October 30, 2020

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The Decline of Democrat Candidates

The Decline of Democrat Candidates

The Decline of Democrat Candidates:

The Decline of Democrat Candidates


Despite starting it off with a meme, this is a politics post. I just thought this meme does a great job of describing one aspect of what is wrong with politics in America right now. What is that thing that is wrong? Well we only have one party that if full of hard working and patriotic people. The other is full of socialists and failures. President Donald Trump is by no means perfect. But he is intelligent and has backbone, as I discussed in my “President Trump’s Intelligence” and “A Leader with some Backbone” posts. The democrats do not have candidates of that quality because of the decline of democrat candidates.

A Review of Some of the Candidates:

Bernie Sanders is the easiest one to tear apart. For starters, he’s a socialist with three mansions. I personally don’t mind mansions; I think they look nice. But Bernie Sanders, the socialist that believes in wealth redistribution, probably shouldn’t have multiple mansions. I think that is hypocritical and I am sure that many people agree with me. Secondly, Bernie went honeymooning in the USSR, as this meme points out. What type of person would go honeymoon in a horrible, communist nation that oppresses its people? A socialist politician that has delusions of becoming a communist tyrant. Finally, Bernie has never had a real job. He has only been a politician and community organizer. He never created jobs or built America like President Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders has many failings as a candidate hopefully you understand why he shows the decline of democrat candidates.

Next up is Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is awful. For example, she lied about her heritage to get an important position, as I discussed in my “Elizabeth Warren’s Lies” post. She lacks honor and judgement. Additionally, she blows with the wind; I doubt she holds any true beliefs. Warren used to be reasonable, if somewhat far to the left. Now she is ridiculous. She wants to cancel student debt for one thing, which would further tax a federal government that is already spending way too much. Warren has no good qualities that I can think of when it comes to her political views. Only bad ones.

Third on the list is Joe Biden. Biden is not quite as bad as the others. Yes, he is very far left (at least in relation to most Americans), but he is not a socialist. He might want stricter gun control, but he doesn’t want to steal your paycheck to pay for ridiculous socialist policies. He’s more reasonable than that. However, Biden still has bad qualities. He’s creepy; he hovers around young women in a predatory manner. Additionally, his support for gun control, and complete inability to understand the 2nd Amendment, shows he’s not truly American. No real American would want to get rid of a very important part of our Constitution.

So What do These Candidates Show?

These candidates show the decline of democrat candidates in terms of both quality and vision. JFK might not have been a great person. He had numerous affairs, started getting us mired in Vietnam, and was responsible for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, among other things. But he had a vision for America; he loved the country and wanted it to be great. I consider him to be the last great Democrat president. So why are these candidates different?

They are different because they have no vision and aren’t impressive. JFK, for all his failures, was an impressive guy. Bernie Sanders is not impressive; he is a washed up, old socialist. He understands neither the people of this nation nor what he was founded on. But yes, he might have a vision for the country. That vision is a hellscape of socialism and gun control, sure, but it is a vision nonetheless. Warren and Biden, on the other hand, don’t have visions for America.

Biden and Warren are the worst because they are neither impressive nor do they have vision. They are career bureaucrats whose only goals are to get reelected or be in higher positions. They are different from JFK in every way. Instead of asking what people can do for America, they are asking what free stuff they can promise to get elected. As Benjamin Franklin noted, and I discussed, that is very dangerous for America. America can’t survive politicians “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” They want to do that, but have no idea how to actually make it work. Hopefully it won’t happen.

Why Has this Decline Happened?

The decline in Democrat candidates has happened for two main reasons, in my opinion. Those reasons are polarized politics and the primary process

Reason One: Polarized Politics

The first reason is that polarized politics have pushed many voters to the extreme ends of their party’s principles. For Republicans, that is slightly less severe because the version of capitalism that many Republicans believe in is relatively well accepted. Similarly, few Americans desire restrictive gun control. That means Republicans that are extreme on other issues can still agree on those two things, and vote together without electing extreme candidates.

Democrats, on the other hand. Haven’t been as able to resist that pull to extremes. It would be very hard to be a Democrat today without being a socialist. Politicians like Bernie Sanders and AOC show that shift to socialism, and politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden have been pushing forward their own semi-socialist plans to try and capitalize on socialist sentiment. Socialism has taken root in the Democratic party mostly because of polarized politics.

So how have polarized politics, and thus socialism contributed to the decline of Democrat candidates? By severely limiting who can run on a Democrat ticket. No real capitalists can, meaning no business people, patriotic politicians from the Cold War era that helped stop socialism, or even just normal candidates that believe in some aspects of a welfare state but not full socialism. By switching to socialism and thus dramatically limiting the potential pool of candidates for office that they can draw on, Democrats have contributed to the decline of their candidates.

Reason Two: The Primary Process

American politics in general have been severely wounded by the primary process. Polarized politics and primaries where only the most committed members vote mean that more extreme candidates get the early lead in primaries.

Having an early lead is crucial. It means more media coverage. Also, it means voters think you’re a winner. Those seemingly small things give a candidate with an early lead a huge advantage in the primary process that other, more reasonable candidates can have trouble recovering from. They can’t recover well because they often lack the highly motivated base that more extreme candidates have. That motivated base is crucial for building energy to gain and keep the lead.

If primaries were still run mainly by elites within parties, then motivated bases wouldn’t count as much as experience and practicality. Unfortunately, primaries have become much more democratic, and because of that more extreme candidates are doing better. That has significantly contributed to the decline of Democrat candidates.


We conservatives and republicans are lucky to have President Donald Trump. Not only is it great how he angers liberals and has created an economic boom, but he also is a high quality candidate. His personal indiscretions are embarrassing and not fitting of the office, sure, but he’s definitely better than the Democrat alternatives. The decline of Democrat candidates means that they have no one like Trump. Instead, they have a collection of random socialists and losers.

Those losers neither understand how the government and governance work, nor do they really care. They only care about getting elected. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are only in it for the power- they have no great vision. Bernie Sanders is in it because of his vision for creating an american hellscape. Who could survive in his socialist “utopia?” The answer is no one. It is a ridiculous idea that will lead to gulags and stagnation, not freedom and growth.

So what should Republicans and conservatives do to make sure President Donald Trump stays in office? Point out the flaws in the candidates that he’s running against. There are currently 22 Democrat candidates, all of low quality. However, I only consider the three in this meme to actually be serious contenders. Focus on them. Make sure that their flaws are pointed out and recognized.

Don’t let socialism and incompetence rule our government here. They can be defeated, but only if we point out the decline of Democrat candidates. That decline shows how Americans recognize the flaws of the Democratic Party; make sure to capitalize on that shift away from Democrats!


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