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The Cops at Uvalde: A Parade of Cowards

The murderous criminally insane thug who recently murdered nineteen innocent and tender young children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas is primarily to blame for this entire abhorrent and horrific tragedy, however, the recent information revealed by Steven McCraw, the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, on May 27th 2022, in a press conference in Uvalde suggests that many of these little treasures, these little angels, need not have died at the hands of this monster, except for the parade of feckless and incompetent cowards who did nothing of substance for one hour and fifteen minutes to faithfully carry out their oaths to defend and protect the citizens of this small community.

So many mistakes and critical errors enabled this monster to carry out his evil and deadly mission with too much success, from a teacher leaving a backdoor cracked open sometime prior to the shooter’s arrival to the School Resource Officer being away from his post. However, the most egregious error was the decision by Police Chief Arredondo, the on-site incident commander, to treat the situation as a barricade scenario rather than the ongoing active shooter incident it still was, as children kept calling 911 from inside Rooms 111 and 112 up to an hour and fifteen minutes after the shooter had entered the school, saying “Please send police now.”

Salvador Ramos, the “troubled” young man, wrecked his truck in front of the school around 11:28 a.m. (CST) by all accounts after first shooting his grandmother in the face (she’s stable for now), and he fired numerous rounds between the crash site and the school, where he entered at 11:33 a.m. and proceeded to fire a hundred plus rounds into all the little children around him, firing approximately 142 rounds from the beginning of his malevolent mission to its bloody end.

Incredibly, three police officers were there by 11:35 and engaged Ramos, only to retreat to cover after two were grazed by bullets. There’s no shame in retreating and regrouping, but there is a mountain of shame to be borne by these so-called police officers for the Coward’s Game they played by sitting back, calling for back-up for one lone gunman, and waiting for tactical officers to arrive.

As Director McCraw detailed, nineteen officers had amassed themselves outside those rooms by 11:53 a.m., but received orders to wait. It was another agonizing, painful twenty-eight minutes longer for parents to endure, before the Border Patrol Tactical Team even began to arrive, and incomprehensibly, they didn’t breach the doors until a half-hour later. These amounted to unnecessary delays that probably contributed in some significant manner to the final body count being higher than it should have been.

In speaking to Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room the day after the shooting, Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told Blitzer that officers had been cautious because “they could have been shot.”

COWARD! That’s the thought that immediately entered my mind upon hearing Lt. Olivarez’s words. Damnable Coward!

A room full of adults being murdered by a mad gunman would be terrified. Just imagine the terror and trauma these tiny children, ranging in ages from seven to ten years old, certainly must have experienced between the time this murder spree started and they either died or somehow managed to survive it all, knowing that many of their friends had suffered unimaginable pain and agony in their deaths.

The “regular” police stood around outside for over an hour, fretting and wringing their hands, tasing and handcuffing parents who were naturally beside themselves with horror and anguish, as they begged the police to act. Plenty of video evidence proves this to be the truth of the matter.

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One man can be heard angrily exclaiming:

“These cops are right here. Bro, there’s a fucking shooting at the school and these fucking cops are telling everybody to leave, dude, while everybody’s here trying to pick up their fucking kids. They’re just all fucking parking outside, man — they need to go in there.”

And still they waited, and waited, and waited some more for the tactical team, as every minute, every second was precious to those trapped inside Rooms 111 and 112 with Ramos, as one little girl actually smeared her friend’s blood on her and played dead so she would stand a chance at surviving the ordeal.

It’s unfathomable to me, simply because as a former soldier, I know that despite all the hoopla around U.S. Special Forces and airborne infantry units, that a fine, outstanding regular ground-pounding infantryman is often just as proficient in tactics and ability with arms, as his Special Forces counterpart, especially if he has already been baptized by fire in combat. And by that same token, any police officer worth his weight in salt should have been able to handle this situation equally as well as any SWAT or Border Tactical team member.

As Director Steve McCraw noted today:

“When it comes to an active shooter, you don’t have to wait on tactical gear [or a tactical team], plain and simple. … There was plenty of officers [at the scene] to do what needed to be done.”

