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No other President in American history has been treated as was Donald Trump. From the day he was sworn in (actually, from a year before) Trump was maligned; attacked; persecuted; slandered; impeached; (attempted) assassinated; and finally removed from office by the most massive voter fraud in history. He is still being sued, accused, and attacked from almost all sides.

Why? Because he dared to tell the truth about the corrupt evil leaders in government, the media, education, and the military/intelligence community.

The Establishment rulers, who want above all to be thought of as good, righteous, talented, and accomplished cannot stand to be told the Truth: that they are crooked, corrupt, ineffective, lying hypocrites. Fakes and Losers. Masquerading (and demanding to be described as) noble, decent, hard-working, and effective. It gets at the very core of their identity, to be exposed as frauds, especially by a charismatic, popular leader.

History has plenty of examples of this. Socrates was executed for pointing out, publically, that the corrupt, incompetent, and self-satisfied Athenian leaders, resting on the Golden Age of Greece, were prideful fakes. Cicero was assassinated for showing that Rome had gone from a great Republic led by virtuous citizens to a decadent, corrupt, lazy, and ineffective empire ruled by evil and insane leaders. Jesus was nailed to a cross for exposing the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, the Keepers of God’s Law, who didn’t practice what they preached.

Every truly righteous reformer, who has a following, faces such a backlash from the Powers That Be. No wonder Plato, in his Republic, stated that the only way to get the good involved in politics was the threat of being ruled by the worst.

Hopefully, there will be other good and courageous leaders in America who will risk the treatment the Prophet Trump endured, by the Grace of God and for the good of our Country!

Garrett Ward Sheldon is a Professor and an ordained Christian minister who has taught at Oxford University; The University of Vienna, Austria; Moscow University; Princeton; Istanbul; and the University of Virginia. He is the author of ten books on Political Theory, Law, and Religion, including: The History of Political Theory; The Political Philosophy of James Madison; Religion and Politics; and A Memoir.