba said in a recent email. In his words:

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The LA Times asked me for a comment on this topic yesterday and I told them anything that promotes more speech and not less is a good thing in our book. I personally hope that Elon has a positive impact by lobbying to remove all of the mentally ill people who run Twitter so they can get the professional help they desperately need.

[…]Perhaps this change will be good for Twitter and good for free speech, but Elon should know that he is up against an entrenched toxic culture of wokeness at that company. He has a long uphill battle ahead of him.

Indeed. they’re crazy. But if anyone is up to the task of dealing with them, it’s certainly Elon.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.