Ironically, one off duty Customs and Border Protection Agent, Jacob Albarado, rushed from a local barbershop with the barber’s shotgun, arriving just as the tactical squad was preparing to mount its assault on Ramos, and he did manage to evacuate his own eight year old daughter and dozens of other students, coordinating with two other officers to effect the rescue. Likewise, one mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, circumvented the police and jumped the fence to enter the school and rescue her own two children.

Many of the victims may well have still been alive, while the police stood around like some sort of bad parody of the Keystone Cops and essentially bungled the entire operation. Found dead were precious angels Navaeh Bravo, Jackie Cazares, McKenna Lee Elrod, Jose Flores, Ellie Garcia, Uziyah Garcia, Amerie Jo Garza, Xavier Lopez, Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, Tess Mata, Miranda Mathis, Alithea Ramirez, Annabelle Gaudalupe Rodriguez, Maite Rodriguez, Alexandria Anya Rubio, Layla Salazar, Jailah Silguero, Eliahana Torres and Rojelio Torres, along with the two teachers, Irma Garcia and Eva Mereles.

If a regular patrol officer cannot handle something like this with one or two or three others, without having to wait on SWAT or some other agency’s tactical team, they haven’t been properly and fully trained as police officers, not really they haven’t. More than this, if they can sit outside with a clear conscience, as a monster is in the middle of committing mass murder, they are the worse sort of damned cowards one may find, and they should be immediately dismissed from the force.

Every manjack among us who has ever worked a dangerous job, such as firefighter, policeman, and soldier, took the position full well knowing that at some point in one’s career, one’s life may be put on the line to save one’s self and others. We full well understood that our jobs called for rising above the standards of the average citizen and being able to rise to meet whatever deadly challenge presented itself, to improvise and overcome the threat through decisive and courageous actions, however difficult it might be to dig down so deep on any particular day, so that everybody would return home alive, when duty called.

So what if a couple of officers were scored a tiny bit by a hot bullet traveling at 3200 feet per second in their initial encounter with Ramos? The fact that they were able to crab-crawl or scramble back to cover and await further orders without having to be hospitalized shows they could have done more.

The fact that they didn’t is a sad statement against police training. They allowed one untrained criminally insane teen thug to essentially neutralize them — nineteen police officers standing in the hallway outside that room already awash in the blood of those precious little ones.

Yes, police officers are asked to do a damn tough job everyday, but when little innocent children’s lives are at stake and many are already dead or wounded and bleeding out, you don’t stand around with your head stuck up your ass waiting for someone to tell you what to do. You rush to save the innocent, whether it places your life in jeopardy or not; that’s what you were hired to do, and supposedly trained to do.

Those officers had a duty to those poor, unfortunate Little Angels, those second, third and fourth graders, to regroup and mount a fresh attack, over and over again, until they succeeded in neutralizing or killing Ramos, while trying to stay alive in the process. But even if they were to lose their life in the ensuing firefight, they had an obligation to those tiny hearts and the community and those who loved them to try, and try again, and try some more, right up to the end.

I’ve never been a police officer. But you can bet your ass against a stale donut that whether I was a police officer or a simple civilian and one of my children were in one of those classrooms, while the police were playing The Coward’s Game, I wouldn’t have been asking or waiting for permission to breach the perimeter to enter the school myself; and I’d have done my dead level best to kill Ramos or die trying, pure and simple, no damned brag just fact, from someone who has already seen his share of firefights and hand-to-hand combat situations throughout his years.

by Justin O Smith

23 thoughts on “The Cops at Uvalde: A Parade of Cowards”

  1. The police force should be relieved of duty immediately and Gov. Abbott send in the Texas Rangers to police the city until the regular police force can be replaced.
    A force of volunteers from the citizenry could likely do a better job.

    1. Law enforcement officers are under no legal obligation to put their lives at risk saving citizens.
      See the 1989 Supreme Court decision in DeShaney v. Winnebago Cty
      The Uvlade police chief should be held to account for prohibiting parents and border patrol offices willing to face the shooter.

