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The FBI Acts Like it Is Above the Law


You’d think that America’s top law enforcement agency would be full of boy scout types. You know, the type of people that haven’t ever had a cigarette, much less acted in a corrupt manner. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality on the ground. Instead, the FBI acts like it is above the law. In fact, it and the entire DOJ are corrupt, as is the Democratic Party. And not only are they corrupt. Both the Democrats and Deep State FBI goons think that they are better than you and do not have to follow the same rules.

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Sadly for America, few members of the Main Stream Media want to call out that FBI malfeasance. It’s like China’s liability for Coronavirus or the fact that Bernie is a communist; they’d rather just sweep it under the rug.

Or, at least, most do. Luckily for us, at least one journalist is willing to dig into calling out the fact that the FBI acts like it is above the law. In a recent article entitled “Accused in Justice Dept.’s Upper Echelon, and Innocent Until Scot-Free,” Eric Felten of RealClearInvestigations writes about just that issue.

Summary of How the FBI Acts Like It is Above the Law

First, Felten gives a series of horrendous details about unpunished FBI malfeasance. It is bad enough that the FBI acts like it is above the law. But it is even worse that the DOJ lets the FBI get away with that corrupt and hypocritical behavior:

It wasn’t the first time the FBI attorney had been in the Marine Corps Base Quantico Exchange. Nor was that day in February 2018 the first time she had secreted cosmetics in her purse. But it was the first time she was caught – with $257.99 worth of shoplifted beauty products in her bag. She admitted to the crime – and to stealing from other area stores. And yet she was not prosecuted.

In 2019 the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s office issued 27 such reports of alleged wrongdoing by senior Justice Department officials and employees that went unprosecuted

From: The FBI Acts Like it is above the Law

Then, Felten reminds readers of how the FBI also did not prosecute James Comey or Andrew McCabe, two serial liars and criminals that used their power at the FBI to damage Trump’s campaign. Those men, despite all their crimes, faced no punishment from the DOJ. In my view, that shows that Deep State corruption is alive and well and that the FBI acts like it is above the law:

“By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment,” the OIG found, “Comey set a dangerous example.” The Inspector General’s office provided its “findings to the Department for a prosecutorial decision.” But, “After reviewing the matter, the Department declined prosecution.”

As for McCabe, the OIG found he repeatedly lacked candor while being questioned under oath. Justice chose not to bring charges against him either.

From: The FBI Acts Like it is above the Law

Next, Felton points out that not only does the FBI treat criminal employees incredibly leniently, but also acts hypocritically and doesn’t afford that same leniency to others:

Many of the 27 cases of senior official wrongdoing reported by the Justice OIG last year were resolved by the resignation of the misbehaving employee. “Federal employees facing potential disciplinary action do often resign instead,” says Sean Bigley, who practices government employment and security clearance law. “So the fact is that a lot of senior officials found culpable of misconduct escape accountability.”

A person who had been a top-ranking official at the Department of Justice would know what he was doing was wrong. Such a serious charge might seem excessive to press against a concerned brother, but perhaps not in an era in which misstatements to FBI agents are treated as serious crimes – think former Trump associates George Papadopoulos and Gen. Michael Flynn.

From: The FBI Acts Like it is above the Law

Finally, after giving a series of disturbing details about sexual misconduct within the FBI, Felten uses a direct quote from the FBI to show how they’re lying to us:

DOJ spokesperson Wyn Hornbuckle insists department officials get no special treatment.

Not necessarily so, says Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney. Accusations that would be aggressively investigated and prosecuted if alleged against a DOJ target are treated differently when alleged of DOJ or FBI officials, she says. “They are given passes.”

From: The FBI Acts Like it is above the Law

My Take on How the FBI Acts Like it is Above the Law

The fact that the FBI acts like it is above the law should send shivers down the spine of every American. Our republic is premised on the idea that everyone should be treated equally. Senator or burger-flipper, Americans are meant to be treated the same by law enforcement

Unfortunately, the corruption and disregard for the law within the FBI show just how far we’ve drifted from that founding ideal. James Comey lied to Trump and Congress and got away with it. Eric Holder shipped thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartels that are making Mexico a failed state and got away with it. Loretta Lynch probably accepted a bribe from Bill Clinton to drop the investigation into Hillary and got away with it.

Meanwhile, the FBI investigated everyone and anyone associated with Trump to try to discredit his campaign. That tyranny and hypocrisy is why no one cared about impeachment, which is finally over, at least. It was all premised on a lie. Similarly, it’s an excellent example of why you should not trust the government. The feds are out to get you, not protect you, especially if you are a conservative. The Deep State bureaucracy will do what it needs to do to protect its own, and it knows that conservatives are out to get it.

Conservatives need to support those that are already pointing out that the FBI acts like it is above the law. You will earn no brownie points with the corrupt feds by remaining silent; you will just allow your allies to be slaughtered more quickly. Now is the time to stand together and fight against Deep State corruption. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “We must all hang together, or else we shall most assuredly hang separately.” Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t give in!


No one is above the law in America. We need to remind the FBI of that, otherwise justice won’t be served. The FBI cannot just get away with doing anything it wants to, especially if what it wants to do is launch a coup against a duly elected President of the United States. There has to be some brake on its conduct.

President Trump and conservative journalists are that brake. They are working to show that the FBI acts like it is above the law, which our forefathers would have been horrified by, and that it is trying to overthrow an elected president. Support that effort. Don’t let the FBI destroy our republic. It is supposed to be tracking down terrorists and criminals like those in Hunting in the Shadows, not creating false dossiers and attacking a president.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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