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“The Economy Is in a Better Place”: Watch Team Biden Make Wacky Economic Claim, Get Hammered and Humiliated by Peter Doocy

Biden’s new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the shed. In fact, she’s about exactly what you’d expect of someone working for Joe Biden; her mental acuity seems about the same as Slow Joe’s.

Such is what was seen yet again, this time during the June 7th press conference, when she decided to defend how the American economy is doing under Slow Joe Biden and his train wreck of a cabinet and administration. Watch that here:

Yes, really. She actually said all of that.

The questioning began when FNC’s White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy, took a hammer to Team Biden with a question on the economy, asking: “Thank you, Karine.  Why do you think it is that 83 percent of people polled by The Wall Street Journal say the economy is “poor” or “not so good”?”

Jean-Pierre, as is typical for one of her “responses”, decided to respond by mumbling a bit about something, making a claim about something only tangentially related, and not really answering his question:

So, when it comes to consumer confidence — is what you’re talking about there — we know that can reflect concern and uncertainty about higher prices.  People feel the effect of high prices when they go to the grocery store and they fill up their gans- — gas tank, which the President understands very personally — when he was growing up and understanding how — how when prices elevate even just a bit, how much that can hurt a family, how much that can really affect, you know, someone’s household.

But the fact is: We are in a fundamentally different place compared to when the President took office and compared to this time a year ago.

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And so, you know, during this President — during his pres- — this presidency, people felt uncertainty — uncertain about the economy generally, but they actually felt as good about their personal financial situations as they ever have, according to the Federal Reserve survey, with nearly 80 percent of adults reporting that they are financially comfortable.

So, that matters as well.

Doocy and Jean-Pierre then tangled a bit over Jean-Pierre’s claim about how Americans feel about their personal situation, with Jean-Pierre referencing Federal Reserve data to claim that Americans haven’t felt as good about their personal finances as they have since 2013.

That is what the poll found, as would be hoped after Uncle Sam spent trillions sending out checks to businesses and individuals, but polls also show that Americans don’t feel that great about how the national economy is doing.

Doocy then moved on to the American Dream, saying:

 Another number then newer than 2013, 61 percent are saying now, in this Wall Street Journal poll, they are generally pessimistic about people having an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  How’s that going look on a — on a bumper sticker?

Jean-Pierre, attempting to respond, said:

So, what I’m — I guess what I’m trying to say, Peter, is that we understand that people are feeling — feeling this.  They are feeling the increase of prices, which — with food, in particular, right now, and gas.  That is — that is something that we understand.

What we’re trying to say, what I’m trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically.

And so, we feel, here at this administration and other experts as well, is that — we feel that we are in a good position to take on inflation.  We are in a good position to really start really working on lowering prices. 

We leave that piece to the Federal Reserve.  They have the monetary policies to deal with the best — to have the best tools to make sure that we bring down inflation.  That’s the — that’s the pain that the American family is feeling.

And so, that’s what we’re saying.  We’re trying to — what we’re saying is that we were in a different place a year ago, and now we are in a much better place economically.  But there’s still work to do, and we understand that.

Apparently, the economy is great, folks! I guess we can just pack up and go home, no need to question anything Jean-Pierre says.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.