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The Democratic Party has Changed for the Worse Since JFK

How the Democratic Party has Changed:

I firmly believe that the Democratic party has changed and has shifted from pro-America policies to anti-American policies. What used to be the party of JFK, a patriot, is now the party of AOC and her coterie of un-American democratic socialists. For example, JFK once said, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Instead of following that brilliant and patriotic advice from JFK, AOC and her compatriots have gone far in the other direction. As President Donald Trump astutely points out, the Democrats are now known for abortion, high taxes, illegal immigration, and crime. He should have also mentioned socialism because the Democratic Party is quickly and obviously becoming a party of Marxists and socialist die-hards.

Those issues are all real issues for everyday Americans. Higher taxes and illegal immigration have ruined communities and are weakening the core of our country. In working-class neighborhoods in blue states, many people still struggle to get by. Why is that still happening when the Trump economy is thriving, despite the leftist looters and Chinese flu crisis?

It is happening and middle-class Americans are suffering because of blue-state policies that have disproportionately impacted those communities. Illegal immigrants drive down the local wages so that native-born Americans can’t earn a living wage; they have flooded the market for unskilled labor and have thus lowered wages for hard-working, non-college-educated Americans. High taxes steal what little they make so that it can be redistributed to the lazy. Those horrible policies, which are mainstream to many Democrats, need to change.

However, I do not believe the Democratic party is intrinsically bad or full of bad people. Most Democrat voters are patriotic Americas that believe they are still voting for patriots like Joe Manchin rather than bad-actors like Nancy Pelosi, who is trying to launch a coup against Trump. In fact, it is only because the Democratic Party has changed so much that it is now a party of evil that is helping to normalize pedophilia, especially in California, and is pursuing openly anti-American and economically wrongheaded policies.

For much of our history, it was just another party full of patriots that wanted what was best for America. While the parties might have had their differences in how to make America great and better, they both loved America and its founded ideals and wanted to ensure that their policies would make it better.

Yes, Republicans and Democrats disagreed in the past, sometimes quite strongly. JFK and Eisenhower did not particularly like each other, and that presidential transition was full of acrimony. But those debates were about variations of the same issue. Other than during the Gilded Age, when socialists first started trying to make inroads in America, the debates weren’t between issues as vast as socialism versus capitalism.

Hopefully, we will soon be back to the situation as it was before the Democratic party changed to a party of socialism, abortion, and illegal immigration. But, I doubt that the party will quickly be able to recover from the likes of AOC and Elizabeth Warren. They’re just too hate-filled and too un-American for a party with the likes of them in it to recover. Sadly, they’re powerful because the Democratic Party has changed, which makes it very unlikely that they’ll leave without staying in long enough to leave a lasting impression.

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Conclusion to Why the Democrats Have Changed:

As I said in my “The Decline of Democratic Candidates” post, the Democratic party used to be a great party. Even though I may have disagreed with some of Bill Clinton’s policies, I do think that he wanted what was best for America. The real America. I do not think that I could say the same about the current Democratic candidates, who clearly show that the Democratic Party has changed.

Instead of focusing on what has made America great and how to preserve and strengthen those institutions, they want to tear them down and replace them with evil institution. Yes, evil; the Democratic party has changed so much that it is now willing to support the evil ideology of socialism.

For example, capitalism has been hugely beneficial to America and has made us far more prosperous than could have been imagined even a few short generations ago. Like I said in my “Capitalism will Save Us” post, the free market will pull us out of trouble if we let it. That is because of  “the virtue of capitalism” (another post of mine). However, socialism is not moral. Socialism is an ideology of evil and envy. Yet, Democrat politicians would like to replace capitalism with socialism. Why they would like to do so baffles me, but their insistence on socialism shows that the Democratic Party has changed.

Similarly, the fact that the Democratic party now actively defends unrestricted illegal immigration and abortion should be terrifying to all Americans. Yes, many illegal immigrants are good people and sometimes abortion is necessary. But still, those institutions should not be defended. Definitely they shouldn’t be defended to the extend that Democrats now defend them. The old Democratic party would not have defended those issues. But the Democratic party has changed. Now, sadly, it defends evil policies like socialism. Maybe that will soon change. I doubt it.

Why do I doubt it? Because the Democrats no longer even pretend to be moderate. They changed after JFK and became a party of America-haters, but at least tried to hide that fact. Now, with the revelation that even creepy Joe Biden is not a moderate, all Americans can see that the Democratic Party has changed, perhaps irrecoverably.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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