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Meme: The Definition of Privilege

What’s the definition of privilege? Is it being white, as some leftists claim? Is it having financial resources that others don’t, as the socialists claim? Is it growing up in a functioning two-parent household, as conservative social scientists claim?

Or, is the definition of privilege the one provided in the above meme: being able to do whatever you want and having the taxpayer pay for it. Having illegitimate children, living in subsidized housing, being able to violently “protest” without repercussion, and having nice things despite not having a job?

I think that’s what it is. Sure, being rich or growing up with both parents, as we’re supposed to, almost certainly helps you in life. But there’s no American class system and people are still encouraged to marry, they just don’t.

On the other hand, leftist privilege, which is what the meme is describing, is a problem created purely by the government. The welfare state, the unemployment problem, subsidized housing, the welfare-induced destruction of the family, and all the other problems are ones created by government policies and action.

So, the government has created the “problematic privilege” of the modern-day; it’s created the privileged class by subsidizing bad behavior.

Meme from: RWR

By: Gen Z Conservative