    2. Very good article that perfectly captures my feelings. I know there are police officers and combat veterans all over this country that are repulsed almost to death by these cowards. There have been very few combat soldiers or marines who didn’t at some point in combat have to assault a fixed position, facing many fully automatic rifles and maybe a machinegun. Not one man hung back waiting for help. They weren’t waiting for a tactical team, they were waiting for someone with BALLS!

    3. Yes. The commander at the time should also be removed from whatever position he has now. As a method of shaming, perhaps we could start a campaign of sending boxes and boxes of donuts to the so very brave Uvalde police that stood around scratching their balls while little children were being murdered yards away. Bury them in donuts, because that is all these valiant public servants are good at.

  2. Complicit cops in The Globalist False Flags, need to be executed by we the people , we need to start using violence to kill The Enemy Within ….

    1. Complicit cops in The Globalist False Flags, need to be executed by we the people , we need to start using violence to kill The Enemy Within ….< THIS.

  3. Who can blame the police after the beating they took by the left wing idiots last summer. I would not be a cop for nothing: thankless job. Cops have no public support, no management support, nothing. What if a cop had entered, cornered the shooter who then grabbed a hostage and killed the hostage before being brought down by the cop? Or, the cop entered and shooting at the active shooter, accidently shot another kid? The cop would have been eviscerated. As a police officer, you cannot win in any situation in 2022. Government education breeds these types of mass shooters. The left leaning DOE is complicit.

      1. darkoss is partially right. You cannot be woke and effective. The mandated cowardice and reluctance is a result of a pussified nation where everyone is at fault except them.
        The Floyd case and the grotesque conviction of a policeman doing his job in subduing a useless thug is a prime case in point. You will never see immediate action again by police because of stupidity on the part of the left. If this includes you, Sean, so be it.


    2. Darkoss, you are as big a coward as every single one of the cops on site who did nothing to save those kids. Worried about being harshly judged by acting to save kids? Cowardly and deserving of an accomplice to murder count for each kid. You, Darkoss, need to go back to you momma’s basement and suck you thumb quietly and STFU.

  4. How is this craven cowardice any worse than what the Obama/Biden cartel are doing to America’s children?
    The open border policy is letting hundreds of thousands of dangerous and derelict criminals, tons of killer drugs, and thousands of mercenary terrorists into America. Drug traffickers, human traffickers, and other scum from around the world, many of them mentally unstable.
    Uvalde needlessly lost 19 precious children and two innocent adults. This is a very small number compared to the carnage to be committed by the world’s worst being invited in by Obama & Biden’s cabinet.

  5. The author is right as rain… none of my 19- and 20-year old kids complained about the possibilities when lined up to assault an NVA position. Real Americans are apparently a dying breed. Steven is right, also… fire the current bunch of emasculated jerks, and bring in Rangers until real policemen can take over the area. And prosecute Arredondo to the maximum for 21 negligent homicides.

  6. Every one of those adults that either did what they shouldn’t have, or didn’t do what they should have are complicit in the murders of those children and teachers. That includes the teacher that left the door propped open (in violation of guidelines), the resource officer who was AWOL, and the gaggle of pussified cops. Especially the cops. It took them 1.25 hours to figure out how to get the key to the classroom? 30 second trot to the office would have done that. And for what the cops did to the parents that showed up while their kids were being slaughtered. Innumerable calls to 911 from INSIDE THE CLASSROOM BY THE KIDS BEING SHOT, and the cop in charge thinks it’s a barricaded gunman?? That’s some special idiot. This is so much like the Parkland FL incident, where armed police sat by and LET KIDS GET MURDERED, but on a much larger scale.

  7. Being a cop is a high paying job that involves very little labor. Surely you don’t think these guys would jeopardize it once they have a job like that, by getting shot or something, do you?

