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The Crucial July 2020 Commutation of Roger Stone’s Sentence


Today’s article on the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence was written by Young Patriot Rising, a young conservative who runs a wonderful blog of the same name. She has written other guest articles for this conservative blog, such as why abortion is racist, why America needs term limits, the tale of two states and their Covid responses, and why we must support the troops. All four of those are excellent articles that you should check out after reading this one! -Gen Z Conservative

The Brilliant Commutation of Roger Stone’s Sentence

A few weeks ago, President Trump announced his commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. I was ecstatic to read this. I must have retweeted it 100 times. What happened to Roger Stone, like Michael Flynn or George Papadopoulos, was an egregious wrong. The worst part? Barely anyone discussed it.

As we know, Leftists’ heads exploded at what the President did for Stone. What MSM won’t tell you is the true story of Roger Stone. I know he’s a “controversial figure.” There was the story recently how he called a black man “Negro,” although Stone denies this allegation. Despite how you feel about Roger Stone, what he endured before, during, and after his trial was a disgrace. It’s scary to think this corruption could be happening in the United States, but it did.  

Who is Roger Stone?  

Roger Stone is a man who’s been involved in politics since the 70s. He worked as an advisor on numerous campaigns, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and of course, Donald Trump. One book I will recommend 1000% is Milo Yiannopoulos’ The Trial of Roger Stone. Milo attended Roger’s trial each day, and saw the injustice in Roger’s trial from the jury and judge. It was actually Roger Stone who suggested Donald Trump bring the victims of Bill Clinton to the debates. He had a big hand in ensuring Clinton’s loss in 2016.  

After Trump won, the Left couldn’t fathom why their candidate lost. In comes the Mueller investigation. When they had nothing, who did Comey, Clapper, Schiff, and the other Leftist hacks turn to? Roger Stone. They asked him for any evidence to say Trump colluded with Russia. He refused. What did the Left then do? They did everything to make sure Roger Stone ended up behind bars, including lie about him. They claimed he spoke with Julian Assange to get Russia to meddle in the election. Roger had supposedly lied to Congress.

This was never proven, but it didn’t matter. Roger was then arrested (for process crimes) at his Fort Lauderdale home by almost 30 FBI agents. Let’s not forget CNN was tipped off to record his arrest!  

He was told to go to court. Tucker Carlson said, “His [Roger Stone] trial was over before it started.” The jury, jury foreperson, and judge all had clear bias against Roger. He wasn’t allowed to publicly defend himself, bring evidence that could prove his case, nothing. His original sentence was 9 years. Rapists get less time. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr lowered his sentence to 3 years. That’s still a death sentence for an almost 70-year-old man.

This trial ran Stone and his wife broke. According to Milo’s book, this trial cost Roger around $3 million. The case was months ago. The jail Roger was expected to serve time in was infested with Covid-19. They were releasing prisoners out of “compassion,” yet refused this for an asthmatic 67-year-old man. Roger said in his interview with Sean Hannity that he knew he would die if he went to that prison. Thankfully, with the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence, President Trump did the right thing. 

Leftist Hypocrisy as Shown by the Commutation of Roger Stone’s Sentence

Everyone was angered by the President’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. That this was the gravest injustice a president has ever committed! They’re going as far as to say a President needs to be limited on their ability to pardon/commute people. Oh really???? Let’s look at the facts about the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence since no one on the Left does. CNN won’t cover this! In recent history of presidents: 

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  • Bill Clinton pardoned, commuted, or rescinded the conviction of 459 people
  • George W. Bush pardoned, commuted, or rescinded the conviction of 200 people
  • Barack Obama pardoned, commuted, or rescinded the conviction of 1,927 people.  
  • Donald Trump pardoned, commuted, or rescinded the conviction of 36 people

Something else you won’t see covered by MSM is who Obama pardoned/commuted. Google Oscar Lopez Rivera, Dwight J. Loving, and Chelsea Manning. Trump pardoned/commuted people like Dinesh D’Souza, Jack Johnson, and Roger Stone. One president commuted the sentence of murderers/traitors; one commuted the sentence of non-violent crimes. MSM only focuses on Trump. See the hypocrisy

Before the commutation of Roger Stone, Hillary Lies to Congress FBI FBI Roger Stone Forgets About a Text ...


Despite my differences of opinion with them, especially about the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence, I wouldn’t want a Leftist to suffer like Stone did. He went through this because he refused to betray his friend of 40 years. It’s a courageous story to hear. 

It really was thanks to God he was able to get through this, as well as the friends/people who supported him along the way. Franklin Graham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and many others had a big hand in helping Roger. Tucker Carlson deserved Roger’s praise, as Carlson delved into what happened with Roger from the beginning.

Stone mentioned how the President’s actions were really significant, as many of Trump’s friends or advisors told him not to pardon Stone and avoid a commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence during an election year. Trump didn’t care. He did the right thing for his friend. Trump probably would’ve lost support if he didn’t. I hope Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopoulos can get vindication for what happened to them. I also hope the Left is prepared for what’s to come: revenge. They’re all scared because they know justice will soon come for them.

By: Young Patriot Rising, a fellow Gen Z conservative blogger. Check out my blog!

If you want to learn more about the events leading up to the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence, be sure to read The Trial of Roger Stone, (available on Amazon, E-bay, and Censored.TV.), as it will show you what happens when politics infects our justice system. “Read this book. It’s a warning.”