October 20, 2020

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the envy of socialists

The Envy of Socialists is Evil

My Take on the Envy of Socialists

The envy of socialists has been a well-documented and recorded. Thomas Sowell pointed out in his quotation on the ideology of greed that socialism is a hidden way to support greed and envy. Similarly, Winston Churchill also called socialism the “gospel of envy.

Nevertheless, people feel reluctant to say that. Somehow, capitalism has been associated with evil and envy whereas socialism has been considered a morally acceptable idea.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea at all why that is. Sure, books like The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand certainly don’t help.

Perhaps hatred of capitalism is also a holdover of the Gilded Age. Although that’s something I also don’t understand, the explosion of capitalism and profits in the Gilded Age is what helped the poor and helped begin to solve the problem of poverty in America. If you need an example, look no farther than India, where a new Gilded Age is lifting tens of billions out of poverty. Furthermore, it helped cement America as a leader in the world, as Dinesh D’Souza wrote about in America: Imagine a World Without Her.

Whatever the cause, socialists still hate capitalism. In the same way that liberals (often socialists) hate Trump because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome, socialist hate capitalism because of their envy and irrational hatred of the profit motive.

But they’re often too clever to openly say that. Instead, they rephrase it as something that sounds more noble and focused on the common good. That’s how they obscure who really benefits from socialism.

Perhaps past injustice is the reason we should get rid of capitalism (as Murray points out in The Bell Curve, that’s absurd). Or maybe climate change is happening (it isn’t), so a socialist policy like the Green New Deal is needed to rectify it.

But too many Americans recognize those arguments as just a front for the envy of socialists. So, the socialists, especially the (somewhat) clever ones in universities, needed a new idea about how to make their evil socialist ideas more palatable to the general public.

Their new talking point is that “capitalism has failed.” As proof, they point out that inequality is rising. Never mind that arguments about wage inequality are ridiculous because inequality actually promotes wealth and the betterment of society, the socialists want it ended!

What do they propose to rectify the supposed failure of capitalism? Well, Medicare for All and free college, of course! As if taking more money from citizens through taxes to pay for those socialist programs will somehow help society.

Of course, helping society isn’t really their goal. They just want to rule by brute force so that they can implement the authoritarianism that traditionally accompanies socialism.

In conclusion, the envy of socialists knows no bounds. They hate capitalism because they’re incompetent and can’t make money, so they come up with ridiculous arguments to try and bring it down.

Right now their argument is that capitalism has failed. Before that, it was that climate change. We’ll see what they come up with next. Just know, the envy of socialists is the root of it all.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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