  8. Nobody is mentioning the fact that not only were there uvalde police deputies, but also U.S. Marshals and Texas Highway Patrolmen. Why were all of these people there? Probably because they knew they would need the extra personnel to block the parents from gong in after their own kids like the cops did. Notice also, the guy who supposedly killed the gunman was getting a haircut and ran to the rescue of first his own kids and it also took him the same amount of time to kill the gunman as it did any of the others. He’s no hero, either. You go get the gunman and then you worry about the other kids in the other rooms. There were plenty of cops scattered all over the building to “watch” the other rooms. Go get the killer. And, has nobody noticed who seemed to be in charge of this fiasco from the beginning? The Texas Highway Patrol. They wee answering questions, supposedly, looking professional i the crisp clean uniforms. Whey were they even there? And, what kind of answers did we get from them when asked, after being told that the killer had barricaded himself in the room, how he was barricaded? They said the exact same words as Jen Psaki did at her press conferences when asked a question that she didn’t want to answer. “We’ll have to circle back on that one”. I guess we haven’t come full circle. We need to keep this in the news and not let them get away with this.

  9. Police have become a tool for those who would defund them. They are most courageous and dogged when busting concerned parents or protesting patriots.

  10. This is what you get from low stress police academies. Low stress police academies enable cowards to be given badges and guns. There is a very good reason the most respected law enforcement agencies gave very high stress academies. My class started with 101 and graduated 49. The South Texas Community College Police Academy has nearly zero dropouts. Imagine a navy seal team coming from a low stress class. It just shows a lack of ability to have good judgment under stress and a lack of commitment to honor and duty.

  11. Another damned good reason why teachers should be armed if they so desire. The police just proved that they were are pretty much all blow and no go what in the hell were they waiting on even armed citizens would have done better the screwball inside was sure as hell going to kill more kids if he could its a wonder he didn’t shoot more.What is the use of having a police force if they don’t act and half the reason is the dirty fucking dem/communist have caused a lot of this bullshit.Would not surprise me if the communist are behind all these school shootings but no one will look into that you can bet money on that

    1. Gen Z Conservative

      Just remember that many teachers are also woke and “groomers”…do we really want them armed? But yes, agree with the criticism of the police

  12. The Jackass in the room that everyone is ignoring. Who propped the door open that allowed him to gain access to the school at 11:27 before anything happened and why? They apparently learned nothing in their active shooter education drill just a day before. That teacher/administrator/custodian gets an F and should be terminated. The door should have been closed and locked on the outside. Had it been secured the 19 kids and teacher would probably be alive today.

    Also, the school districts Chief of police wanted to wait for more backup and Blitzer is fine with it because they were “afraid of being shot”? First, Blitzer is a cowardly idiot.

    Next, since when does the school district control the Chief of Police?

    Third, when you enter public safety as a cop ot join the military you should expect that you mau get shot and killed. But that’s what you’re there for. Protect and serve does not mean cower and tremble in fear.

    The media probides you with the impressive muzzel velocity of a .223 round fired from a AR-15 (a single shot per trigger semi-automatic, non-military, non assault rifle) but do not tell you the rest of the story in how that velocity and energy disapates over distance. So, here is that data.

    Range (Yards) Velocity (Ft/Sec) Energy (Ft/Lbs)
    0 3215 1262.1
    100 2846.8 989.6
    200 2502.4 764.6
    300 2168.2 574
    400 1850.2 418

    Not effective at all greater than 500 yards but can still kill.

    While police are not legally required to put their lives on the line, in the 12 years I spent as a non-sworn vollunteer in a department of 85 officers not one of them were afraid to put their lives on the line in defense of another person. I have never been in a police/criminal shootout but have been in active militarycombat and the 19-20 year olds with me didn’t hesitate when under fire. If you’re a coward and afraid to die please don’t go into law enforcement or the military. Impending death is just a part of the job.

    Finally, for all the morons out there that fantacize a world without guns. First, you will never achieve zero guns on this planet. Second, and something morons don’t consider. Yes a nut with a gun killed people. But law enforcement with guns killed him and had they not waited almost an hour and a half, a lot of innocent lives wouldn’t have died. Is there were no guns who would have stopped the nut from using something else to kill with? Myself I favor my tactical assault screwdriber and claw hammer.

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