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The Fact-Checkers are Biased at PolitiFact and Snopes. We Must Ignore Them.

The Fact-Checkers are Biased. We Can’t Trust or Rely Upon Them

The above Candace Owens tweet is quite illuminating and perfectly encapsulates a major problem in America right now: the fact-checkers are biased and that bias is being used to censor and silence conservative viewpoints.

On any major issue, it’s obvious that the self-appointed fact-checkers are biased. If you look up election fraud in 2020, Snopes will tell you that it didn’t happen. But if you look up the Trump Campaign colluding with Russia, then Snopes will tell you that that did happen. And if you look more into that “collusion” on Snopes, it will tell you that the information Trump declassified regarding Obamagate and what happened to Michael Flynn is “unverified,” which unfairly erodes its credibility.

So, in short, stories that benefit Democrats are all “real” while stories that would benefit the Trump Campaign or align with Republican talking points are “unverified” or “untrue.” In the case of Snopes, the fact-checkers are biased and should not be trusted.

Ditto that for PolitiFact; the fact-checkers are biased at PolitiFact too. According to Mark Hemingway in an interview with NPR, “of the 98 statements that PolitiFact had rated false, 74 of them were by Republicans.” Maybe Republicans lie at a rate of 3 to 1. But, frankly, I doubt that. Based on the outright lies we have all heard from the fake news media, House Democrats, and Biden Campaign, it would appear that Democrats lie at least as frequently as Republicans, if not more so.

More evidence of the fact that, in the case of Politifact, the fact-checkers are biased comes from Tim Graham, who pointed out in a Fox News column that:

“Just look at PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter rulings for Biden for the month of August: Mostly True, Mostly True, Mostly True, Mostly True, Mostly True and Half True. Now let’s compare that to Trump’s August Truth-O-Meter rulings: one Half True, two Mostly False, 11 False and four Pants on Fire.

Trump rated Mostly False or worse in 156 of them (79%). He was only Mostly True or True in 17 ratings (8.6%). By contrast, Biden rated Mostly True or True in more than half: 33 of 64 (52%), and then there are 29 Mostly False or worse (45%).”

For the record, Trump’s “half-true” statement, according to PolitiFact’s biased employees, was this: “President Trump and Housing Secretary Ben Carson claimed a San Francisco lawmaker pushed ‘to abolish single-family zoning in California.’ Housing experts say the claim is technically correct but leaves out key context.”

the fact-checkers are biased. especially politifact
Proof that PolitiFact actually said that and is biased. From: here

So, in other words, it was true. The biased fact-checkers just didn’t like the conclusions that could be drawn from Trump’s true statement.

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The fact-checkers are biased and they aren’t really even trying to hide it. On issue after issue, their sites and statements make it seem like the Republicans are all liars and the Democrats are telling the truth.

The fact that the fact-checkers are biased is incredibly problematic for American politics. Social media and Big Tech companies use those supposed “fact-checkers” to decide what accounts to censor and what posts to put “warnings” or “context” labels on. News stations use the articles the fact-checkers write and statements they analyze to decide who to call liars and whom they should support and regard as honest. They even use “fact-checkers” to determine which stories to run, which is why many sites and papers refused to delve into the details of the Hunter Biden emails.

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Even more importantly, voters use those fact-checkers to determine which candidates are honest and which ones are lying. If the fact-checkers and media continually say that one party is composed of liars and the other is full of honest people, that will shift election results. Thanks to the fact-checkers are biased at sites like Snopes and PolitiFact, many Americans incorrectly thought that Trump was a habitual and outright liar. He’s not. Sure, he exaggerates some and uses grandiose words and superlatives more than the average person, but it’s blatantly untrue to claim that 79% of the statements he has made are false.

The fact-checkers are biased and their bias is tearing apart this nation and negatively influencing our elections. The best example of that is the Hunter Biden emails; the fact-checkers labeled them “unverified” or “untrue.” In the words of PolitiFact, “allegations about Hunter Biden’s dealings in China are…unsubstantiated” and “the Trump family’s financial entanglements are at least as problematic, if not more so, than the Bidens’.” That’s a blatant lie. The Trump kids are not corrupt, but the Biden Crime Family is and the Hunter Biden emails are real, not unsubstantiated.

But not all that many Americans, especially moderates and independents, knew that. The problematic media, under the guise of not reporting stories that the fact-checkers claimed were false, didn’t report on the story, and social media companies, under the guise of combatting false information, would not allow stories about Joe Biden’s corruption to be shared. As a result, voters didn’t hear about the story and the corruption of the Bidens. And, thanks to that, voters made choices that they regretted; “Nearly a Tenth of Biden Voters in Key States Would Not Have Voted for Him Had They Known About Hunter Biden Scandal,” according to The Epoch Times.

The fact-checkers are biased and their bias shifted our election results. Remember that and don’t trust them in the future; they aren’t telling you the truth about what statements are correct and which ones are incorrect. They aren’t telling you the truth about which politicians are honest and which ones are liars. They aren’t trying to educate the public on the truth.

No, sources like Snopes and PolitiFact are just organizations composed of partisan hacks that want to convince you to distrust Republicans and trust Democrats. Ignore them. Don’t listen to them, especially when they lie about things like Facebook censoring the Declaration of Independence. Instead, do your own research about stories you see and determine for yourself what is true. The fact checkers are biased; we can’t rely on them to tell the truth.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook