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The Space Force’s Marxist Failure and Its Liberty-Saving Potential

Space Force, the TV show, seems to be a parody cutting against the actual Space Force branch of the military, put in place 12/19/2019 by then President Donald Trump. In real life, the Space Force was meant to counter an increasing extra global presence from the CCP and other nations with obviously hostile intentions. It is this second point that is disturbing.

This new branch of the military was created to develop systems to protect our satellites, military and commercial, and further our commitment to the peaceful exploration and colonization of space. A commitment, I am sure Elon Musk appreciates, and wouldn’t be as flamboyant about developing outer space without.

The CCP has made tremendous leaps in catching up to the U.S. in launch, electronics, and orbit technology by stealing our intellectual property developed at high cost in dollars and human life over the 60+ year life of our space program. And like any common burglar, they have come in through the window that we left unlocked in our system of higher education to steal the silverware and can observe what Americans, and the rest of the world.

The Hugh Hewitt interview with General Steve Kwast below is outstanding in every respect except in that it assiduously avoids the obvious terminus of the current space race. An endpoint that could possibly be avoided with a minimum of violence by a negotiator like Donald Trump and a commitment to participate, but will be acquiesced to, or worse yet exacerbated by the Biden/Harris/Soros administration. That outcome is one in which an aware and motivated PRC Army, Navy, extraordinary warfare, and armed and burgeoning space warfare components come together to completely blindside a US military that is concentrating on gender studies and pronoun preference.

Just recently, on 5/17,  Space Force commander, Matthew Lohmeier, was fired for blowing the whistle on a Marxist Plot to castrate our military and eventually strip away our Freedom. In his forthcoming book “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” Lohmeier contends that critical race theory and the adoption of ‘woke’  in the command structure are leading our military not to a confrontation with Communism, but to a capitulation to it.

The ‘long march through the institutions’, envisioned by Antonio Gramsci has paid off for the cultural Marxists by turning our children against the founding of this nation and installing a visceral hatred for all things American by perpetuating lies and reframing history.

The 1619 Project, a thesis put forth by Nicole Hannah Jones, and printed in that bastion of Leftist Slant The New York Times, tells the tale of the beginning of America from the point of view before there was an America about an event perpetrated by people who would never be Americans (The Portuguese Pirates who bought Africans from other Africans). Those non-Americans brought the slaves to the new world and ultimately to a new nation that was formed to free all men from the bondage of service to a king that was, up until our revolution, the hierarchy of the Earth. From the time of their birth until the moment of their death, every man, woman, and child in the kingdom was ruled over by the sovereign and his appointed minions.

The authors of our founding documents struggled mightily with the question of slavery but, owing to the reality that they were trying to extricate a continent from foreign rule by competing kingdoms, the slaveholding South had to be brought along as slave territories.

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And it must be mentioned that Great Britain at the time condoned slavery and would for almost 60 years after the Revolution. Add to that 600,000 Americans, mostly white men, died to ultimately enshrine ‘All Men Are Created Equal’ as the law of the land and any spin on that is using a complete ignorance of history to promote a fairytale that is designed to destroy the only sovereign that should direct one’s soul, individual freedom. It has taken decades to heal the wounds of that war, but until the policies of LBJ’s Great Societies, blacks improved their situations despite Democrat obstacles such as Jim Crow laws and Red Lining.

But I will let this video finish my thought:

That tangent, the 1619 Project and its lies, has a tendency to run through my articles just as Critical Race Theory runs through the Marxist indoctrination centers otherwise known as our school system.

Which brings us back to Space Force.

It appears that the slow grinding down of all American institutions into a grey rubble meant to undergird the Communist World Order is meant to dishearten even the most staunch heart and firmest belief in freedom in order to create the tasteless, loveless, world where your actions are ordered upon you in service of some goal of the Leviathan State.

At present, that service is willing the climate of the globe to bow to the whims of the state, subserving we the people in some vain tilting against the sun monster even though the evidence that is presented in this case is spurious, ineffective in any meaningful timeframe, and paid for by our happiness.

More evidence against their narrative would be available to be presented if it weren’t for the fact that 90% all of the funded research wasn’t predicated on and designed to bolster the climate disaster model.


In a sane world, the Space Force would be like the U.S. Calvary in the Gilded Age, escorting wagon train-like convoys of research and mining ships to starry encounters out where no man has gone before, where the American spirit would be once more free to carve out a niche in the vastness of space with the likes of Elon Musk and Richard Branson taking up the mantles of Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers to affect the next giant leap for mankind (and womankind which shows how stupid the universities have made us) and climate mitigation much more efficiently if it turns out it is needed.

Instead, we have oppressive policies handed to us from men like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros. Men who, it should be noted, want to trap us in sustainable, walkable cities, eating synthetic food and ingesting nutrients made in laboratories that, like man-made pharmaceutical’s, keep us addicted to ever-increasing numbers of medicines to do the job that a healthy life will do much better and with more pleasure.

With the likes of AOC looking to install Agenda 2030 protocols (Green New Deal) that would lock us into our little cityscape, eating synthetic ‘beef’ and biking everywhere, we were allowed to go we would be easily controlled, monitored and exploited in increasingly subhuman ways. Remember we have been conditioned to state control through pandemic governance and fear mongering we will be easy marks for passports to leave your neighborhood, and ration cards for food.

Space Force should be about more than protecting satellites while keeping an eye on the CCP and Russia; we need an extra solar presence as a hope to escape the oppression they have planned for everyone on the planet except for the few at the very top.

In Biden’s (or the Communists’) haste to negate all things Trump, they may have killed the only thing that will save Americans from a fate like Hong Kong’s.

But that seems to be the furthest thing from this administrations mind.

And by the way is anyone watching Hunter to make sure he isn’t passing notes between The Big Guy and the PRC?

It is a testament to the strength and resilience of the US economy and of the American people that, after shutting down for a year, (remember 2 weeks to slow the spread?) we are chomping at the bit to start going again, except for the people who don’t realize ‘free money ain’t free.’ However, we are about to get hit with withering inflation and an atmosphere where all asset classes are suspect of being manipulated by totalitarian interests and not subject to free markets and true price discovery.

It would be nice to have an un-politicized, Space Force, branch government to cheer for.

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook