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The Failure of Socialism

My Take on the failure of socialism:

Everywhere it has been tried, socialism has failed. Name a country.

There is the failure of socialism in Venezuela. The failure of socialism in Europe. Failures of socialism across Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central America. Read about those many failures of socialism in The Case Against Socialism and Socialism Sucks if you want to learn more about them. There are certainly quite a few times that socialism has failed. It always does.

Nowhere has been successful at implementing socialism. Instead of a workers’ paradise, socialist countries become starvation-riddled death camps and forced-labor gulags.

No one has enough food, money, or freedom. There is a historical failure of socialism; not a single country has succeeded in implementing it. I doubt any ever will. Like I wrote about in my “Why Socialism Always Fails” post, socialism cannot succeed.

Sadly, many socialists in the US think that it will lift people out of poverty.

What they don’t know is that historical socialist failures have only created more poverty and misery. For example, Venezuela used to be a thriving country. It had a booming economy and its people were for the most part well fed.

Then the socialists stepped in and reminded us all about why there’s nothing good about collectivism. Their rule has resulted in deaths, a possible civil war in Venezuela, and a complete lack of necessary goods.

Those are all characteristics of the failures of socialism in history. Had we learned from those failures, then perhaps socialism would not be making a comeback in America. We should know by now that it’s an evil ideology, pushed forward by evil and murderous men, that always fails. There is no other way that socialism can ever end up working out once implemented. It ends in failure every single time.

Its first real resurgence since the Gilded Age is bound to be just as much of a failure as its failures in Europe, Africa, and Asia. By now, people should have learned that socialism doesn’t erase poverty. Instead, it increases it.

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