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The Democratic Party is a Mess

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Important Articles! The headline this week is the unsurprising news that the Democratic Party is a mess, but also make sure to check out the other great articles that range from Trump’s street fighter nature to the state of the middle class!

The Democratic Party is a Mess:

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The Democratic Party is a mess. Just look at it. Every single day there is some new crisis or fight that they are all up in arms about. Someone was racists. President Donald Trump said something that AOC and Omar didn’t like. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in a fight over policies from decades ago. Pelosi and AOC are feuding.

The Democratic Party has changed, and now, in part because of that rapid and wild change, the Democratic Party is a mess. This opinion article in USA Today does a great job of showing why the Democratic Party is a mess and what that means for Republicans. Long story short, feuding between Biden and Harris and Pelosi and AOC means that President Donald Trump has a much higher chance of winning reelection. We need to make sure that Trump keeps winning and Democrats keep feuding.

The Democratic Party has changed:

Read here about how the Democratic Party is a mess:

Trump is More Popular:

Read about how Trump is more popular here:

Finally Trump is tied with an “unnamed socialist.” Perhaps that is because the Democratic Party is a mess. Hopefully it is because most voters are starting to realize that socialism kills and is antithetical to American values. In any case, the fact that Trump is now neck in neck with the likely Democrat nominee (a socialist) means that he probably will win. What this Issues and Insights article brings up that is particularly encouraging is that Trump’s approval ratings have been rising recently. He is now at a 44% approval rating, which is huge for him.

It is scary that almost half of the public wants to vote for a socialist. Although that is probably because modern socialists don’t understand socialism, it is still scary that they’d vote for someone who believes in so reprehensible of an ideology.

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But, it is exciting to learn that Trump’s approval rating is rising. That means Americans are finally recognizing that President Donald Trump is unleashing the Magic Formula of Economic Success, and that by voting for him they are voting for someone that understands the virtue of capitalism. Trump is more popular because he is a capitalist and Americans are recognizing that he is far better than a socialist. Hopefully that trend continues.

Socialism Kills:

Modern socialists don’t understand socialism:

The Magic Formula of Economic Success:

Trump recognizes the Virtue of Capitalism:

Read about how Trump is more popular here:

Trump has Street Smarts:

Read about President Donald Trump’s Street Smarts here:

President Donald Trump has street smarts; he knows how to fight. That skill set has been invaluable to him as he has fought back against Democrats and their lies for the past few years. Despite constant accusations of racism, the unfair Mueller Report and its aftermath, and innumerable other hurdles, President Donald Trump has persevered. Just think of all he has accomplished since the 2016 election; it is simply astounding. He has only been able to complete so much, and get elected in the first place, because he is a street fighter. Unlike past Republican weaklings, Trump knows how to fight back and he’s not afraid to. Instead of backing down in the face of baseless accusations, he stands up for himself and his country and fights back. For that reason, the Republican Party is strong while the Democratic Party is a mess. The difference is that Republicans have President Trump, the strong willed street fighter on their side.

The Mueller Report and its aftermath:

Trump’s accomplishments since 2016:

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The State of the Middle Class:

Read the article about the state of the middle class here:

You often hear that the state of the middle class is not a good one. The middle class is shrinking. Household earnings are lower than what they used to be. Greedy companies are hoisting higher and higher costs onto struggling consumers. In this great blog post from the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Richard Morrison, he combats all those claims.

Sure, the middle class could be doing better. But, it is still doing pretty well. For example, Morrison states that although the middle class has shrunk over the past few decades, that is not because people are slipping down the economic ladder. It is instead because they have been climbing up it. While the middle class has shrunk, there are now a higher percentage of high income households in the US and substantially lower number of low income households. That is astoundingly good news, but unfortunately the rise to the upper class hasn’t been reported on by the media. They’re instead peddling misleading information about the shrinking middle class.

The next issue Morrison discusses is household earnings. Yes, household earnings have declined from around $60,000 to $58,000 dollars in inflation adjusted dollars. But that doesn’t take into account the fact that far more households are composed of only one person now. Because fewer millennials are married, there are fewer households with two people working. So in fact, one person is now making what two people used to. That means there has been a substantial improvement in middle class income over the past few decades, another fact that the media doesn’t like to report.

Finally, Morrison debates the idea that household costs are rising because of corporate greed. If you look at the chart he has provided, the areas with the highest cost increases aren’t free-market areas. They are instead areas like healthcare and college tuition, where government subsidies and handouts have hugely increased the price, as I discussed in “Why Free College won’t Work.” Everywhere there is government interference, prices rise. In free areas, such as TVs and toys, prices are far, far lower than they used to be. Socialism isn’t the answer, it always fails. Freedom and free markets are the answer, as I wrote about in “The Virtue of Capitalism.”

This article is a great one for anyone who wants to learn about the true state of the middle class. I highly recommend reading it and more articles on CEI’s terrific website.

Read the article about the middle class here:

The Virtue of Capitalism:

Socialism always fails:

Why Free College won’t Work:

Perhaps people are worried about the middle class because there were 2.5 million American jobs given to foreign youth:

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