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The End Of Our Republic Is The End Of A Moment In History

The Republic is a result of the liberal education received by our founding fathers long ago.  They attempted to reopen a window to the past to recreate an Athenian democracy with Roman restraint.  Today there is very little left of their system, as we have only a thin veneer of the original structural design to defend.

The people have been satiated in their lives long enough to become indolent at best.  The Wall Street financial group is now solidifying their control, anticipating the grand collapse of the current structure. They believe the Fed has served its purpose, and it is time to get out before the inevitable fall and reorganize for more profit during the next regime. The Fed has been a continuing disaster for the people since its creation as freedom has been receding ever since.

In a previous commentary, we discussed the overthrow of the republic by our own financial system.  It began with the pseudo-intellectual Woody Wilson being bought by the Wall Street mob.  The alleged purpose was to ameliorate the Panics that periodically arrived on Wall Street in response to the Las Vegas-type atmosphere engendered by the lax morality practiced there.  The man in the street or on the farm was not affected in the same way as the gambling set.  The financiers needed someone to underwrite their greed and Woody fell for it and thus began the Federal Reserve.

The next step towards world financial control was Wall Street support for the socialist revolutions in Europe.  Revolutions in Russia and later in Germany were supported by the same banks and industries. The combination of easy money and weapons to defend the new tyrants from their own citizens was too sweet for the revolutionary governments to resist.  Consequently, the Russian Socialists and the German National Socialists were indebted to the US bankers, including Chase and Goldman Sachs. Great sums were added to the purse of Ford, GM, ITT, Dupont, and many others for setting up factories or laundering huge sums in gold to keep the revolutionaries in power and pay reparations.

Unfortunately, the real enemy of we deplorable peons over the last century has been our homegrown industrial/banking terrorist. After the 17th Amendment passed, a whole new field of graft appeared before the hungry jaws of Washington DC, whose appetite is unsatiated even today.  Printing and spending someone else’s money is great fun when you have no responsibility to pay it back. 

The extent to which these thugs will try to and have extended their power has no bounds. FDR was instructed to outlaw owning gold by decree and he did so. The price of gold was $20.67 when he pegged the rate at $35.00 per ounce. He stole the 41% difference and put it in the treasury for his own use. Fortunately, President Ford overturned the illegal act forty years later. With the size of our debt extended beyond the horizon, there is no system that will alleviate the financial agony marching down the road in our direction.

The major difference today is the intrusion of the banks into our political process, and it is now in the open and blatant.  The sanctity of your funds is certainly in doubt if you have “radical views”.  The names of the banks that will freeze your money have a familiar ring if you take notice from an above paragraph.  In Britain they have already taken the next step of closing your account if you are deemed radical.  The government of Cyprus showed a way to confiscate funds in banks electronically.  You can be assured it was noticed in D.C. and London.  The other new control of cash is the alleged coin shortage.  This is an attempt to eliminate cash completely by emphasizing credit card transfers.  Your money is then at the mercy of your politics.  One bad word about your betters and you are penniless.

The tentacles of these banks have extended themselves into China as well, which is the new frontier of graft.  The Chinese bought a significant amount of our Fed notes.  Before the current mess it was about 5% of our debt.  Who knows what it is today?  The banks have no real collateral  because the Peoples’ Liberation Army does not look kindly upon repossessions.  It would be an amusing confrontation with the three-piece suit set.  The banks will be saved by your sweat once again when there is a problem.

Foreign trade is one of the main sources of the hatred of President Trump by the banks and their help in Congress.  The trade must continue, or China will not be able to repay their loans thereby creating an interesting sting in Peking and New York.  Since China is quite weak today, any change in the global money flow could cause quite a bit of destruction.

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The use of Chinese money in our election process created the job drain on our society. Clinton opened the doors of the World Trade Organization to China and created the NAFTA treaty. The Chinese knew Bill Clinton loved money more than used cigars.

The banks needed more capital to finance the overseas expansion of industry.  The Glass-Steagall law was repealed allowing Wall Street to be commercial and retail bankers as well.  This created a huge expansion of cash for swindles and investments by the big Wall Street banks.

Bill Clinton allowed military secrets to be sold the Chinese for campaign contributions.  The companies and individuals that were allowed to turn traitor were Bernard Schwartz and Loral Space and Communications, for a  $1.1M donation. Hughes Electronics donated $300K and Motorola $500K.  The technology purchased was used to enhance the launching and tracking technology in Chinese rockets to upgrade their accuracy.  Loral also was allowed to buy Chinese rockets to launch their own satellites.

The cost for these licenses was chicken feed. Chinese Aerospace Corp had given $300K to Democrat fundraiser Johnny Chung to grease the skids. The famous quote was “to get into the White House you must pay to get past the turnstile, just like the subway.”  Many of the bagmen went to jail.

Bill Clinton did more damage to US security than any President in U.S. history and there was little to no coverage of his traitorous behavior because the people that owned the banks and the media were already working on business projects to extend their power and fatten their purse.  The scams continued through the following administrations for all to see if they so desired.  Joe Bribe’em is the apex of corruption. As the loans come due another huge problem will arise.  Who will pay the piper? 

The bright lights that were ignited in 1776 are dimming, and all will go dark unless we stand in the face of the  oligarchs’ dreams of total domination.

“The crime was dared by a few, willed by more, and tolerated by all in the end.”  Tacitus

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.